Emilia Clarke Weight Loss- A Great Body Like Khaleesi

Emilia Clarke weight loss

Emilia Clarke Weight Loss is surprisingly a lot less ruthless. Her diet and Fitness routine are attainable. The googly-eyed Actress with her bright Smile permanently made a mark in the hearts of her fans portraying the Character of Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons, in HBO hit show, the Games of the throne. 

Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke is a British Actress, studied at Drama Centre London is graceful in her appearance. In 2009, she appeared as a guest in BBC one medical soap opera doctor. She won awards such as Scream Awards for Female Breakout performance. However, she is popular for her role as Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and mother of dragons. She is also an ambassador for the Royal College of Nursing, a global campaign to raise awareness about nurses. 

Emilia Clarke Weight Loss is inspiring and motivating for people going through medical conditions. The Actress revealed her health conditions on March 21, 2019, and she said,

‘’ I had just finished Filming Season 1 of ‘’ Games of Thrones’’. Then I was just struck with the First of two Aneurysms.’’  

 Emilia Clarke

 The New Yorker, March 21, 2019

Emilia Clarke never talked about her story publicly before. Later, she felt it needs to be shared with people, and motivate others to achieve their goals in life, no matter how hard it is, there is always a possibility to win. Despite all the tough times, she continued to work on her Weight Loss.

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How Hard to Work on Weight under Health Conditions? 

Emilia Clarke had a condition of aneurysm which refers to the weakening of an artery wall. It doesn’t show any symptoms, until the most severe stage, where it causes weakness, and sometimes internal bleeding. Which makes it quite hard to work on weight loss at the same time. 

Emilia Clarke weight loss efforts continued despite having the condition. She was working with her personal trainer James Duigan when she had an attack on this condition.  During the workout with her trainer, she felt her head was about to pop. Though she didn’t pay any attention and continued her workout. James realized her condition and asked her to take a break. She was rushed to a hospital a few minutes later. 

Emilia Clarke Weight loss commitment and her consistency didn’t let her stop despite feeling the pain. However, after proper treatment, she is now perfectly healthy and continued to enjoy her life. 

What Emilia Clarke’s Weight Loss Trainer James Duigan Did?

Emilia Clarke weight loss

source @emilia_clarke Instagram

Emilia Clarke has realized that without a personal trainer she can’t work on her weight loss. James Duigan is a well-known Celebrity trainer. He and his wife follow a philosophy of clean and lean for weight loss. James coached Emilia Clarke for weight loss and advocated her healthy eating habit. James Duigan in an interview talks about balance which plays a vital role in weight loss. He said in an interview; 

‘’ The only thing that works is balance. The minute you being to weigh your food, count your kilojoules, or beat yourself up for going out for dinner, it’s over.’’

                                                                                James Duigan


As an expert, James Duigan always had a healthy weight loss plan for Emilia Clark. And it is very important for people going through health conditions to consult with a personal coach or trainer for work out. If they do not have access to a personal coach, they must consult with their physician and nutritionist about their health conditions and their relevance with the workout.

Emilia Clark works under her trainer, therefore he had a weight loss plan for Emilia which she follows regularly. Now let’s see what’s in the plan.

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How Emilia Clark Fitness Program – Clean and lean Change her life?

Emilia Clark Weight loss is a result of the program suggested by her personal trainer James. The secret to mother of Dragons fitness lies within the Clean and Lean method. She revealed about the program that it is not what exactly you expect. She doesn’t eat a diet, rather eats ‘’Clean and Lean’’

Emilia Clarke follows her expert trainer program for her weight loss. James Duigan recommends eating clean for a perfect state eliminating toxins and leans as a result of regular exercise and nourishing food. 

Duigan believes that everyone is different in their physics with different body requirements, therefore, the plans must be specific following the‘’ eat this and cut out this’’ methodology. The program Clean and Lean focuses on health, and focusing on health helps in achieving desired physical effects. 

