Lala Kent’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lala Kent’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Grab all the details of the American reality TV star and author Lala Kent’s workout routine and diet plan and also find out how she maintains her lean and toned physique all year round.

Her birth name is Lauren Elyse Burningham but she is professionally known as Lala Kent she was born on September 2, 1990, in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

Lala rose to fame after joining the cast of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules in 2015, she also went ahead and starred in different films like The Row, Trauma Center, and Out of Death.

Besides her incredible acting career, Lala Kent’s lean and toned physique also inspires and is admired by a lot of her fans, most of them want to know how she maintains such a physique all year round.

Well, if you’re one of her fans with the same desire then you’re on the right post because we will be throwing light on Lala Kent’s workout routine and diet plan that enables her to maintain her body in great shape throughout the year. Just keep reading on.

Lala Kent’s Workout Routine

Lala Kent’s Workout Routine

Image source @lalakent Instagram

Lala works out under the supervision of a celebrity trainer called Jena Willis. And she advises her fans to also have an experienced trainer supervise their workouts no matter what their fitness goals are.

To maintain her lean and toned physique, Lala includes resistance training and cardio in her workout routine. She also ensures to have a session for her mental health in her training program. Now let’s go throw Lala Kent’s workout routine in detail;

Resistance training

Resistance training is one of the most important parts of Lala’s training routine. Basically, it’s what provides her body look lean and toned.

She includes both free weights and resistance bands during her weight training sessions. This mainly helps her in toning her muscles which gives her body a beautiful appearance.

Lala Kent usually starts her weight training session with a 10-minute warm-up on an elliptical to prep her body.

Normally, Lala Kent performs her weight training 4 days a week, and she ensures that each day of the week she targets a certain muscle group and she trains it intensely.

She performs her weight training using light to moderate weights with a high number of reps, this enables her to keep her body lean and toned.

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Lala ensures to train her lower body with compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and glute bridges. When she performs these exercises she provides her body with strength gains and also gives her lower body a curvaceous look.


When it comes to her cardiovascular conditioning, Lala likes focusing more on high-intensity interval training(HIIT). This allows her to burn excess fat from her body and it takes a short period of time, hence enabling her to maintain a lean and toned physique.

Performing HIIT also helps Lala to improve her cardiovascular endurance which enables her body to improve her overall athletic performance.

Mental health

Lala Kent’s workout routine is not only about going to the gym and lifting some weights and cardio, she also likes taking care of her mental health as she does with her physical health.

Lala makes sure to perform some breathwork at the end of each of her training sessions. This helps to keep her mental health in check.

Lala Kent’s Diet Plan

Lala Kent’s Diet Plan

Image source @lalakent Instagram

Besides her intense workout routine, Lala Kent’s diet plan also plays an important role in keeping her body in great shape. She ensures to focus on a balanced diet plan that provides her body with all the essential nutrients that it needs.

Lala’s diet plan for the day consists of 3 major meals and she ensures to have plenty of healthy and nutritious whole food items in each of her meals. 

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Below is what Lala Kent’s diet plan looks like in detail;

Meal 1- Breakfast

  • Eggs with spinach OR
  • Plain bagel with cream cheese

Meal 2- Lunch

  • Salad (made with cucumber chicken, cheese, and tomato, with some creamy dressing) OR
  • Pasta

Meal 3- Dinner

  • Veggies
  • Steak
  • Brown rice

Lala also likes taking plenty of water throughout the day to keep her body hydrated and keep her skin glowing.

Lala Kent’s Supplements

Lala Kent takes the following supplements to help fuel her gains;

  • Whey protein
  • Multivitamin


So, that’s all we have for you about Lala Kent’s workout routine and diet plan. But the major lesson we learn from her is to keep both our physical and mental health in check.

Well, if you want to have a physique like hers then consider using this post as a reference to structure your own workout routine and diet plan based on your fitness and training experience.

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