Queen Latifah weight loss: 10 Tips On How She Lost 20 Pounds!

Queen Latifah weight loss

Queen Latifah is an American singer, songwriter, actress, rapper, and producer. She has an amazing career and did her job perfectly. She outshines in everything she tries. One of her most recent achievements was Losing Weight, and the transformation left everyone in awe. And today am gonna share with you the tips of Queen Latifah weight loss. 

’They said, ‘That girls need to lose weight.” I would laugh at it really, and I would refuse to do it anyway. I mean, if I wanted to lose weight, I would lose it for myself. I never lost weight because somebody told me I needed to lose weight.’’

                                                                                 Queen Latifah

Such a beautiful saying by Queen Latifah about her Weight loss, she never wanted to do it for others, rather for herself. And she did it for herself. If Queen Latifah Can manage to lose her weight at an age of 38, Why not you, I, and everyone else in the race of losing weight lose hope. 

Queen Latifah Weight Loss- the story of resilience and Commitment 

Losing weight is a bit harder, but it is not impossible. Queen Latifah weight loss story sets an example through her incredible healthy weight loss. She proved that everything is possible, only desire and wish are needed to achieve the goal.

Queen Latifah was determined to get her weight under control but healthily. She did this through workouts, proper dietary plans, and working with her coaches. She also starts taking fresh fruits and vegetables into her dietary plan regularly. Without losing her wonderful curves, Queen Latifah lost weight.

Before going into details about Queen Latifah weight loss, let’s understand few basic things about body weight.

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How Much Weight Did Queen Latifah Lose?

Queen Latifah lost 20 pounds of her weight after she becomes a spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Those of you who don’t know Jenny Craig, it’s an American weight loss company that works for weight management and nutrition. The company promotes a healthy living style and healthy weight loss.

Queen Latifah after joining Jenny for her Weight loss endorses Jenny Craig and as a spokesperson, she was able to maintain her weight and showed a real commitment.

But what is weight loss anyway?

Weight loss refers to a reduction in total body mass, which means loss of fluid, body lean mass, or fat. This loss is justified in the context of physical fitness, health, and medicine.

Why it is essential to losing weight following Queen Latifah weight management?

Queen Latifah weight loss

Over the years, Queen Latifah went through a tremendous weight loss which was not possible without following weight management tools.

Weight management is as essential for a common man as it is for an actress like Queen Latifah who led main characters in movies.

Losing weight through the proper weight management process doesn’t harm a healthy body, rather it nourishes a healthy living style.

Many people look up to Queen Latifah weight loss management process as their role model for weight loss, therefore it is very important to understand what she did to be able to achieve her goal.

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Queen Latifa Weight loss- Do’s and Don’t

Queen Latifa Weight-loss is followed by various Dos and Don’ts. She did a tremendous job of following these steps to lose weight.

If you wanted to really work on your weight loss following Queen Latifah Weight loss tricks, follow these Dos and Don’ts.

Do: Eat healthy Meal with consistency

Don’t Skip any meal

Do: drink a lot of water and stay hydrated

Don’t: forget about Calories you take

Do: Prepare the meal

Don’t: look for short term quick fixes

Don’t: deprive yourself of a treat

Do: stick to a healthy exercise routine

Don’t: lose hope and give up 

Some of the most effective Weight-loss tricks shared by Queen Latifah who’ve successfully followed them to slim down 

  •         Eating Salad at every meal 
  •         Plan ahead of hunger when you are out 
  •         Stick to plans during a workout 
  •         Writing down what you bite 
  •         Regular exercise 
  •         Reflecting on weight loss Schedule 
  •         Keeping track of the changes in weight 

These tricks to lose weight shared by Queen Latifah have helped a lot of people in their lives, which will also help you out.

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Weight loss Tips and Food supplements by Queen Latifa

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifa used different food supplements, and healthy food can be very useful for weight loss. She also recommended some major tips:

  • Green Tea – is a very essential part of weight management. It helps to prevent cancer, and also keeps sugar at a healthy level. It’s easy to make and very refreshing to consume. Queen Latifah weight loss management included green tea which she always consumes after her meal.


  •  Citrus fruits and Grapefruit–Helps in burning fat and absorption of sugar. These fruits contain a flavonoid that helps to fight sugar cravings. The favorite part of Queen Latifah weight loss diet was to include Citrus Fruits and Grape Fruit.


  •  Green Vegetables – with very few calories and high fiber content-green vegetables are very beneficial for health. These are highly recommended three times a day, with each meal. Green Vegetables were highly recommended by Queen Latifah for weight loss.


  • Probiotics – are helpful bacteria that help in digestion, and elimination. Through this process, they help in weight loss. I also wrote a review about the best Probiotic supplement click here to read it


  •   Yerba Mate– it is a must-try, and all in one such as tea, coffee, and chocolate

These recommendations from Queen Latifah are very helpful if followed regularly.

Queen Latifah Tips for weight loss and her recommendations are based on her personal experience, and no one gives better suggestions than an actress who has maintained her weight perfectly.

10 tips for a successful and healthy weight loss based on Queen Latifa Weight Loss

Like Queen Latifah, people can lose weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking several achievable steps:
These steps include the following;

1. Eat a nutritionally dense and colorful variety of food –Queen Latifah suggestions

Queen Latifah during her weight loss gave enough time to use nutritionally dense food and variation in her food. She followed the perfect plan prepared for her by her nutritionist.

