SZA Weight Loss, How She lost 50lbs In Just A Few Months

SZA weight loss

SZA is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter, born November 8, 1990, in St Louis Missouri. Her real name is Solana Imani Rowe but professionally known as SZA. Today we get to know all about the SZA weight loss journey. 

She started her career in the early 2010s, releasing two extended plays See SZA Run and S, and later signed with the Hip Hop record label Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). Where she released Z her third EP and first retail release.

Her first music was given to the TDE’s president Mr. Terrence “PUNCH” Henderson who was impressed with the quality of the material he has received. And this is believed to be the reason why she was signed by the TDE.

When you happen to see any of the current photos of SZA you get to notice that she looks amazing, but when you look back and see her photos in 2014 you will clearly see a big difference in her physical appearance.

I guess you might be having a lot of questions running through your head like, How did SZA make this transformation possible? Did she hire a fitness expert or did she have plastic surgery? Well, let’s find out in this SZA weight loss article.

SZA Weight Loss Journey 

SZA weight loss

image source @sza Instagram

During her heaviest times, SZA was 200 lbs and she used to wear baggy clothes so that she could hide her weight from the public, and the baggy clothes were what was comfortable for her. After doing this for a long time SZA got tired of dressing in the 90s style, so she decided to work on her weight because she never liked the 90s style in the first place. She wanted to start wearing what she liked. She once said:

I’m low key into the ’90s style. I’ve consistently been dressing in baggy clothes because I was heavy. I was 200 pounds, but that’s not really public knowledge. I was a lot bigger, so wearing baggy clothes was not so much like a ’90s thing, it was what was comfortable and what fits.”   

During an interview in 2017, SZA spoke about her weight loss while protecting her fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar’s controversial lyrics about stretch marks. She said;

“If you want to support women, then you should support all shapes of women. I used to be 200 pounds and I have stretch marks all over my body. I found more comfort and soothing with Kendrick Lamar reinforcing that I’m beautiful”.

During this time period, she decided to start taking care of and working on herself for weight loss.

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SZA Weight Loss Diet

SZA posted in one of her posts on Instagram, where she revealed her secret for Weight loss and she mentioned the following three things;

  • Changed her lifestyle 
  • Portion control 
  • Discipline  

Her weight loss diet was a bit strange. She never jumped on anyone’s diet plan. SZA just made her own weight loss diet plan which included; 

  • Taking out red meat mainly fish from her healthy diet 
  • Removing wheat and sugar from her diet.
  • She was eating Veggies and complex carbs only( these included avocado, Squash, and sweet potato)

She finished her post by calling out her fellow ladies to not give up too easily and keep pushing on.

How Did SZA Lose Weight?

SZA weight loss didn’t come on a silver plate as it was hard for her to lose weight due to genetics and a damaged digestive system. She said;

“I’ve struggled with size since I was 19 until I realized I’m just naturally built to be a bigger girl.”

But the secret for her weight loss was like we mentioned above due to her changes in lifestyle, controlling her portion while eating, and having Discipline for the process plus being consistent. This helped her to lose from 200 lbs to 150 lbs of weight.

On top of that, she also started getting enough sleep and started being active in her life like going for a walk once in a while. This helped her to start seeing results.

SZA also said she never went on any crazy diet, no shakes, no supplements, no gym yet. Just stayed more active and she drinks a lot of water plus eating what feels right for her and her body.

What Is The Weight And Height Of SZA Now?

SZA’s weight now is 55kg or 121 lbs and her height is 5 ft 6 in tall. After she lost all the weight she had before, SZA has tried to maintain her weight in a healthy state and she is happy with her current weight now. We hope she stays like this because sometimes people usually fall off the wagon, so fingers crossed for her. 

How Much Weight Did She Lose?


Image source @sza Instagram

SZA lost almost 50lbs of weight in just a few months following her secret diet that she developed herself.

She changed her lifestyle and didn’t consume a lot of fats and calories like sugar and cheese, she was only taking Veggies and worked out but not in the gym.

She chose outdoor exercises like hiking to shed off all those pounds.

Despite the fact that SZA is slim and healthy now, she still feels that everyone should love his/her body.

Weight Loss Tips   

If SZA weight loss has inspired you and you feel like you should also start on your weight loss journey, here are some tips you can start with today and start seeing results;

Don’t give up so quickly losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time but the end is worth it.

Start with what is easy for you and makes you feel better as you progress step by step. You can start by just walking for 30 minutes a day.

Eat what you like but in moderate portions, as you go for other healthy options. Don’t just quit your favorite foods at once as this may cause you to binge eat.

Discipline and consistency are the most important things in this process if you want to lose weight and see better results that will make you proud. 


SZA weight loss is such an inspiration to a lot of people and her followers. If you’re struggling with losing weight I guess you can pick one or two tips from this article and start your journey. Because it is never too late to work on yourself.

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