BTS Star Jimin’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2021

Jimin's Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Get all the details about the BTS group member Jimin’s workout routine and diet plan in this article and find out how he maintains his Abs.

Park Ji-min commonly known as Jimin is a South Korean songwriter, singer, and dancer born October 13, 1995, in Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea.

In 2013 Jimin joined the  Bangtan Boys commonly known as the BTS group and this is where he made his first appearance with the release of the single “No more Dream” 

The BTS group has gained a lot of attention and love across the world because of their talent and good music which when played can easily make you start tapping your feet on their sweet melodies.

Jimin is the most loved among the BTS group members because of his amazing looks and he is also a good rapper and vocalist.

Most of the BTS fans, especially the girls, claim that Jimin is the most handsome guy in the group. His lean and well-defined abs make him a crowd puller.

So if you also want to have a lean and well-defined physique like that of Jimin, I am here to guide you in this Jimin workout routine and diet plan guide. 

In this guide, I will be providing you with an exercise routine and a diet plan inspired by Jimin’s training program which will not only provide you with a lean body but also make you fit like never before.

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Jimin Workout Routine 

Jimin's Workout Routine And Diet Plan

image source @btsjimin Instagram

When you see how lean and the level of fitness Jimin’s group is in, you are pretty sure that they pay attention to their workout routine and their diet plan.

Even though dancing might seem to be the most important part of their workout routine, they also decided to add in some bodyweight workout training that helps them be fit and be able to perform their dance moves without getting any injuries. 

I am pretty sure you might be thinking that Jimin and his other members must be skipping some of their workout routines due to their busy schedule that requires a lot of appearances and performances around the world.

Actually, that is very far from the truth. They don’t skip any single workout session despite their busy life.

Jimin and his group don’t spend all their time breaking a sweat and doing intense weight lifting workouts in the gym. So if you also need to have a physique similar to them you don’t need to kill yourself lifting heavyweight in the gym. 

This next part of this article is inspired by Jimin’s workout routine. If you’re able to follow it you will acquire a physique like that of the most admired BTS star. Let’s get to it;

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Jimin Full Body workout Routine(Bodyweight)


image source @btsjimin Instagram

Apart from performing perfectly in music videos and live shows, Jimin also has a diet plan and workout routine that he goes through that keeps him fit as well as in great shape.

Although Jimin doesn’t have too much interest in lifting heavy weights, he makes sure that he does some basic workouts that help him stay fit and active.

These workouts help him develop some muscle definition which has made him more popular among his female fan base. 

The following workout routine is inspired by BTS star Jimin. If you follow them and put in the work they will help you get a sexy physique without becoming a gym freak.


Jimin’s most important workout routine that keeps him in great shape seems to be Cardio.

Jimin and other members of his group’s big form of cardio include dancing. To have a great perfect performance these guys go through their dance practice routine for almost two hours.

If you’re into dancing, you can also try to do the same. But if dancing is not your thing you might consider going for another form of cardio like jogging, skipping, swimming, or even cycling.

You can perform this form of cardio workout for around one hour and a half minutes five to six days a week. Just make sure you don’t take too many rest intervals while performing your cardio workouts.

Bodyweight Workout Routine

Apart from doing cardio workouts and that is through dancing, Jimin and his group members include some basic bodyweight workouts which help them to get that great body balance, strength, and core stability.  

Here is the list of the bodyweight workout routine that you can also include in your daily workout program;

  • Push-ups
  • High Knee March
  • Pike Push-ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climber
  • Spot Jogs
  • Free Squats

Perform 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 20 reps each of the above-mentioned workouts and make sure not to take more than a minute resisting between the sets. You also need to perform a full range of motion on these workouts.

Jimin Ab Workout Routine

Without any doubt, we can all agree that Jimin’s Abs are the most highlighted part of his body physique. They are ripped and well-defined. His six-pack abs are enough to make his female fan base jaws drop and making their men jealous or motivate them to hit the gym hard 

If you also want to acquire abs like that of Jimin’s, first get your workout hormones up by listening to some of the BTS popular pump-up music tracks then follow the workout routine below.

BTS Jimin AB Workout

Leg Raise 10 Reps
Crunches20 Reps
Flutter kicks20 Reps
Bicycle Crunches10 Reps per leg
Starfish 10 Reps
Side Plank Holds30-60 Seconds hold each side
Regular plank holds30-60 second hold

When performing these Ab workout routines you have to make sure that your form is totally perfect. You also need to focus on quality movements, not quantity.

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Jimin Diet Plan

Jimin's Workout Routine

image source @btsjimin Instagram

When he was trying to lose weight before shooting a sexy concept song, Jimin went on a very strict diet. He was having one meal a day for 10 days.

This is a tough diet but very effective for rapid weight loss but not advisable. If you want to try it, you should first consult your Doctor.

I have tried to search for the real diet plan Jimin followed but I have failed to get enough information. Though there was a discussion on about Jimin’s diet and one answered that they had a lot of chicken breast in their fridge.   

But for one to achieve a lean and well-formed physique like that of Jimin’s, your diet has to be on point. You have to eat healthily and watch the number of calories you put in your body.

That’s all I have about Jimin’s diet plan.


Jimin workout routines are simple and very effective if you put in the work you will start seeing results. But I can’t say the same about his diet plan I would advise one to go on a tough diet like. So the choice is yours to do what you feel will work for you.

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