Jamie Kern Lima’s Weight Loss, Full Details of her Journey (Explained)

Jamie Kern Lima's Weight Loss

Grab all the details of the American entrepreneur, investor, and media personality Jamie Kern Lima’s weight loss, learn how she was able to lose weight naturally.

Jamie Kern is the co-founder of IT cosmetics which she started on the basis of helping women with skin problems like her to look and feel beautiful.

There is speculation going on the internet about her weight loss and some of her fans think that she had a gastric bypass aka bariatric surgery but how true is this let’s find out.

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Jamie Kern Lima Weight loss Journey

Jamie Kern faced a lot of rejections when starting her IT Cosmetics company because of her weight and skin problem.

She lost her television job because she had no proper makeup for her skin and the rest of the makeup available didn’t work because of the skin disease she had called rosacea.

But one night when talking with her husband Paulo Lima, he advised her to start her own makeup product that will work for people with the same problem as her.

Jamie Kern liked the idea of her husband and immediately went to work on it. After testing different products, she finally found a product that can work on her skin and stays without causing problems. 

This is how IT Cosmetics started. After getting the product now the problem was to find the market for it but since she used herself as the model most beauty retailers never wanted to work with her because of her weight and it took almost three years of rejection.

After being rejected several times Jamie Kern was given a chance to feature on a ten-minute QVC segment where she presented her product using her own face and she sold out all the products before even the given 10 minutes ended.

While Jamie Kern has always been proud of her Physique, it kept on fluctuating and she would get negative comments from people. She said while talking to thecut.com;

My weight fluctuated, and I was always getting in trouble about it from my producer. Viewers would write, ‘I really like you, but you should diet.’ Or, ‘Are you pregnant?’ The criticism crushed me.”

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How Did Jamie Kern Lima Lose Weight

Jamie Kern Lima's Weight Loss

image source @jamiekernlima Instagram

Jamie Kern has not yet come out to reveal to her fans how she lost weight. I tried searching for it everywhere but I failed to get enough information.

But what I know is one to lose weight successfully you need to clean your diet and start eating healthy. I assume Jamie Kern also started watching what she puts in her body, eating foods high in protein like chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables might have helped her to shed off the excess weight.

I also assume she started being active by doing activities like walking, jogging, hiking, etc. these activities are very effective in burning excess calories.

Probably that’s what I think Jamie Kern did to lose weight. My only wish is for her to come and give out some tips to her fans on how she did it.


Jamie Kern Lima’s weight loss helped her achieve her dream of helping girls and women with skin problems and make them feel beautiful with her makeup products.

So what I get from this is that when you work on your body great things will start coming your way, you just have to put in the work and be consistent then you will eventually achieve your goal.

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