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Muscle definition represents the expression and visibility of your muscles on the body. A great example of that is Bruce Li. This legendary actor and athlete, he had the kind of body anyone could want, and his muscle definition was his trademark. But what needs to be done to get to a perfectly defined body.

Before you start training you need to pay attention to your current physical condition. If you are thin and do not have a lot of fat deposits, you will not have great difficulty getting to the definition, but if you have a few pounds more, then this will be a slightly more difficult task.

Training for definition means contorted nutrition with proper exercises, which will solve you with excess fat deposits, and develop your muscles enough to be visible and beautifully shaped.

We present you with 5 steps to help you reach the perfect defined form.

  1. Workouts (Gym)

belly fat, body fat, diet, diet plan, keto diet, potato diet, tea diet, weight loss

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Training to achieve muscle definition can be done in several ways, outdoors or in the gym. We advise you to do both types of training for better results. In the gym, you can easily affect certain muscle groups and it can bring you better results. It’s important that you only know one thing if you want a definition, which is “MORE REPETITIONS WITH LOWER WEIGHTS.” This is the basic difference between training for definition and mass.

So, you share the training on the muscle groups and you do a different group every day. Determine when you will be doing breasts/biceps, back/triceps, shoulders/legs, stomach. You do all your trainings with smaller weights but with more repetition, so if you can lift 80 kilos out of the bench 5 times, you lift 60 kilos 10, 12 times. It’s the same principle for all other trainings. Only strenuous and regular training can bring you perfect results, so don’t give up quickly.

  1. Exercise (Cardio)

belly fat, body fat, diet, diet plan, keto diet, potato diet, tea diet, weight loss

Cardio exercises are great for burning fats, so be sure to do cardio. Running, climbing stairs and cycling will help you lose excess weight and that makes it easier for your muscles to be visible. Try to dedicate part of your training to cardio every day. Of course, if you don’t have a weight problem, then focus more on building muscle.

  1. Rest

Remember, REST IS VERY IMPORTANT. People often think they have to overdo it with training and cardio to lose weight in a faster way. But that’s not true. Your body needs to rest. The muscles have to recover from constant splitting in the gym, because that is when it will only develop and shape properly.

  1. Nutrition

belly fat, body fat, diet, diet plan, keto diet, potato diet, tea diet, weight loss

We all know that nutrition is very important, but what to eat for the perfect muscle definition. Protein is your answer. Proteins affect the growth of your muscles, but they will not add excess weight to you. So eat meals that contain high levels of protein, such as fish, eggs, milk, chicken and the like.  If you want to increase your protein intake into your body, you can always add protein supplements to your diet. Avoid foods with large amounts of fat and charcoal hydrates, as this will only increase your mass.

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  1. Water

Do not forget that before, after and during training, drink water. You need to make sure your body is always hydrated. Water achieves and improves muscle recovery and replaces the lost water you lost during training. The body consistently secretes large amounts of sweat that expels harmful matter from your body and melts your pounds, but lack of water can be fatal, so water is your best friend.



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