Kevin James weight loss- How He Lost massive 80 Pounds Of Weight

Kevin James weight loss

Kevin James Weight loss journey is like a roller coaster, gaining weight, losing weight, and then gaining it again. He never sustains weight or certain pounds, rather it changes over time.

For his weight loss, he went through a lot of struggles but he managed to lose weight and looks incredibly great.

Kevin George Knipfing born on April 26, 1965, is an American comedian, actor, producer, and screenwriter. He is commonly known as Kevin James.

The actor is famous for his role as Doug Heffernan on CBC sitcom The King of Queens (1998-2007), and also got an award name Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 2006.

Throughout his career, he has been involved in film, television, standup comedy, shows, and also wrestling.

He is married and has four children. His weight loss journey is incredible, and he managed to lose weight whenever needed putting in a lot of effort.

People find it very interesting how he manages to lose so much weight in a short time. Now let’s discuss the secret behind his weight loss.

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How much Weight Did Kevin James had before His Weight Loss?

Kevin James Weight loss

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Kevin James once weighed 302 pounds but he put enough effort to bring a drastic change in his weight. The actor is recognized for his role as an MMA fighter in the 2012 comedy film ‘’here comes the Boom’’ for which he transformed his body.

Despite his weight, he believed that he was conformable in his shape which is a great thing. However, his transformation was appreciated by his fans, and loved his new look. Meanwhile, many people were curious to know his secret.

A lot of people who weighed more than 300 pounds struggle a lot in their lives to achieve their weight loss goal.

Some go for Intermittent fasting, some go for customized diet plans, and others manage with smoothie juices. It all depends on body requirements and knowing what would best suit their body.

Subsequently, many people learn from the experiences of others to transform their body shape. Many of the celebrities become the reason, encouragement, and motivation for their fans to lose weight.

Similarly, Kevin James did put a lot of effort and hard work to lose weight which inspired his fans, and many of them might be following in his footsteps.

We do our best to bring you more details about Kevin James’ workout, diet plan, and weight loss journey. 

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Was the Comedy Movie the inspiration behind Kevin James Weight loss?

Kevin James

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The character of Kevin James was very realistic in the movie‘’ Here comes the boom’’. Which required him to lose weight to portray MMA fighter, Scott Voss’s role effectively. For this movie, he was trained as he was going for a real fight.

If we look at Kevin James’ weight over the years, he either lost weight or gain. Though his weight didn’t effected his career but added more FAM to his career and was cast into movies that branded him as a funny and slightly overweight character which were more relatable to real-life stories. And his fans loved them.

Therefore, he was never worried about his weight. His inspiration for weight loss was to make his character more realistic and relatable to his audience and he was successful in it.

How much weight did Kevin James lose?

Kevin James lost almost 80 pounds before the movie “Here Comes the Boom” to develop enough stamina that would sustain him in the ring for several rounds.

He also built his muscles for more resemblance with MMA fighters, he wanted his audience to feel the change in him. He worked hard to change his shape, and to be fit for the character.

It is not easy to play an MMA fighter character, as the fight in the ring, needs more strength and stamina. Which was only possible through a good posture and a strong body.

MMA fighters do a lot of hard exercises and fights, Kevin James showed his passion for acting on his weight loss and becoming an inspiration for others to work on their weight.

Kevin James Secret for Weight Loss?

Kevin James attributed his secret for weight loss to his trainer Ryan Parsons, who is a widely known MMA trainer. He is also the owner of Radius Sports Management and takes responsibility for conducting training for Hollywood productions.

He did work hard with Kevin James to make him perfect for the MMA fighter character. Kevin gave vigorous exercise and training. Ryan Parson said about his training,

“We were on the set, and I was showing him some basic moves, and he landed a good one,” remembers Parson, “I thought, OK, this guy can move.”

Similarly, if any one of you believes that it is not possible to work on weight loss without any trainer. You can always get support from trainers.

However, many people cannot afford to have a personal trainer. Which doesn’t mean you can’t do anything without a trainer.

There are several online resources available on social media platforms that can help you out with weight loss management.

Kevin James

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Kevin James Weight Loss- Diet and Work out plans?

During the preparation for his role in the movie, James Kevin diet, and exercise for fourteen months. His consistency and passion resulted in a tremendous change in his shape.

He worked out three times a day; sparring, running, and also drinking green was part of his routine. He runs for an hour, sometimes runs ups and downs on the stairs, or rides a bike.

Talking about his training and workout Parson said,

“Kevin wanted to be treated like a fighter, so that’s what we did,” he says. “These guys didn’t care he was a movie star. They went at him. He knocked a guy out!

A steady routine of medicine ball moves alongside push up, sit-ups and boxing were also part of his training. His tough training helped him build stamina and strength.

He felt so good in his new healthy routine. Though his weight and appearance change over time after the movie, he gained few pounds the Kevin said that for his health and family he would love to keep himself fit.

Here are few tips that are used by Parsons to bring Kevin James into fighting shape. You can also use these tips to transform yourself. However, be careful, do not punch anyone in the process.

Improvise – It is not always about having access to the best and top gyms, you can also use what is available to you. Kevin James trainer Ryan recommended him to run stairs, run in the streets for an hour, ride a bike or go hard for an hour but not make an excuse for a busy schedule.

And Kevin James listened to his advice and did the same. You can also go running for an hour which is very effective for weight loss.

Have a ball – Parsons had a steady diet of medicine ball moves mixed up with pushups and sit-ups for Kevin James to build his stamina, core strength, and flexibility.

You can also include this easy exercise in your schedule which is known as; the medicine ball jackknife.

Boxing practice – Boxing is a great way of keeping a full-body strength. Parsons uses to start with 15 minutes of pad work, then progressively built into more minutes.

As time passes, Kevin James improved and finally went for an hour at a time without breaking a sweat.

These tips will help you build a strong and healthy body with great stamina. As they have helped Kevin James in his journey of weight loss.

Talking about gaining weight after the movie, Kevin James said in an interview that he feels uncomfortable. He said he wanted to get back in shape, badly.

“I felt better, my clothes fit me, my mind was clearer. But it’s a very difficult thing to sustain. I was working out all the time when I was getting ready for the movie (Here Comes the Boom)”.

However, since 2016 he was able to control his weight and did not gain more weight. Now he seems healthy and his weight is under control.

Therefore, one of the most important things is making workouts and exercising a routine and part of life.

A final thought on Kevin James Weight Loss Journey

Though Kevin James got his inspiration and fitness motivation for the movie he was able to maintain his weight. During the movie’s preparation, his struggle and hard work made him realize how important it is to have a healthy body for his betterment and his family.

He is an inspiration for many people who make excuses for weight loss and avoid hard work.

He did running, biking, riding, and many other things to lose weight. His trainer Ryan helped him in the whole process, however, without the motivation of Kevin James, it wasn’t possible. Using these tips by Kevin James’s weight loss journey, you can also lose weight.

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