Danielle Rose Russell Weight Loss, Legacies’ Star Loses Weight

danielle rose russell weight loss

Danielle Rose Russell is an American actress born October 31, 1999, in Pequannock Township, New Jersey, and raised in West Milford, New Jersey. Today you get to know all about Danielle Rose Russell weight loss.

But before we dig into her weight loss story, let’s get to know more about Russell;

Her mother is Rosemary Rado a former dancer and her father is Ricky Rusell a former singer. She started pursuing modeling during her youth, plus appearing in print ads and commercials.

In 2014 Russell got her first role in a film called A walk Among The Tombstones where she acted like a 14 years old daughter of a Russian drug dealer. She also appeared in Aloha in 2015 as a daughter of Bradley Cooper’s Character.  

She was cast as the teenage Hope Mikaelson in the fifth and final season of the CW television series called The Originals in July 2017. In May of 2018, it was reported that she will continue her role as Hope Mikaelson on the CWs fantasy drama called Legacies which is a spinoff of the Originals.

Russell’s current physique is subjected to weight loss surgery by some of her fans on social media. A Lot of questions have been raised among her fans asking what really happened to Legacies’ star. Let find out stick around;

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Did Danielle Rose Russell Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?    

danielle rose russell weight loss

Danielle Rose Russell weight loss image source @danielleroserussell Instagram

When you take a closer look at the before and after pictures of Russell you will definitely come to see that she went through a weight loss journey but what is not clear is how she was able to achieve that physique.

This has brought a lot of speculation among her fans, some are guessing that maybe she had a bariatric or gastric bypass surgery, others speculate that maybe she is on a strict healthy diet and doing a lot of exercises.

Although all this has been going on Russell has never come out to address her fans about her current physique. I tried to do all the research I could to find out something but there is not much information out there yet.

All I found was an interview she had with Untitled Magazine where she was asked how she keeps her healthy balance and said;

“For sure. If I didn’t take care of my body, I would have a much harder time getting through a typical 16 hour day. So I really do swear by eating well and working out. But I don’t feel like you can lead a healthy lifestyle without having balance.”


With this interview, I think it is clear that she works out and she also watches what she eats and this might be the reason for her current sexy physique which most of her fans admire a lot.

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Danielle Rose Russell Weight Loss Workout Routine

danielle rose russell weight loss

Danielle Rose Russell weight loss image source @danielleroserussell Instagram

Russell’s workout routine is also hard to find like it was on finding how she lost her weight as she is very secretive with her personal life but we can tell she works hard and does some sort of exercise to keep up with her busy life. 

But let me share with you some of the exercises that can help you achieve a physique like that of Russell. If you’re willing to put in the work then this will work for you.

First things first you need to first warm up before starting any exercise, warm up with high leg kicks, sidekicks, butt kickers, inchworm squats, and also don’t forget the stretch 

 You can start with what feels easy for you like walking for 30 minutes a day and keep on progressing day by day.

After warming up you can start with your body weight before progressing to lifting weights that is if you are interested in lifting. Start with 50 push-ups 10 reps per set and progress as you get stronger.

 This is good for your upper body and for the lower body, you can start with jump squats or bodyweight squats as these will strengthen your lower part of the body plus the core if you progress to weights. 

For more benefits from the workouts, you will need more resistance and you can get this through buying some small gym equipment like light dumbbells, resistance bands, etc or you pay for a gym membership if you can. You need to be consistent and patient if you want to see results because losing weight takes time.

Danielle Rose Russell Weight loss Diet Plan

Danielle rose Russell

Danielle Rose Russell weight loss image source @danielleroserussell Instagram

During an interview with Untitled Magazine Russell said that life is too short and there is too much good food in the world to enjoy, but the most important thing is to find the right way you can balance and maintain what you put in your body. Russell also stated that she drinks a lot of water to keep her body moisturized from the inside.

She doesn’t mention what exactly she eats to keep that wonderful physique but I have done some research on what you can consume to get similar results as Russell.

For breakfast, consume eggs as these are high in protein and contain healthy fats, Stir-fried veggies with tofu, avocado, and some juice.

Lunch, you can have Chicken breast, steamed veggie, brown rice, and some salads.

For Dinner, you can consume the following; Salmon/steak/chicken,  Veggies, Salad you can get creative and make it the way you like.

Am sure if you follow this and do more research on how to lose weight in a healthy way you will definitely achieve your goal plus being consistent.


Danielle Rose Russell weight loss is not yet clear or not yet out in public but we can all agree that she lost some weight according to her current physique.

So the most important thing is to keep working on yourself as we wait for her to come out and update or give tips to her fans on how she was able to achieve her goal.

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