Billy Gardell Weight Loss, Diabetes Force Him To Lose Weight!

Billy Gardell weight loss

Billy Gardell Jr is an American actor and stand-up comedian born August 20, 1969, in Swissvale, Pennsylvania. And today we talk all about Billy Gardell weight loss in this article.

Gardell played Chicago police as Officer Mike Biggs on the Mike and Molly Television sitcom. He also had a continuous role as Billy Colivida on Yes, Dear and took part in a dozen episodes of My Name is Earl as a police officer.

He also voiced Santa in a computer-animated television special called Ice Age: Mammoth Christmas and starred on Sullivan and son in the recurring role of Lyle Winkler.

Gardell has also played Bob Wheeler in the CBS Sitcom series since 2019. He started appearing in Advertisements for A1C medication Ozempic in March 2021.

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Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journey 

Billy Gardell weight loss

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Billy Gardell didn’t get the role in the long-running sitcom Mike and Molly because of his weight but this helped him and it was like a blessing in disguise because it became the reason why he was able to execute the role so well and connect with the audience in an extraordinary way. 

Despite the connection he had with the audience, Gardell was very mindful of his overweight when he had started the show.

He remains conscious up to this day trying so much to undergo weight loss so that he can win the battle against his Type 2 diabetes.

Before becoming sober Gardell has been having health issues and unhealthy habits. He was recalled in an interview with wicked local Cambridge in July 2019;

“I feel like my whole life has been quitting things”

During his relatively young age, Gardell used to smoke and drink a lot but when the above interview took place he had quit drinking and smoking and he was sober for 11 years.

Billy Gardell Weight loss journey isn’t about looking nice for the camera rather it is always about his welfare and living a long healthy life. 

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How Did Billy Gardell Lose His Weight?

Gardell in an interview with East Valley Tribune in 2011 said he was doing everything possible to improve his weight situation.

He cooperated with a dietitian and a therapist to keep his weight under control despite having some bad days. He said in an interview;

“There are some days when I feel like rolling around in a pizza. I’m trying to keep the good days outnumbering the bad ones”

While he was on the road Gardell also learned to make the best decision in his dietary habits plus doing some exercise to maintain weight.

He also participated in Novo Nordisk’s transition program in march 2020 in order to take care of his type 2 diabetes.  

How Much Weight Did Billy Gardell Lose? 

Gardell disclosed that he lost around 45 pounds and he would have liked to lose more 30 for the sake of his knees. He revealed this during an interview on the late show with Craig Ferguson in 2011.

In June 2015 while speaking with Tampa Bay Times, Gardell stated that he had lost 70 lbs and he couldn’t wait to lose 80 more.

“A couple of different things started me trying to get a little healthier. I wanted to be around for my child. And my knees can’t take it anymore, man. I’ve got to take some of this weight off. I’ve lost 70, but I still got 80 to go.”


Billy Gardell weight loss has a lot to teach someone struggling with being overweight. The lesson here is don’t wait for things to get worse for you to start fighting your weight. In Gardell’s case, he had to first get type 2 diabetes to realize that he had to lose the weight if he wanted to live longer.

With all this what I am trying to say, you can start now before it’s too late for you. Start by being active every day, walk for 30 minutes every day or go to the gym if you can afford it. There is a lot you can do to lose weight naturally. But the most important of all you have to watch what you eat like they say we are what we eat.

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