Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2021

Millie Bobby Brown’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Grab all the details of the Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown’s workout routine and diet plan, find out how she keeps her well-formed body in check.

But before we dig into her workout routine and diet plan let’s get to know more about her briefly. 

Millie Bobby Brown is a British model and actress born 19 February 2004, in  Marbella, Spain.

She started her acting career in a guest role on television. She became more popular when she was given the role of Jane Eleven Ives on the Netflix science fiction horror drama series called Stranger Things which started in 2016 to present.

She was able to receive two primetime Emmy Awards and was also nominated for the  Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2017 and 2018.

Apart from being a famous actor, she is also well known for her lean physique that impresses her followers leaving them wondering how she manages to have a well-formed body like that.

Well, I guess today is your lucky day because I am here to break down her workout routine and diet plan for you so that you can also look like her if you put in the work. Let’s get to it.

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Millie Bobby Brown Workout Routine

Millie Bobby Brown’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

image source @milliebobbybrown Instagram

Having a lean body like that of Millie you need to have a workout routine you follow in order to achieve your goal. Let’s look at what Millie’s workout routine looks like that helps her keep her physique in check throughout the year.

Like all celebrities, they have to stay fit due to the different roles they play in different movies or television series, and this sometimes requires them to have the discipline of keeping a lean physique for some good time.

Millie’s workout routine consists of different sessions; these include training with weights, bodyweight movements, kickboxing, etc. and she makes sure to work out at least 5 days a week for 2 hours.

She also likes sharing her intense workouts with her followers on social media to inspire them to get lean like her.

Following her workout routine, I decided to take out her bodyweight movement and created a workout routine that will be effective for you.

But before you start these movements make sure to first have a proper warm-up to make your body ready for the workout.

Millie Bobby Brown Bodyweight Workout

Exercise Reps/Time
Cross Body Climbers45 seconds
Plank Hops30 seconds
Plank1 minute
Crunches1 minute
Rest 10 seconds
Squat Jumps30 seconds
Squat Walks30 seconds
Regular Squats1 minute
Lunge Pulse30 seconds Right
Lunge Pulse30 seconds Left
Squat Pulse30 seconds
Jumping Jacks1 minute

Perform the above workouts for 5 to 6 days a week and make sure not to over rest every after a set in order to keep the intensity of the exercise.

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Millie Bobby Brown Diet

Since Millie Bobby Brown is still young and her fast metabolism favors her a lot she doesn’t have a strict diet she just eats some healthy foods once in a while and does her intense workout.  

She just includes healthy food like fruits, vegetables, and some high-protein food to keep her muscle.

Besides that, she enjoys her fast foods too like McDonald’s burgers, fries, sodas, etc. But she tries to take them in moderation so that she doesn’t gain too much weight plus she takes a lot of water which helps her keep her skin beautiful. That’s all I have for you on the Millie Bobby Brown Diet plan.


Millie Bobby Brown’s workout routine is simple but very effective if you put in the work and be consistent you will definitely get lean like her.

But if your goal is to lose weight you shouldn’t follow her diet plan because it won’t be helpful unless your metabolism is also fast.

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