Lynette Romero Weight Loss! 50 lbs. Secret Revealed

lynette romero weight loss

The most talked-about topic of 2019 is ‘’ Lynette Romero Weight Loss’’ in the celebrity weight loss World. Lynette Romero is an American Emmy Award-winning journalist and television personality. She is currently working with KTLA 5 Morning News as an anchor and reporter. 

She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder, in television news and journalism. She does a TV show ‘’ Making It! Minority success stories is a weekly, half-hour magazine format television show, that highlights stories of small business owners. Her fans love her appearance on the show, and somehow recently noticed her weight loss on her Instagram posts. 

Lynette Romero fans got excited about the tremendous change in her personality and weight. The fans were curious to know her secrets, and many of them asked about her journey and recommendations. However, in response, she said that she is working so hard for a long time but she is not in a position to give suggestions about her weight loss secret. Though later in her show, she brought an expert to talk about weight loss and also revealed herself. So let’s talk about her Journey of Weight loss and how did she achieve it in just six months. 

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How Did Her Fans Notice Lynette Romero Weight loss?

lynette romero weight loss

image source @lynetteromero Instagram 

Lynette Romero fans follow her on social media and are impressed by the change. Since they have followed her for a long time, they were able to see the change instantly. She felt the difference in her weight during the show, and also in her posts on social media. 

On December 13, 2019, she shared beautiful pictures of her on the Instagram post with a different pose. She looked gorgeous in a black dress, after achieving her target of weight loss.

Later on October 23, 2020, she shared a video revealing her weight loss journey, and thanks to her diet plan. She also revealed that she was doing intermittent fasting for her weight loss which changed her life completely. 

Let’s talk about Intermittent fasting, and how it can change a person’s weight, and also learn about Lynette Romero’s experience. 

How did Lynette Romero lose Weight through Intermittent Fasting? 

Lynette Romero lost her weight through intermittent fasting which she shared on her television show. Within six months of her intermittent fasting, she lost 50lbs and looks amazing. She started her journey back in 2019 when she visited her doctor. She was depressed and wanted to give time to herself. So the doctor suggested working on herself and starting intermittent fasting. 

Intermittent fasting has different methods depending upon the body’s needs and requirements. However, in this method, you eat very little or nothing at all. Its popular method is the Leangains protocol in which you skip breakfast and restrict yourself up to 8 hours period. Such as 1-9 pm, and then you fast for 16 hours in between. However, this method of weight loss is not recommended to everyone. 

You must consult a physician, fitness expert, your doctor before going for intermittent fasting. It is not as simple as other exercises and diet plans. For instance, going too long without eating might also store more fats in your body in reaction to starvation. You might also feel cranky and hungry while you’re getting used to the new routine of intermittent fasting.

It is highly recommended not to start intermittent fasting on your own, rather consult a doctor which is very essential for your health and body. 

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Is Intermittent Fasting for everyone to lose weight?

Unlike Lynette Romero, many people are physically in a position to go for intermittent fasting. It is not for everyone. It’s incredibly hard to maintain and follow. 

If you have a history of eating disorders, you should not go fasting without consulting a health professional. It can be very harmful specifically for women. As it causes them to miss cycle, be infertile, and be masculinized. It also improves insulin sensitivity in men. Therefore, it is wise to consult a professional. 

In the following conditions, you must avoid intermittent fasting for weight loss;

  • If you have Diabetes
  • Low blood pressure
  • Underweight history
  • History of eating disorder
  • Women with a history of Amenorrhea
  • Women trying to conceive
  • Pregnant women or breastfeeding
  • Problem with blood sugar regulations

All that being said, it also has an outstanding safety profile. For those who are healthy and well-nourished and strong. There is nothing wrong or dangerous about not eating if you properly work under the guidance of a doctor or consultant like Lynette Romero. 

Are there any side effects of Intermittent Fasting? 

Not that is known. Lynette Romero during her intermittent fasting faced a hair loss, and she was worried about it. However, her doctor makes sure that there is nothing wrong. 

However, you might feel lazy, cranky, constipation, and headache, which is quite normal when you change your routine. Despite all of this, we highly recommend consulting with a professional.

What Lynette Romero Has to Say about the Intermittent Fasting method?

Lynette Romero weight loss

image source @lynetteromero Instagram

Lynette Romero started her Intermittent Fasting skipping breakfast. It was easy for her. However, later she modifies her schedule. Talking about her routine schedule she said, 

I get up at 2 a.m., not hungry. I work until about 11.30 or 12; I get home around noon so, I haven’t eaten basically since the dinner the night before.

Lynette Romero 

Initially, she started with 16 hours of fasting, and a few months later she transitioned into the next phase which was 18 hours a day. After a long time of following 18 hours of intermittent fasting, she is now following 20 hours a day fasting. It means that she eats for 4 hours. Talking about her intermittent fasting she said,

It took out all the tension of what am I gonna eat. Am I gonna make healthy choices during my fasting window. I don’t have to think about food during my feeding window. I wanna eat something healthy. I wanna eat something good.

Lynette Romero

During her 20 hours of intermittent fasting, she took only one meal a day, and she eats anything she wants. And her daily calories could count up to 1200kcal. She opted for the OMAD diet, in which you only eat one meal a day but whatever you want to eat, you can have it.

For example, you take coffee with cream. It is also called dirty fast. And then there is clean fast, where you only take black coffee, green tea, and coffee. Lynette Romero during her intermittent fasting did both of them. She was working under the guidance of her doctor. 

What had Lynette Romero has to say about her weight loss journey? 

Lynette Romero’s weight loss was noticed by many, and one of her fans asked about her journey. She said in response to her fan ‘’ the struggle is real’’. Many people asked her for advice on weight loss, and she wrote, 

No secret, I’ve said a number of times that I got serious about taking care of myself and my health. I’m still working on it and not really in a position to give advice. But you know I share everything and I will just please give me a chance to get to where I’m going. 

Indeed, like many of us, Lynette Romero’s journey was not easy, it was tough. She struggled with her weight loss. She even mentioned her struggle in 4th grade on a television show. However, she didn’t give up to pursue her goal and was finally able to achieve it. This also shows an optimistic approach and commitment and not feeling discouraged. Which many of you might feel during your weight loss struggle. 

What are the tips shared by Romero for weight loss?

Though Lynette Romero does not advise anything directly, she does share her routine and what she did for weight loss. Some of the things that might be helpful for you during your weight loss include; 

  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Getting enough Sleep
  • Work out for a longer period of intense exercise consulting your professional doctor
  • Write down details of your diet and the change in your body
  • Increase your fasting and decrease your eating  

What are the learning points from Lynette Romero Weight Loss Journey?

Lynette Romero has struggled with her weight loss, and she did experiments with different methods for weight loss, nothing works out for her. Lastly, she decided to go for intermittent fasting. The learning point from her journey is that everyone holds a unique body and physical appearance. And also their body needs and functions are different. Not all methods work in the same way for everyone. Intermittent fasting might not work well for someone and works for another person. 

Therefore, we must not be hard with ourselves, rather focus on understanding our body needs and functions. Take observations, notice little changes in your bodies, and then decide to consult with your professional which method is perfect for you. Some people who just lose weight will simply exercise and diet plan, not even require hardcore exercise.

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