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Chloe ting arm workout

Who is Chloe Ting? Why’re Chloe Ting arm workouts so famous?

Believe me or not, I don’t particularly like heavy workouts or hitting the gym.

A lifestyle blogger + fitness trainer from Australia, Chloe Ting, is renowned for her YouTube channel workouts promising to help Six-Pack abs in weeks & lead to burn fat naturally. Her 30-day arm challenge is super-hot, giving astonishing results.

Can Chloe Ting Arm Workout help you? Or How to do Chloe Ting Arm Workout properly?

First of All, Chloe ting’s Arm Workout is a free program. For beginners looking to break a sweat, this is effective with good form & realistic expectations.

If you thought about taking ChloeTingChallenge & going to start doing Arm Workout, then read our full article to learn about how to do Chloe Ting Arm Workout & much more. Let’s Check out!

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How to do Chloe ting arm Workout (properly)

How to do Chloe ting arm Workout

Chloe Ting’s videos are from 10-15 minutes long, made up of a short series of exercise bursts followed by an even more specific rest period. She planned the program using no equipment exercises like planks, squats & lunges, combined with jumping for more intensity.

How to get skinny arms?

For Chloe Ting’s Arm Workout to be effective, you need to actively engage the muscles you’re working on & maintain the correct form of every movement.

Tings Arm Workout Video Series on YouTube has a lot of advice about how to maintain correct form. Her brief description of the movements covers the essential details. For example – she tells viewers how to engage their abs during core work ( press the lower back into the ground to activate the abs & protect your spine).

Does Chloe Ting’s Arm Workout really Work?

 It’s possible to follow along & actually work if you are working on your muscles efficiently. For instance, when Ting is doing exercises such as leg raises, planks, V-ups, it’s clear she’s maintaining tension throughout the movements. If the viewers rely on the momentum & remain stable in their actions, the workouts will be effective & work like a charm, leading to lean arms. 

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Advantages of Chloe Ting Arm Workout

Advantages of Chloe Ting Arm Workout

What are the advantages of Chloe Ting’s arm workout? Does it work for everybody?

This Arm Workout is an exercise calendar that Ting crafted with multiple levels in mind. The first week of the workout plan is light exercises. Once your body starts to adapt, the intensity of the sessions starts to increase.

From personal experience, some benefits/advantages of this workout are:

  Free practical Course – You don’t have to pay a single penny to learn the exercises & the results are evidence that it works well.

  Easy to Follow – Ting’s program & sessions are practical. Duration is short, straightforward instruction & a low impact on our joints.

  No Equipment is necessary – A complete course plan without any equipment-free workouts. A yoga mat is great for abs moves, but that’s optional. 

  Good Structured Program – Consists of 21-day exercises from 25 to max 50 mins workout, a well-planned program. Ting also gives you a preview of her next moves during the break.

  Variations – your target muscle is the arm, but with the Tings workout plan, you get to work on four sets of muscles you have to work on, giving you a good variation.

  Suitable for Everyone – Regardless of the age or fitness levels, Ting’s Arm Workout is ideal for everyone.

Will I Recommend Chloe Ting’s Arm workout?

 Yes! The main reason is this workout is absolutely free, well structured, with a good schedule. If you are looking to get your arm into shape & toned, I recommend giving this workout a try.

With Chloe Ting’s full video workout schedule, you can follow from home with no equipment needed, meal ideas alongside a whole community to support you.

*Tips – Our recommendation is to pair with an entire body workout plan with this ting’s arm workout to get better & fast results.


Will my arms get bigger on this workout program?

Ans – This workout program is designed to strengthen your arms but is unlikely to get bigger in this short duration. A proper Meal & long-term workout plan works best to get bigger arms.

Why are Chloe Ting’s workouts so hard?

Ans – Chloe Ting’s workouts are often hard for complete beginners who didn’t have any previous exercise experience. But This workout plan is easier for the first week & gradually intensifies as the program continues.

Which Chloe Ting workout program is the best?

Ans – All of Chloe Ting’s workout is best if you consider the changes you want to achieve. Especially 2-Week Shred challenge with a proper diet gives your heart a good pump & adequate blood circulation, leading to Shredded. 

What was your experience with Chloe Ting’s Arm Workout?

Ans – My experience with Ting’s workout was great. I felt a lot healthier & my strength was increasing gradually. Every morning I feel refreshed & started doing some extra exercises because my endurance also increased little by little.

Final Thoughts

If you are dedicated & committed to sticking to the whole workout program, there’s no doubt you will start seeing visible results. After reading our article, you know how to do a chloe ting arm workout & ready to start your plan.

Just a little suggestion is – don’t skip any steps or videos to get perfectly toned arms.

IF you have time & dedication, go for the Chloe ting arm workout challenge. Obviously, it’s beneficial & really works for everyone.

Good luck with your workouts, below is the video of how the workout goes, enjoy!

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