9 ways to speed up metabolism in 2021

speed up metabolism

If you speed up your metabolism, you will also speed up the weight loss process. So at least there is a recommendation from those who recommend modern methods for weight gain. But at what speed your body will come out to burn calories still depends on many of the winners. Some people are already born with rapid metabolism. Men basically burn more calories than women, even when they’re resting. And in most people, metabolism slows down after the 40th century. Years of life.

While none of us can influence the choice of years of life, gender or genetic heritage, there are ways in which you can speed up the work of metabolism. We give you ten ideas from a well-known health web portal  web.md.

Build your muscles

Your body constantly burns calories, even when you’re not doing anything. Fat burning at peace is much faster in people who have built muscles. That’s because every 450 grams of your muscle consumes 6 calories a day just to keep it “alive,” while the same amount of body mass consumes only 2 calories a day. This small difference can increase significantly over time, so the speed of your metabolism increases after stronger training or physical efforts.

Intensify your training

Aerobic training may not build your muscles, but it will accelerate your metabolism in the hours that follow after training. The key is to set yourself more goals and “pull” harder than ever before. High intensity training, namely, increases your body’s base metabolic rate compared to moderate or light training. And to make the most of intense training, step up your pace or insert explosive moments of quick yoghurt or sprint into your daily workout routine.

Pour water into your physical engine

Your body needs water to successfully burn calories. If you’re already just a little dehydrated, your metabolism will slow down. One scientific study found that adults who dined 8 or more glasses of water a day managed to burn more calories than those who dined just 4 glasses. So drink a glass of water or some unsweetened healthy drink before each meal. In plus, nib on fresh fruits and vegetables that naturally contain water, not dry snacks such as chips, sticks or prêt burns.

Do you need to take energy beverages?

Some ingredients in energy drinks really accelerate metabolism. Such drinks are full of caffeine that increases the usable flow of energy into your body. Energy drinks contain sometimes taurin, which also accelerates metabolism and helps with fat-infatuating. But regular use of these questions can cause many health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety or insinuation. For this reason, many paediatric organizations around the world do not recommend energy drinks to children or teenagers.

Off your meals

Spicy foods contain natural chemicals that inject metabolism into a higher speed. Insert into your recipes a teaspoon of ground peppers and you’ll raise your metabolic rate. The spice effect is, of course, temporary, but if you eat often spicy angry foods, you will also feel it on your metabolism. The next time you decide to eat pasta with butter or stew, be sure to spice them up with hot peppers.

Energize with protein

Your body burns a lot more calories if you bring protein into it than you do. Fat or carbohydrates. Balance your diet by replacing carbohydrate-rich foods with those that are full of protein. An excellent selection of proteins is low-fat beef and turkey, white chicken meat, tofu cheese, beans, eggs and low-fat milk products.

Bring some coffee into your body

If you’re a coffee lover, you certainly enjoy it and because it fills you with energy and improves your mental concentration. Drink it moderately because it is one of the benefits of coffee and that brings you a short-term acceleration of metabolism. Caffeine makes you less tired and increases endurance in regular or more intense training.

Fill up with energy with green tea

Green and oolong tea contain caffeine and cathehine whose combination accelerates metabolism for several hours. Research has shown that two to four cups a day of any of these teas allows your metabolism to burn 17% more calories than in moderate intensive training.

Avoid “crash” Diets

Crash diets, which recommend a diet plan for fast weight loss in the very short term and include taking less than 1,200 calories a day (women) or 1,800 (men), are bad for anyone who intends to accelerate their metabolism. Although these diets can help you take off your pounds quickly, it’s at the expense of a good diet. The additional deficiency of the crash diet is that with them you will lose muscle mass that helps you with the problem of slow-motion metabolism. After the crash, your metabolism will burn calories more slowly and you will soon make up for the lost pounds.

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