Jorge Garcia Weight Loss (An ideal Inspiration of Weight Loss Plan in 2021)

Jorge Garcia weight loss

Jorge Garcia weight loss

Jorge Garcia, an American-born Hollywood Actor, Voice actor & Comedian well known for the “Hurley” character from the popular TV Series “Lost.” From his early life, he was going through obesity & he weighed 400 pounds while screening on Lost.  

But why’s the popularity of Jorge Garcia Weight Loss arise?

Well, most celebrities struggle to lose weight. The same experience for hurley from lost goes through too. Mainly, Jorge was proud of the way he is & he had no issue with his overweight matter. 

Later, This comedian celebrity started losing weight naturally & some reports claim that he shed over 100 pounds, sounds inspirational, right?  

This 47-year-old actor becomes a role model for those who would love to lose weight naturally. 

This article will describe how this famous native American Comedian loses weight with an organic diet plan & foods he maintained; what’s Jorge Garcia then and now & in 2021 Jorge Garcia’s net worth

Stay tuned!

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How Did Jorge Garcia Lose Weight?

Jorge Garcia now started his weight loss journey when he started acting in the “Lost” Series.

For many years, this actor was described as “The Largest Member of the Lost” because of his size. At some point, this matter becomes a huge concern for himself, his friends & family, Co-Stars. This actor decided then to change daily food habits to a healthier lifestyle & avoiding health problems that come with overfat. 

In the March ’06 Maxim issue, Jorge revealed that he’d shed 30 pounds. His statement to the magazine was,

“I can afford to not live on rum and burritos and take better care of myself. Besides, there were enough people who were waiting for my character to lose weight as a result of being stranded on a desert island.”

Fortunately, this actor gets support from an expert dietician & a team of training coaches. From their suggestion, Jorge started Nooch Diet & healthy intake and gave up all forms of alcohol. He started dieting with low carb-high protein, eating fruits & vegetables more. Moreover, this actor adopted a vegan lifestyle.

How Jorge Garcia gained weight again?

Jorge Garcia weight loss

image source @pronouncedhorhay Instagram

 Jorge remained healthy for quite a while after starting the Nooch Diet. Later, he struggled with his food addictions & started consuming foods with high carbohydrates & fat. By that time, he gained back a lot of weight, eating, and his drinking habit was controlling his life pretty much. 

According to reports, he weighed nearing 400lbs, almost 181 KG, which sounds crazy!

Jorge’s family members become concerned again that unhealthy foods might harm him with a bump in weight loss. As he was obese, he faced some health issues such as diabetes, cardiac problems & stroke possibilities. 

Some reports claim that This American actor had undergone gastric coronary bypass surgery to clear his stomach, but he never admitted to it. 

Because of junk food addiction, he had to go through this surgery to start dieting again.

What Was Jorge Garcia’s Inspiration To Losing Weight?

From a younger age, Jorge Garcia was a carefree boy. Time passed; still, he remained the same. He was fond of eating & never thought about his body weight, as it’s not a big deal.

Later his inspiration to lose weight comes from a project – Lost TV Series in 2004. He was asked to lose a vast amount of weight before starting acting on this tv series.

Jorge (pronounced as ‘hor-hay) Garcia was happy with his obesity & finds no problem being overweight. Besides, he is a funny guy& known as chubby on screens. This actor married his love last summer of 2019, & she was another inspiration for Jorge Gracia’s weight loss.

Later, Garcia’s friends & family convinced him to do the weight loss challenge for the Lost tv series project & it served as inspiration for him.

What Was Jorge Garcia’s Weight Loss Plan?

Jorge Garcia

image source @pronouncedhorhay Instagram

This weight loss plan wasn’t one time challenge or easy for Jorge. He went through discouragement & lots of frustrations.

As his fans & supporters are wholeheartedly waiting for the results of this famous actor’s weight loss journey. His doctors already advised him to go through the regimen of weight loss.

With the support of health professionals, Jorge Garcia has finally achieved a significant change in body weight.

At first, this actor started with a Nooch Diet that contains protein-rich foods, low-carb, fruits & vegetables. In addition to Diet, he stopped drinking alcohol regularly & started doing regular recommended exercises.

If you look at Jorge Garcia’s 7-day diet plan, you will get a good idea about the weight loss diet plan

Day 1 –> Fruits only (burn fat due to its fibrous content regardless of its amount).

Day 2 –> Vegetables (Green Leaf vegetables either boiled or uncooked with fruits as it’s the most healthy one). 