For perfect and healthy living, every day fiber intake should be 25-30 grams. While making the plan make sure to include 50 percent fruits, and vegetables, 25 percent protein, and 25 percent whole grains. 

Try to eliminate the intake of saturated fats that causes heart diseases. Instead, people can use unsaturated fats. 

Following of the foods are healthy and rich in nutrients and were used by Queen Latifah in her dietary plan:

  •         Seeds
  •         Fish 
  •         Brown rice and Oatmeal 
  •         Fruits and Vegetables 
  •         Nuts 
  •         Legumes 

2. Queen Latifa also suggested avoiding eating these foods below;

  •         Food rich in oil, sugar, and butter
  •         Fatty red or processed meat
  •         Baked foods
  •         Processed foods
  •         White bread

However, Queen Latifah suggested that make sure to work with a dietitian, nutritionist, and healthcare professional to get personalized advice. Since everyone’s body requirements are different, and sometimes, avoiding certain foods leads to vitamins and mineral deficiency. Therefore, follow proper weight loss management programs as Queen Latifah did. 

3. Keep a weight or food diary like Queen Latifah

Self-monitoring is a very important part of weight loss. Queen Latifah Weight –Loss doesn’t happen in a day, she was fully committed and self-monitoring the whole process. She suggested keeping track of diet, and weight loss. You can use mobile applications, paper, or dedicated websites to record details of lost weight. 

People often follow proper weight loss management programs like Queen Latifah weight loss administration who did it with Jenny Craig who properly manages and records everything. They help in keeping track of body changes and stick to the weight loss schedule. 

4. Queen Latifah did Regular exercise and physical activity

For both mental and physical health, regular exercise is very helpful. Queen Latifah during her weight loss program regularly visited Gym five days a week. She did her regular exercise, and also yoga.

One hour of physical activity daily can help to lose weight like Queen Latifah. People who are not very active physically can slowly increase the amount of physical activity. It is not possible to do an intense exercise in the beginning. Therefore, gradual change in intensity is very helpful.

You can keep track of your daily exercise and calorie intake through the mobile application. If doing regular exercise is intimidating, try to do the following activities to increase the level of exercise;

  •         Taking stairs
  •         Walking a dog
  •         Dancing
  •         Gardening
  •         Playing outdoor games

Or any other activity that involves physical efforts. However, people with medical conditions must consult their healthcare professional before starting exercise. 

5. Queen Latifah Eliminated liquids that don’t provide nutrition

Some liquids don’t provide nutrition, rather they only provide energy such as Soda, alcohol, juice, and tea. They are also known as ‘’ Empty Calories’’.Queen Latifah did a perfect job of avoiding these liquids which do not provide nutrition.

Always avoid taking sweetened tea or coffee, rather water intake between meals with a little splash of lemonade would be tasty. Do not mistake dehydration for hunger. Take enough water between meals.

 6. Queen Latifah didn’t skip Breakfast

Breakfast is very important for the human body. Skipping breakfast will not help in weight loss. Instead, you can miss out on essential nutrients which are important throughout the day.

7. Queen Latifa is always active

As an actress, Queen Latifah has always been busy with work, and also regular in her exercises. Always stay active, and keep your body energetic. Exercise helps to lose a lot of calories which is not possible with diet only. Therefore active and regular exercise like Queen Latifah can help lose weight easily.

8. Read the Food label

You must know about the food that you are consuming. Reading food labels can help you chose healthier food. Use the calorie information to check which particular food fits into your daily calorie allowance on the weight loss plan.

9. Do not Stock Junk food

Junk food such as biscuits, Chocolate, fizzy sweet drinks, and crisps are not healthy options. Instead use healthy snacks such as unsweetened popcorn, fruit juice, rice cake, and oatcakes. Avoiding junk food will save you from consuming unnecessary food.

10. Queen Latifa did get support when she needed

She worked with her nutritionists and follow a proper weight-loss program. Do not refrain from support if you need it. Consult your doctor, nutritionist, physician, and health professional to make a weight loss plan and work on a healthy diet.

However, people usually make very common mistakes during weight loss. Queen Latifah Weight-loss program helps in the understanding of these common mistakes. Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid;


  • Focusing on scale weight – Queen Latifah during her weight loss program never focused on scale, rather she focused on several factors such as good nutrition and exercise.  Several factors influence scale weight, including muscle gains, the weight of undigested food, and fluid fluctuation. Your body might be losing fat even if the scale doesn’t change.


  • Eating too few calories or too many – As an actress, she has always been very careful about the right amount of calories intake. Calorie deficit varies from person to person. Consuming few calories can make you hungry and reduce muscle mass and metabolism. On the other hand, consuming too many calories can stop you from losing weight. Therefore, keep the balance.


  • Not exercising or exercising too much– Queen Latifah properly followed her Gym schedule for exercise. She knew that excess of anything is dangerous even if it’s exercise. If you exercise too much, it can lead to stress, and on the other hand, if you do not do regular exercise, it can lower your metabolism. 


  • Not eating enough protein- High protein intake assist with weight loss by decreasing appetite, increasing the feeling of fullness, and boost metabolism.

 Like Queen Latifah, you can change your life following these tips to lose weight, and enjoy your life. Do tell us about your experiences and stories of weight loss to inspire others.

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