Sean Murray Weight Loss: How He Lost 11kgs!

Sean Murray Weight Loss

Sean Murray is one of the most famous American actors of the twenty-first century. He has appeared in several popular Hollywood and Disney movies, in addition to many other television programs. Sean Murray weight loss journey was inspirational, and it was a remarkable feat of hard work. In the TV series NCIS, Tim McGee played a pivotal role in the case. Previously, the actor was credited with his flabby appearance, but in the seventh season, news broke that he had started losing weight.

Recently, many celebrities have been in the news because of the problems they have faced in their personal lives. Some have become problematic, divorced, or simply created factoids to stay out of the media.

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Find out How the NCIS Actor Lost a lot of Weight

sean Murray weight loss

image source @therealseanhmurray Instagram

However, one of the success stories that have been featured in the news and tabloids was an actor who has lost a significant amount of weight is a person named Sean Murray. He plays a character by the name of NCIS Special Agent Tim McGee. Many fans have speculated about his weight loss. Some say he went on a radical diet. Others say that he contracted a serious illness. But, the truth is that the actor worked hard to reduce weight with very simple dietary solutions that gave significant results.

This article reflects on Sean Murray weight loss tips that you can use to get the same kind of results. Sean Murray spoke about these weight loss tips to a famous American website, and you will have access to them here, first hand. Find out how Sean Murray Lost Weight in a short time.

Sean Murray (NCIS MacGee Agent)

Sean Murray is an actor in a very popular television series in the United States called NCIS. He has always acted in several series of the genre, including Touched by an Angel, Boston Public, ER, JAG, and many others. For the past few years, he has served as special agent Timothy McGee on the NCIS series. The series is also shown on Netflix globally. This last role earned him fame.

In recent months, especially in the last season, fans of the series have noticed that the character has lost a significant amount of weight. They asked the American press to find out and found that weight loss was motivated by a very simple reason: he just wanted to become a healthier person and have a better body.

“I decided to use some basic strategies to obtain phenomenal results, most of which are viable, for several reasons,” said the actor.

NCIS Sean Murray War against Kilos

Sean Murray, 41, has been with NCIS since season one. The “Timothy McGee” actor was overweight until the sixth season of the series, but in the seventh season, he declared war on the kilos. As Murray himself wrote on Twitter, he has lost a proud eleven pounds during this season.

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NCIS Star Sean Murray has Lost Eleven Kilos

Sean Murray also explained how he did it. “14 months without alcohol and almost without sugar. I also only ate organic, “ said Sean Murray on Twitter. The actor, who was already a star as a teenager, stuck to this diet and can be really proud of his performance.

NCIS viewers will be impressed too, as the show saw Sean Murray’s weight loss evident. Many fans of the actor even worried if Sean was sick when they noticed him. However, the actor assured that he lost the weight on purpose.

Sean Murray Weight Loss – How it’s Done

“The first thing I did was to eliminate sugar from my diet.” He also decided to cut down on alcohol consumption and start a regular exercise routine. His diet has changed from high levels of junk food and unhealthy products to one that is an almost organic diet that helped him lose weight dramatically. This may partly explain how the NCIS actor lost a lot of weight, but that is not all.

Although he attributed his success in losing weight to a safe diet program, he said the next step was his diet and regular exercise. That’s because his appearance was not, shall we say, very cool. Many went so far as to say that he had contracted a very serious illness. This is not true, it is pure speculation.

How Long Did It Take Sean Murray To Lose Weight?

Sean murray weight loss

image source @therealseanhmurray Instagram

According to the television star, he was able to set a simple goal: he decided to lose at least 450 grams (1lb) per episode. This gave him an interval of seven days to lose 1 pound of weight (450 grams), a highly symbolic and attainable target. Although his weight loss seems to be much more dramatic, especially for those who have been following him for the past few years, he has only set an achievable goal. For this, he changed his diet, making it healthier, achieving fantastic results in a very short time. Pure willpower. The three steps that Sean Murray used to lose weight are what he recommends to anyone trying to lose weight.

No to Alcohol

A person who has a serious goal of losing weight must avoid alcohol. There are many benefits to abstaining from drinking alcohol. Are you ready to lose weight today? Below are four benefits of quitting alcohol in order to lose weight.

  •   Getting rid of alcohol will help you feel better, and it may be helpful in elevating your mood.
  •   A person can lose weight much more rapidly when there are no extra calories coming in from the alcohol.
  •   You will find yourself in a much better mood and mind the next day when you wake up.
  •   Getting better skin by avoiding alcohol consumption is beneficial for you.

Have an Organic Food

In Sean Murray’s weight loss journey, he consumed a fully organic diet, which further enabled him to lose weight faster. Instead of eating unhealthy foods, he focused on eating organic food. The benefits of organic foods are that they have more nutrients, are fresher than other foods, and contain fewer pesticides. If you consume organic foods, you can maintain your health more easily and lose weight.

Improving Sleep Hygiene

Your weight loss journey can be greatly impacted by the quality of your sleep. When you do not get enough sleep, the body produces more of the hunger-inducing hormone, causing you to eat more than you should. Cortisol is another hormone that is produced when sleep deprivation occurs, which leads to more fat storage.

However, consuming too much alcohol limits your sleep quality because you will not get REM sleep. As a result, you will gain more weight from sleep deprivation.

Enjoy More Energy

With a hangover, you may lack energy, so you may have trouble getting to work early, committing to chores, and even going to the gym. You should know that if you plan to lose weight, you will find it harder if you have a constant hangover.

No Sugar

The weight loss that Sean Murray experienced was a consequence of eliminating sugar from the foods he used to consume. The fact that he stopped eating junk and sugar-based products made a huge difference in his weight loss and fitness. The intake of sugar can have a negative impact on our weight, and excessive sugar consumption can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, and other metabolic disorders. People who reduce their sugar intake or do not consume sugar can lose weight. Sean Murray lost weight easier than most because he followed all the restrictions strictly.

Use Sean Murray Weight Loss Tips

A weight-loss journey like Sean Murray’s is easy to replicate anyone can do it. You just need discipline and commitment. While you will not see immediate results, you will gradually lose weight. These tips will help you slim down faster and enjoy a healthier lifestyle soon.

Sean Murray’s Transformation

sean murray weight loss

image source @therealseanhmurray Instagram

A few years ago, Sean Murray was shocked with pictures in which the NCIS star looked very thin, but now Sean has gained some weight again, which is sure to please the fans of the series.

Today Sean Murray is in a healthy weight and can still be seen on NCIS. Not only himself but also Sean Murray’s wife and his colleagues can be really proud of the “Timothy McGee” actor.


In conclusion, Sean Murray managed to do what most people are not capable of setting goals. He has not yet decided whether to attempt more radical weight loss. This involves starving (which is not advisable) or eliminating all carbohydrates from your diet.

He simply decided to take out the edible garbage that most of us eat every day and set a very reasonable goal to lose about 2Kg per month together. By doing this, it was easy for him to see that he was gradually achieving his goals. These minor successes started to turn into habits and eventually created a routine that allowed him to achieve his weight loss goals.

Using this example from the television actor, it is clear that most people can achieve the same results. All of this with small changes in their lives and the best, without doing crazy things or spending so much.

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