Free Planet Fitness Day Pass And Guest Pass (Planet Fitness Free Trial) 2022

Free Planet Fitness Day Pass And Guest Pass

I guess we can all agree that Planet Fitness has done a lot of amazing things for novice gym goers, starting with their monthly membership fee which starts from as low as $10.

However, the low cost absolutely does not mean a poor quality workout environment and services. 

Most Planet Fitness gyms contain real workout equipment and most importantly, a very comfortable and judgment-free training environment.

So, if you’re looking for a low-cost budget gym membership with good training equipment, then Fitness Planet may be your place. And to find out whether the PF gym near you can fulfill your fitness needs, nothing can be fantastic as a free trial

Well, this is where the question comes in can you try Planet Fitness for free? Absolutely. Through a day pass, you can definitely try it for free without signing up for a membership and from there you can decide whether the gym has what you’re looking for. 

In this post, we will be giving you all the details of the key things you need to know about the differences to use a free planet fitness day pass and the important things you should know before using one.     

Is There a Free Planet Fitness Day Pass Trial

Free Planet Fitness Guest Pass

Does planet fitness have free trials? Yes of course they have. Planet fitness permits free day passes so that aspiring members get a chance to know about the facility and the available workout environment.

If you have a PF black card member you can go with him as a guest and use the free trial or if you’re a local resident. Basically, you can get a free trial at planet fitness gym near you.

However, in other cases may be required to pay some standard fees for day passes. So, it’s better to first contact the planet fitness gym you want to visit and get clarity on such fees as prices may change a little from location to location. 

How to Get a Free Trial at Planet Fitness

You can acquire a free trial at planet fitness either when you go with a black card holder or if you’re a local resident.

Here is how you can get a free planet fitness day pass trial if you’re a local resident, one, you can use the free day pass once every 90 days. And two, if you happen to visit a PF gym away from home you have the option to use some promo codes on the internet if they’re free trials available.

If you want to get the free trial you either visit the PF gym personally or you can visit their website and search for the free trial section.

Apart from that if you’re with an FP black card holder you can grab that guest pass.

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How Long is the Free Planet Fitness Day pass Trial?

A free planet fitness day pass trial is valid for only one day. Beyond that, you may be required to pay a certain fee. which varies from location to location

Does Planet Fitness Have A Week Pass?

Yes, you can get a one-week planet fitness guest pass for as low as $5.

How to Get Planet Fitness Guest Pass

You can get a planet fitness guest pass by visiting the nearby gym with a friend, family member, or anyone else with a black card. However, you should keep in mind that some have to have a black card membership, not the basic one.

In order to get the pass, you need to use the planet fitness mobile app. The black card holder whom you intend to visit the gym with has to send you an invite to your phone and you will be required to complete a short registration process. Then you can visit the gym with the guest pass. As simple as that.  

How Does Planet Fitness Guest Pass Work

The planet fitness guest pass is mainly focusing on introducing you to the key equipment and the environment at a certain planet fitness gym. You can get one if you have one or know someone who is a black card holder.

But, when you visit the gym using a guest pass, you may not be able to use each and every piece of equipment as a black card holder. To get clarity on what you can and can’t do on a guest pass contact the planet fitness gym you wish to visit.  

How to Use Planet Fitness Guest Pass

Planet Fitness free day pass

If you already own a black card you can use the guest pass facility to bring a friend, family member, or anyone else to the gym. All you have to do is send them an invitation via the planet fitness application.

And if you’re the one invited by the black card holder to visit the gym, you just have to use the invite message and register in the mobile app to use the guest pass.

How Do I Add A Guest To My Planet Fitness App?

Adding a guest to your planet fitness app is very simple. Simply log into your planet fitness account, then go to add a guest section, and send the invite to whomever you want to want to bring along.

Planet Fitness Free Trial Policy

While planet fitness accepts free trials, they do have some strict policies that you need to know before applying for one.

The first thing you need to be 18 years and above in order to use a free day pass. However, in some locations, they do allow free trials for teenagers between 13 and 17, provided their guardian is with them. You can contact the nearest PF gym for more details.

The second policy is one is only allowed to use the free planet fitness day pass once every 90 days.

Also, you need to present a valid identity card in order to use the free trials.

And finally, the last thing you should keep in mind while using the free trial is, planet fitness has a strict code of conduct within the gym. That you need to obey and follow with discipline.

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Planet Fitness Guest Pass Policy

As you already know, planet fitness does offer free guest passes through a black card holder. But they have certain policies that you should put in mind before using the free guest pass.

Firstly, only one guest is usually allowed to come with the black card member. And for the guest to enjoy the gym they need to first complete a brief registration using the FP mobile application.

Secondly, the guest has to be 18 years and above to get a planet fitness guest pass, however, teens between 13 and 18 are supposed to have mandatory supervision with them.

Lastly, a guest may not have full access to enjoy all facilities that are available to the black card holder. For example, you are most likely not to the tanning services or body massagers with the guest pass.

But don’t forget that all this depends on the location, so it would be wise to first contact the planet fitness gym you intend to visit and get clarity about their policies.


Well, that was all about free planet fitness day pass trials and guest pass. But putting all things into consideration a free day pass is very helpful because it enables you to know about the facility and the workout environment at the planet fitness gym you intend to visit.

And last but not least, while most planet fitness gyms do follow the similar policies we have seen in this post, there may be a slight difference depending on the certain location. So it would be better to always first contact the nearest planet fitness gym you intend to visit to get all the details.

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