Kit Keenan Weight Loss, Did She Really Lose Weight?

Kit Keenan Weight Loss

Get all the details of The Bachelor season 25’s youngest contestant Kit Keenan weight loss speculations. Plus her diet and workout plan.

Kit Clementine Keenan is an American Socialite born May 20, 1999, in New York. She is the daughter of Cynthia Rowley and William Keenan Jr.

She stood out from her competitors on the Bachelor show season 25 since night one because she is the daughter of Cynthia Rowley, a famous Fashion Designer and of course her big following on social media also made a big impact on her stand out.

Most of her posts on social media include sharing Recipes and Workout tips and this shows how Keenan puts a lot of focus on healthy living and positive body image.

But this has brought up some speculations that maybe Keenan went through a weight loss journey hence causing the passion for her healthy living. Let’s find out everything today, just stick around.

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Did Kit Keenan Really Undergo Weight Loss? 

Kit Keenan

Kit Keenan Weight loss image source @kitkeenan Instagram

Although most of her posts on social media are about Recipes and workout tips there is no clear evidence that proves that Keenan really went through a weight loss journey.

She Revealed in an interview with Elle how she has come to realize her posts about fitness might impact someone struggling with overweight or eating disorders. She said;

“It’s really eye-opening to hear about workout posts and how they might affect people [with eating disorders] because I post a lot about health and fitness on my account. I show my workouts in videos, you know? So it was eye-opening to me to have the opportunity to think through some things I post online and be like, “Wait, how can this affect somebody going through this mental turmoil? How is my presence online interpreted in different ways than I think about?”

There is a possibility that Kit Keenan didn’t go through a weight loss journey but the most important thing is her content on social media is very helpful and inspiring to people struggling with losing weight.

 You just have to pick one or two tips from her content and start your weight loss journey as long as you’re ready to put in the work.

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Kit Keenan Weight Loss Diet Plan.

Kit keenan weight loss

Kit Keenan weight loss image source @kitkeenan Instagram

Keenan shares a lot of healthy recipes on her social media platforms because she is very passionate about helping people struggling with choosing the right healthy foods to consume.

In September 2020, she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel with the title “WHAT I EAT”. This video included her showing what she eats in a day and sharing meal ideas, smoothies, veggie burgers snacks, etc. 

She told her audience at the start of the video that she was motivated to create the video for her own interest and she likes seeing recipe ideas from different influencers so that she can try them and share them with her followers.

She also included a disclaimer in the description box of the video saying;

“I am not a nutritionist or registered dietician. This is just one day of eating for me, every day is completely different! Please take this simply as inspiration for meal and recipe ideas.”

In the Video she also explained that she keeps on changing diet plans she doesn’t stick to a single particular diet plan, sometimes she is intermittent fasting and sometimes she is not, sometimes she eats plant-based food, and other times she eats animal protein at every meal of the day. She says it’s better to keep on switching up things you never what might work for you.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Kit Keenan weight loss

Kit Keenan Weight loss image source @kitkeenan Instagram

Apart from sharing her healthy meal plan with her followers on Social Media Keenan also loves sharing her fitness workouts to inspire her fans struggling with losing weight.

She usually shares videos for different workouts like an extension for back pain, pre-thanksgiving cardio strikes plus the ankle weight ab workout. Recently she shared her lean arms workout routine on her Instagram account.

In 2019 during an interview with Sunday Edit she opened up about her favorite workout, she said;

“I love LISS (low-intensity steady state) training like walking and Pilates — it’s easier on the joints and keeps the muscles long and lean.”

Keenan also added that when she is traveling she likes going for a run because she loves running in new cities. She also packs resistance bands with her because they don’t take much space and are not heavy yet very important for adding more resistance in your workouts. 

Keenan does all her workouts from home she has no gym membership she just uses jump ropes, bands, ankles weights, light dumbbells, and a foam roller for her recovery, she got all these from Amazon so there is no excuse for not starting your weight loss journey after all this inspiration from Keenan.

She also opened about how she refuels after an intense workout. She said;

“Protein and fats! I work out first thing in the morning, so I love having some sort of egg and avocado combo after a workout.”


Though Kit Keenan’s weight loss is not clear it is very inspiring especially the content she posts on her social media account is very helpful if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

So I conclude by saying just pick what will help you achieve your goal and start living a healthy life.

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