Nicole Laeno’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Nicole Laeno's Workout Routine

Grab all the details of the American dancer, actress, YouTuber, and model Nicole Laeno’s workout routine and diet plan, learn how she keeps her physique in check at the age of 15 years.

Nicole Laeno was born December 5, 2005, in Bellflower, California, United States. She has appeared in shows like Boss Cheer and Hyperlinked.

Nicole Laeno has also made herself a name on social media, she has 1.87 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.4 million followers on TikTok.

Nicole Laeno’s well-formed physique is admired by her fans, that’s why most of them want to know her workout routine and diet plan she follows to have such a great body. So if you’re one of them, just keep reading.

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Nicole Laeno Workout Routine

Nicole Laeno's Workout Routine

Image source @nicolelaeno Instagram

Nicole Laeno is a very active young girl. She likes doing activities like dancing, swimming, and bodyweight training using resistance bands.

Basically, these activities enable her to have a well-formed and lean body. let break down her activities and we find out what can work for you in case you want to have a body like her. 

Nicole Laeno also advises her followers not to do workouts that will stress you; she says you should do workouts that make you comfortable.


Nicole Laeno loves dancing. She said in one of her YouTube videos that she dances for almost 30 minutes to one hour and this helps her burn more calories and be active.

So if you also like dancing consider adding it to your daily routine to burn off those extra calories while enjoying at the same time. But if dancing is not your thing then you can try out other exercises like running, skipping rope, yoga, etc.

Bodyweight training

When she is not dancing Nicole Laeno likes doing bodyweight workouts. In order to increase the resistance to the workout, she uses a resistance band. She prefers working out her Abs and butt.

Nicole Laeno Workout Routine Bodyweight Training

Squats with side kick30 seconds
Hip Thrusts30 seconds
Donkey Kicks20 seconds each leg
Side Lunges20 seconds each leg
Single Leg hip extension20 seconds each leg
Side Lying Leg Raises20 seconds each leg
Plie Squats30 seconds
Hip Bridge Hold30 seconds

Nicole Laeno AB Workout

Crunches20 Reps
Bicycles20 Reps
Jack Knives20 Reps
Penguins20 Reps
Mountain Climbers 20 Reps
Hip Dips20 Reps
Russian Twists20 Reps
Side Crunches20 Reps each side

Perform these ab exercises 3 sets each and makes sure your rest periods are short to keep the intensity of the workout.

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Nicole Laeno Diet Plan

Nicole Laeno Diet plan

Image source @nicolelaeno Instagram

Nicole Doesn’t follow any specific diet at the moment, she eats whatever she wants because she is still young and her fast metabolism helps her not to gain weight even if she eats junk food.

If you’re also below 18 years you can eat whatever you want as long as you do some exercises or activities you won’t gain weight. But if you start gaining weight then you can add some healthy food to your diet because our bodies are different.

For breakfast, Nicole likes eating cereal with milk or Iced oatmeal cookies. Then for lunch, she eats noodles. She then snacks with an acai bowl made from greek yogurt, iced strawberry, banana, iced acai superfruit, and almond milk. Then lastly for dinner, she can have a pizza or anything she feels like taking. That’s all with Nicole Laeno Diet Plan. 

Final Thought

Nicole Laeno is an inspiration to the little girls who dream to have a healthy lean body like her. So if you’re reading this and you fall under the same age bracket you don’t have to have the pressure of looking lean just do what you want it’s good to work out but you have to do it out of love, not pressure. Because remember living health is a lifestyle, not a one-time thing.

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