For weight loss, Duigan says don’t be hard with your body and eating. Just be good to your body, and avoid too hard in exercises that could injure you. He adds that any transformation in the body happens through the mind. Therefore, keep your mind active and have peace of mind. 

How Effective Emilia Clarke Diet Plan Was?

emilia clarke weight loss

image source @emilia_clarke Instagram

Since Emilia Clarke Diet Plan was created by her trainer James Duigan, it was perfect according to her body’s needs and requirements. Emilia Clarke trainer and his wife worked together to come up with the Clean and Lean philosophy in 2009. They have written the best six books and recently published another book ‘’ Clean and Lean for Life- the Cookbook. 

The philosophy focuses on clean food which means it includes veggies, fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats, herbs, spices, and full-fat dairy. For weight loss, the trainer believes that healthy food is compulsory. One cannot rush to lose weight and harm the body with harmful practices.

Emilia Clarke recently posted in her Instagram about James book, and wrote,

“Allow me to introduce the key to my very happy kitchen. This book. And this dude wrote it.”

She was personally satisfied with her trainer, and followed his suggestions for diet, and help lose weight even during tough times. 

How does Emilia Clarke Keep herself fit with Workout? 

Emilia Clarke do works out 3-4 days, and she loves bodyweight training and TRX band training. She does push-ups, burpees, and squats to build core strength. She keeps TRX resistance bands which are portable and easy to carry everywhere she goes. They keep her in shape and fit. Her trainer James Duigan is very clear about healthy exercise and always guided her. James Duigan says,


“The payoff of exercise is to energize you and make you feel good. You don’t want to be dragging yourself out of a class with a sore knee, for what? It doesn’t even work, it slows the response of your body down. Let’s just say for argument’s sake someone wants to lose weight, the best way of doing that is focusing on your health and looking after your body, not punishing and working against it because your body will slow down and hold on.”


Act wisely if you wanted to keep your body healthy and also lose weight. He suggested workouts like swimming, climbing, kickboxing, dancing, and running for those who are not good with lifting weights. 

What Advices Emilia Clarke Trainer gives for a fit body? 

emilia clarke

image source @emilia_clarke Instagram

Emilia Clarke’s trainer-wise advice plays an important role in keeping her fit and healthy. She always followed him to get back to shape. If you wanted to lose weight, and at the same time wanted to stay healthy, follow these suggestions below;

  • Keep your diet simple and Balanced – James always focused on healthy food intake, and keep it simple. Avoid processed food, unhealthy fats, junk food, and refined sugar and flour. Consume a lot of veggies, fruits, fish, eggs, mushrooms, olive oil, seeds, nuts, beans, spices, and herbs. 
  • Do a mixed workout – Strength training mixed with cardio would help you build muscles. You can also do yoga for peace of mind. Your fitness routine would help you build a strong and healthy body. 
  • Strong Mind– Always keep a strong mindset about your diet plan and exercise. Love your body and size. With a strong mind, you would be able to achieve your goals and lose weight. 
  • Never be too hard with yourself– Emilia Clarke trainer always emphasis that never is hard on yourself to lose weight. He suggested exercises that are easy for you. And always appreciate your efforts, and treat yourself with the best nutritional food. 

Final Thought on Emilia Weight Loss Journey

There is one thing that we learn from Emilia Clarke Weight loss journey that no matter how long it takes you to achieve your goal if you are making a process each day, it’s great. Also, she fought with her illness and kept her workout balance. She is an inspiration for women to appreciate their bodies and mind. Her strong character is no more different than her personal life, she never showed her scares to the world, rather stayed strong, and continued her routine. She never made an excuse about her medical conditions. She did workouts, exercise, and took a balanced diet. 

So if you are making slow progress, do appreciate yourself, and follow the philosophy of clean and lean for a healthy and balanced life. 

To all those, who have medical conditions, Emilia Clarke is a great example who achieved her goals with strength and consistency. You can also do it, though it’s hard but not impossible.

Stay with us to know more about amazing stories of people who had different plans for weight loss.

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