Day 3 –>Again Fruits & Vegetables with no restrictions.

Day 4 –>Four Glasses of no-fat milk & Eight Bananas for the whole day.

Day 5 –>Skinless Chicken breast or Fish with Six large tomatoes or Brown Rice.

Day 6 –>A cup of Brown rice with cooked or raw vegetables. Otherwise, Skinless Chicken Breast and lean meat like fish.

Day 7 –>A cup of brown Rice with cooked or raw vegetables. 

  Jorge Garcia’s Workout Plan for Weight Loss (Recommended by his Doctors)

This 7-Day Diet plan works best with a workout plan for the desirable results. Jorge Garcia’s recommended workouts for the whole week are shared below. Let’s take a look –

*Quick Note – Jogging, Push-ups, Sit-ups & Arm circles were among Jorge’s daily workout routine. Health Professionals recommendations are –

        Air Cycling.

        Neck Rotation (Clockwise and CounterClockwise).

        Breathing Exercises.

        Stair Climbing & Running.

        Wrist Rotation (Clockwise and CounterClockwise).

        Shoulder Rotation (Clockwise and AntiClockwise).

        Arm Rotation (Clockwise and AntiClockwise).

        Facial Exercises.

After following this diet chart alongside workout plans, Jorge Garcia finally shaded around 100lbs & escapes from the Danger Zone of Obesity. Now he weighs around 300lbs, still much but better than ever.

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What are the weight loss tips of Jorge Garcia?

Jorge Garcia’s 2021 year look is much different from how he looks a couple of years ago. Some of his bodyweight reduction tips you might follow –

        Avoid some fatty junk foods

     Full-fat yogurt

    Processed and canned foods

    Alcoholic beverages


    Sweetened drinks

    Meat – pork, beef, and turkey


    Ice cream

   Full-fat milk

   White rice

  Avoid Eating at Restaurants or Clubs – Restaurants & Club foods might contain ingredients that might not benefit your health. As they usually use oils, salt & other unhealthy ingredients for making the food tasty. Homemade meals are better since you can choose what would be the ingredients. 

  Exercise Regularly – As the theory of weight loss says, regular exercising is the key to success. Jorge verifies that he used to spend two or three hours exercising per day& it helped a lot in reducing his body fat. 

   Eat Small Meals – Consuming many foods at every meal is a bad idea since your stomach might face a hard time digesting big meals. With 3 to 4 hours intervals& small meals are a much weight loss &stomach-friendly plan.        

  Never Give up, Stay Patient – Our body is not like bread. It takes time & much effort to change the body shape. Also, overstraining the body with much more workouts is a bad idea because it might lead to injuries. 

What are the secrets of Jorge’s weight loss?

Hence losing weight is never an easy quest. Eating the right foods, hitting the gym, or workout at home, it’s a long process.

Fortunately, some secrets will speed up the bodyweight loss process. Here we are sharing some of Jorge Garcia’s 100-pound weight losing secrets

   Don’t Overwhelm Your Mind or Body.

   Must-Follow a Strict Diet Plan.

   Never Rush to Weight loss.

   Avoid using Melted Butter & Oil when cooking.

  Try to take small meals instead of large meals. 

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

 How much weight did Jorge Garcia Lose?

Ans – At first, Garcia lost almost 30 pounds while starting the shooting of “Lost TV Series”. Later he got food addiction & gained a weight of around 400lbs. Last reports say – he shed almost 100lbs & weighs around 300lbs now. 

 What happened to Jorge Garcia?

Ans – Jorge Garcia left the “Hawaii Five-0” TV Series in the 10th season of it. This actor is married & devoting time to his family. According to his IMDB profile, he is going for screening on two new movies in 2021.

 How old is Jorge Garcia?

Ans – As our native American Comedian famous actor born in 1973, so by this year, he has stepped on Age 48 by now.

  Did Jorge Garcia lose a lot of weight?

Ans – From a general perspective, Yes! At first, Jorge Garcia lost around 30lbs while screening on the “Lost” Tv series. Later he becomes obese & loses weight, around 100lbs, with a strict diet & workout plan by his health professionals.

Wrap up Summary

Reading by now, you got the idea that achieving weight loss is not an easy task. It comes with lots of trial & errors.

With hard work, commitment & perseverance, nothing is impossible for you.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss article is dedicated to those who want to lose weight using an organic way. This Hollywood famous native American Star had to face lots of criticism, but he focused only on his goals.

If you want to follow his weight loss workout plan, just a little suggestion – keep focused, success will come for you.

We wish you the Best!

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