Bill Clinton’s weight loss in 2021, Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Bill Clinton weight loss

Grab all the details of the American former commander in chief Bill Clinton’s weight loss, find out how the Vegan diet helped him shed off 24 pounds of weight and his workout routine.

William Jefferson Clinton commonly known as Bill Clinton was born August 19, 1946, in Arkansas. He is a politician and an attorney who was the 42nd president of the United States of America from 1993 to 2001.

Bill Clinton has a lot of achievements and if I start focusing on them right now I might not cover the real reason why you’re here so let’s go to that instead.

Yeah! I mean Bill Clinton’s weight loss because most of his followers have burning questions like: how did Bill Clinton lose weight? Is Bill Clinton sick? What did Bill Clinton’s workout and diet plan look like?

If you’re one of his followers with the same questions then you’re in the right place because today I will break down all about Bill Clinton’s weight loss from his diet plan to his workout routine and exercises that will help you lose weight in the right way. Just keep reading. 

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Bill Clinton’s weight loss Journey

When Bill Clinton left the president’s office in 2001, he faced a lot of health issues. In 2004 when he experienced prolonged chest pain and shortness of breath, Bill underwent quadruple bypass surgery.

He returned to the hospital in 2005 for another surgery of a partially collapsed lung and he also got a pair of stents implanted in his coronary artery in 2010.

And recently in 2021 according to the Los Angeles Times, the former president was hospitalized in Southern California for 6 days to be treated for an infection which some of his followers thought was COVID 19 but Bill came out with a video clarifying that it was not COVID 19 and he is recovering very well.   

Due to constant visits to the hospital, the former president was advised by his doctor Dr. Ornish to lose some weight if he wanted to live longer. He advised him to try out the Vegan diet, which he did and he was happy with the results.

Bill Clinton used the Vegan diet to lose 24 pounds of weight plus including some exercises in his daily routine. Now let’s see the workout routine that you can also use to lose weight like the former president.

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Bill Clinton’s Weight Loss Workout Routine

Bill Clinton weight loss workout routine

image source @billclinton.account Instagram

Bill Clinton’s workout program mostly involved jogging with his secret service when he was still in the White house. Basically, he enjoyed doing cardio as his main workout plan.

You can also do the same if you want to lose weight. There are different cardio exercises you can add to your workout program if jogging doesn’t work for you like swimming, skipping rope, hiking, etc.

Bill Clinton’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Bill Clinton diet plan

image source @billclinton.account Instagram

Bill Clinton went on a Vegan diet which helped him to lose weight when on this diet you are not supposed to eat meat, fish, or dairy products.

For breakfast, Bill Clinton takes an almond-milk smoothie, blended with fresh berries, a non-dairy protein powder, and a chunk of ice. For lunch, he eats some combo of green salad and beans. He then snacks with nuts which are a good source of fat or hummus with raw vegetables, and lastly, for dinner, he eats quinoa or sometimes a veggie burger.


Bill Clinton’s weight loss is very inspiring to anyone facing some health issues and wants to lose weight. He shows us that despite being sick you can always come back from that and be healthy again.

All you need to do is to be consistent and put in the necessary work then you will see the results coming slowly by slowly.

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