Some ways will surprise you! How many times have you accused your excess weight of slow metabolism? It’s a regular occurrence, isn’t it? Let’s see how to speed up metabolism and how to really lose weight.

Are you familiar with this scene: You talk in society about excess weight and claim that your excess is the result of poor metabolism? It must be that! Well, for God’s god, your best friend eats like an elephant and doesn’t have a shred of room, and everything you eat gets taped for… stomach, butt, thighs (choose as desired) . A moment later you find out that you have poor digestion and that you only throw out products every third day. And you know what?

What is metabolism and what does its speed depend on?

True, if you have problems with digestion, have a gut lens, then you are slower to expel toxins from the body and its accumulation can certainly affect you to lose weight more slowly or not lose weight at all. But when we talk about how to speed up metabolism we are not just talking about how to have regular stools and prevent constipation.

Do you know what metabolism is?

Metabolism is the process of converting calories into energy. The rate of metabolism is the speed at which this conversion process takes place.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the smallest amount of energy your body needs to perform the most basic processes in the body (welding, thinking, breathing, etc.) and 40-70% of the energy consumed by the body. It depends on the way you live. If you seed all day, your body won’t need as much energy as it would take when you’ve been on the move all day.

So when you say you have a slow metabolism, you’ve actually concluded that your body converts calories more slowly into energy, or consumes them more slowly. As a result, unnecessary calories accumulate in the hall and fatty deposit that is a kind of storage for excess calories.

And do you know that there’s a chance that your friend you envy so much has as fast a metabolism as you do?

There are obesity individuals who have a rapid metabolism. Moreover, some studies have shown that obesity individuals also have a faster metabolism than lean ones, because the body needs more energy to drive more weight during the day. It just means that the reason for obesity is in something else.

They’re mostly:

Wrong lifestyle habits more calories than a body is capable of consuming (or, to be honest – you eat too much!)

In addition to this, metabolism can affect a half, age and genetics. If you are a woman, the chances of having a slower metabolism are higher, especially after 35 years of age.

At 35, your body is thought to burn 100 calories less than when you are 25.

So is there any point in trying to speed up your metabolism? Of course, it does, because it does not accumulate calories in fat deposits, but you consume them as energy. At 25 or 35, you can have the same metabolic rate, but only if you work on it. For this, it is enough to change some lifestyle habits.

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10 ways to speed up metabolism

We said what’s slowing down, and here’s information about what speeds up metabolism. Believe it or not, it’s not just about the food you eat; it’s also about some of your daily habits, starting with how you sleep to how you spend your free time. And here’s a way to spot it and change it.

1. Reduce the temperature of the room you are staying in and sleeping in. Studies have shown that this way your body burns more calories. The organism then increases the internal temperature to maintain heat, thereby analysing more energy and consuming more calories, i.e. speeding up metabolism.

2. Reduce stress or keep it to a minimum. Stress is very often caused by delicious food because it raises our serotonin levels and thus masks trouble with a temporary feeling of happiness. But that’s not all he’s after. During exposure to stress, the body secretes the hormone cortisol, which has repeatedly proven to be a factor that slows metabolism. A study conducted at Ohio University in 2014 showed that women under stress burn 104 calories less over 24 hours than those not exposed to his day.

3.Sleep enough. Sleep deprivation is again a kind of stress for the body. It has been shown that insufficient sleep affects the body to adapt to this state of fatigue in this way, which will consume less energy or slow down metabolism.

4. Play it. Even the sparrows on the branch know that abrasion is necessary to lose weight. What you’re doing is speeding up metabolism. Even a regular walk of half an hour a day can affect its speed, and if you add some other trainings to it, then you can make a significant difference. To speed up metabolism it is best to build muscles. A body that has more muscle consumes more energy, i.e. has a faster basal metabolism. So lift the weights. In addition, interval training is also good. And when you’ve already thrown yourself into training, then get yourself in top shape by doing these cellulite trainings.

5. Avoid rigorous diets. yes, you read it right, maybe that’s why you can’t lose weight. Changing your diet and eating healthier is one thing, and to move on to some completely restrictive diet in which you consume very few calories during the day is another. That’s what the Danish diet is like. There are ways of eating that can help you lose weight, although your food intake during meals is large, enough to get enough. For example, it is a hot diet that limits the foods and the way they combine and the number of meals during the day, but not the amount you need to eat. Rigorous diets have what is called a “yo-yo” effect. If you abruptly abolish a large number of calories, you will very soon start to feel food cravings and the pounds will return. In addition, by starving yourself you bring the body into survival mode. The organism then slows down the metabolism to perform the most basic functions, and your diet becomes pointless depletion. Instead, it’s a better option to monitor your diet and how many calories you actually consume into your body. Then compare this with the number of calories you need to consume according to your age and activity level. If you’re overweight, there’s a good chance you’re overreacting.

