How Much Does A Hex Trap Bar Weigh? 5 Exercises To Perform With It.

Hex Trap Bar Weight

A hex trap bar is a bar just like the barbell in terms of purpose. It is used to carry plates of different sizes depending on the capacity of the bar. It is shaped in the form of a hexagon with sleeves extending on both edges of it, thus the name ‘hex bar ’and also, it helps to work the trapezius muscle, the muscle that goes from the base of the neck, across the shoulder to the middle of the back, thus the name ‘trap’. So it can either be called a hex bar or a trap bar or a hex trap bar.

A hex trap bar is made of steel and this can make it quite weighty on its own. Most hex trap bars weigh between 18-32 kg. This, without the extra plates, can serve as weight equipment if you are a beginner. Steel bars are welded together to give it a significant shape of a hexagon. This shape helps the user stand in the middle of the bar for ease of carriage of the weight. It also helps to keep the weight balanced while it is being carried.

It is important to know how much a hex trap bar weighs so that you don’t overshoot how much weight you should be carrying. This means that if you are to carry a weight of 50 kg, and your hex trap bar weighs say 20 kg, the combination of plates you should use should not exceed 30 kg. This way, you are not carrying much more than you are supposed to so you don’t hurt yourself.

Uses Of A Hex Trap Bar 

Uses Of A Hex Trap Bar

A hex trap bar is used for weight training exercises. It is commonly used for deadlifting and squats but there are a few other additional exercises it can be used for.

Floor Press

This workout helps you to target your pecs, core, front delts, and your triceps, building your muscles in all those areas. A hex trap bar would help you achieve your set goals for that area. Here’s how;

  •  Load up the hex trap bar at both ends and place it on a low rack where it would be easily reachable
  • Lie on the floor with your legs bent at your knee and your feet planted flat on the floor
  • Lift the hex trap bar off the rack and press. Hold for at least a second and slowly lower your hands to complete a rep.

For starters, it would be easier to press using the lower handles of the hex trap bar. The higher ones prove to be quite challenging, and if you aren’t a beginner or lazy, the higher handles will give you a quick fix of the dopamine you so desperately seek.


This activity engages glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves depending on how low you wanna go or your preference in variations. The high bar squat and the low bar squat are the different variations there are and you can use a hex trap bar for both variations.

To carry out the high bar squat;

  • Load the hex trap bar on each side with equal-weighted plates for balance
  • Place it on the top rung of the squat rack
  • Step below it, positioning yourself in the middle of the hexagon shape (with the normal barbell bar, the barbell is placed on the back of the neck, across the shoulders, with or without a towel wrapped around the middle of the bar for comfort)
  • Hold onto the lower handle of the hex trap bar and brace yourself to lift
  • Lift the hex trap bar with the plates off the rack and step away from it
  • Squat, bending at your knees, keeping your torso straight, and pushing out your butt
  • Return to a standing position to complete a rep

For the low bar squat

  • Load the hex trap bar with weighted plates on either side
  • Place It on the floor and step into the hexagon
  • Lift it using the high handles. Keep your spine straight and your knees bent while you lift, pushing away from the ground using your quads and hamstrings

There are important techniques to squatting and it is advisable to read up on them before plunging yourself into this exercise.

Farmer’s Walk

This is a weight exercise that involves carrying dumbbells or kettlebells and walking through a distance and back. It is called a farmer’s walk because it is very similar to a farmer carrying a bucket of water from one point of the farm to another. 

This exercise engages all the muscles in your body, from your traps, core, calves, the muscles in your forearm, and many more other muscles. It also helps give a firmer grip which in turn helps with pull-ups, deadlifts, and any pulling exercise. It helps to correct your body posture as well as builds the muscles in your lower body.

To use a hex trap bar for farmer’s walk;

  • Load a hex trap bar depending on your fitness level
  • Place the loaded hex trap bar on the floor, and step into the hexagon
  • Using the deadlift method, lift It, using the high handles. Stand straight, then cover the required distance and walk back

Do this in three reps. Although, how many reps you make is dependent on your level of fitness.


This is one of the top-ranking compound exercises. It engages your core, traps, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. The hex trap bar comes in handy where deadlifts are included in your workout routine. It can easily replace the barbell and those super heavy dumbbells. 

To deadlift using the hex trap bar;

  • Load up the hex trap bar with the required plate weight
  • Firmly plant your feet shoulder-width apart in the middle of the hex trap bar. Make sure your toes are pointing forward, then lean forward to hold the hex trap bar without arching your spine, keeping your neck neutral all the while
  • Firmly grip the high handle of the hex trap bar while driving your knees forward 
  • Then lift upward by pushing away from the floor without compromising your form (your spine)
  • Hold for a second and return to your starting position.

Military Press or Overhead Press

This is another compound exercise that helps to build the shoulder, by activating the upper back. If you are in search of a well-chiseled upper body, then this one is surely for you. The hex trap bar will help you achieve this goal as well as the barbell can. This exercise engages your trap, front delts, and your upper back.

To do this exercise using the hex trap bars;

  • Pick up the hex trap bar and lift it overhead with your head position between the hexagonal bars
  • Then press the weight over your head upward
  • Hold for a second and return to your starting position, keeping your core tight.

Benefits Of Using The Hex Trap Bar.

Benefits Of Using The Hex Trap Bar.

  • The activities carried out with a hex trap bar helps to correct bad posture
  • It helps to reduce the risk of shoulder and lower back injuries during shrugs and many other exercises.
  • It can easily replace the barbells and kettlebells when you feel you have gone beyond their limits.
  • It helps to give you balance during any exercise or workout activity.
  • It can be used for many weight-carrying exercises
  • It helps to reduce the strain on the lower back and so if you happen to have back pains, you can still indulge in exercises that involve weight-lifting without the fear of hurting your back more.
  • A whole lot of muscles are easily worked when you carry out exercises that involve the use of the hex trap bar. The exercises that the hex trap bar is used for are usually full-body workout exercises. They engage all the muscles in your body, toning and building them to reach your summer body goals.


The hex trap bar is usually between 18kg and 32kg, 30 to 70 pounds, making the average weight about 45 pounds. It can be quite heavy on its own and so you should get used to carrying it without the added weight before going ahead to top it with weighted plates. For beginners, it is advisable to carry it alone until you are fit enough to add on the extra weight.

It can easily replace the barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells, raising your challenge because of their additional weight. Your traps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, lower back, and core is engaged when you use the hex trap bar to exercise. It also helps you to reduce the strain on your triceps and lower back. Your grip gets firmer and your body is chiseled to shape.

It is important to read on any exercise or workout activity that involves the use of the hex trap bar as well as every other exercise to avoid injuries that might or might not put you on your back for a long or short time, depending on how bad the damage may be. Or better still, consult a gym instructor or get yourself one. Spending on experienced personnel is better than spending on the inside of the white walls of a hospital.

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