6. Never skip breakfast. How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Of course, not just any. See what you need for a healthy breakfast and what speeds up metabolism. Why does this meal matter? Because that way, you give your body the task of starting calorie consumption immediately in the morning and you have plenty of time during the day to consume them. You’re giving him a run. If you eat before bedtime, your body slows down while you rest and the food welding is slower. If it’s a habit, your body stays at that slow pace. As a result, fat deposits pile up and pile up.

7. Eat throughout the day. But no exaggeration, please. In other words, it is better to eat more smaller meals during the day, because in this way your metabolism is rationed all day. If you turn your diet down to two or three meals during the day between which there is a large gap in time, there is a good chance that when it comes time to eat, you will be very hungry and overeat. There’s trouble! In addition, due to hunger your metabolism will slow calorie consumption (again that survival regimen).

In the same way, it would be advisable to break the exercise routine to 2 or 3 shorter workouts during the day. If this is impossible, try to go on a walk or bike to work, avoid elevators, talk on the phone standing or walking around the table, take advantage of the break to move.

8. Laugh full and loud. 15 minutes of good laughs can consume as much as 40 calories and speed up your metabolism. Of course, the more you smile, the better your metabolism manages that fast pace.

9. Turn off phones and computer in your spare time. A small study done at North-western University in the USA showed that exposure to the blue light of screens from these devices increases hunger and affects the rate of metabolism, i.e. its slowing down. Although this has not yet been fully proven, you will get hungry if you go all day surfing the internet, and you also stumble upon some juicy recipes.

10. Change the number of calories you consume during the day. The average amount of calories you need during the day is about 1200 calories. But it is not enough to be guided only by this figure. You can eat less than that without your metabolism still being slow and not seeing the weight loss results you expect. So how do you speed up your metabolism? Eat less than 1,200 calories, but don’t strictly stick to that number. Sometimes you enter a little more, sometimes a little less. By now, you’ve figured out how things work – the same number of calories that a body needs to burn during the day and a uniform diet has the effect of getting used to that speed in the middle. With these little changes, you bring dynamics into the whole story.

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Foods that speed up metabolism

Of course, it’s not just how you eat, it’s about what to eat. If you want to know what speeds up metabolism, then you need to know that for these purposes these foods are especially good:

Chihuahua pepper. Did you ever feel like you were on fire when you were eating something angry? That’s what capsaicin is for. Which works in our body by raising the temperature of the body and thus speeding up metabolism?

Proteins. If you are mainly fed protein, you are well on your way to speeding up your metabolism because this way of feeding, according to some studies, allows you to burn 150-200 calories more during the day than when you are feeding on fats or carbon hydrates. Proteins are made of amino acids and are harder to break down, that is, your body needs more energy to break them down. If you feed on carbon hydrates and fats that are easy to break down, your metabolism is getting deep and getting slower. You’re not supposed to be on some strict protein diet, but at least 30% of your diet should have been denied..

Dairy products. If you want to speed up your metabolism, then one of the ways you have to try is to consume milk and milk products. Calcium plays a significant role here in combination with other substances in milk. He’s the one who’s signalling your body to speed up calorie consumption. Studies have shown that calcium itself (or the one found in other foods) does not give these results. It takes that milky combination. So, pounce on low-fat milk, cheeses or yoghurt!

Water. It is especially good for speeding up metabolism if you drink 2 glasses of water before eating. First, your stomach will be fuller so you will eat less, and then, water makes your metabolism accelerate. And remember – water, not alcohol or juices. You add more calories with juices and alcohol, and the fact is that eating alcoholic beverages before eating opens up to an appetite and that we can eat up to 200 calories more.

The best option is to drink cold water because then the body uses extra energy to warm that same water on the temperature of the body.

Tea to speed up metabolism. In addition to water and milk, one way to speed up metabolism and lose weight is in teas. Here, green tea, oolong tea are recommended above all, and for more information about it, read about the 5 best slimming teas.

A good metabolism doesn’t mean you lose weight faster. If you consume more calories than you need, the rate of your metabolism is powerless to combat the deposition of fat deposits. You can speed up metabolism, but not indefinitely.

If you’re looking for the right diet for yourself, you’ll usually be delighted by the short-term ones that allow you to lose up to 10 pounds in a few days. However, these diets only yield a converging result. The pounds come back so easily.

The essence of good and permanent weight loss is not just about cutting calories, sweets, pasta, but knowing how to speed up your metabolism. If you don’t know that, your diets are just gruelling and exhausting attempts to lose weight that don’t yield results.

Have you tried to lose weight with any diets that didn’t work out?

Try it again! Now you know what may be the reason for your failure.

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