How Much Does a Smith Machine Bar Weigh? 7 Workouts To Perform with It.

How Much Does a Smith Machine Bar Weigh?

There’s no precise answer to the question about the weight of the bars of a Smith machine. The weight varies based on the specifications of the bar. However, the bar weighs 20 kg on most Smith machines. Added to the weight of the bar is the weight of the two guides, which varies from 2.5 to 5 kg each. In total, the bar mostly weighs 25-30 kg.

What is a Smith Machine?

The Smith machine can be noticed right away amongst other exercise equipment. It’s usually one of the tallest pieces of equipment in the gym. A smith machine consists of a rod and a frame. What makes the smith machine unique and different from other machines is that the bar can be locked. 

You can latch the bars with the help of the hooks that are affixed to the rod. At the back or the front of the smith machine are concavities to which you can lock the hook. This way you can safeguard the bar at various elevations during exercise.

The Smith machine bar is traditional and mostly weighs up to 20kg as stated above. However, during exercise, the weight reduces. The bar is balanced on the springs, which reduces the weight of the bar by 5 to 20kg.

The Smith machine is one of the most used in gyms because of its benefits. It is popular among novice strength athletes for exercises such as the squat, calf raise, and shrugs. It can be used both for strength training in general or in a circuit routine where the weight is lower and repetitions are prioritized. Incorporating it into your exercise routine can be very useful.

Seasoned strength athletes also make more than enough use of this device, particularly because you can train safely and isolate your muscles during certain exercises. It’s also commonly used because you can safely transfer weight without someone having to be present to intervene.

The multifunctionality of the Smith machine is why just about every respective gym has a smith machine.

What is the Weight Limit of a Smith Machine?

You need to know how much weight the smith machine can take. If you want to make real progress in your weight training journey, you will need to add up more weight in a systematic way. So, knowing the weight limit of the device is important because you won’t want a machine that can’t take as much weight that matches your progress. 

As a beginner, you will be able to train on most Smith machines because you are not close to this limit yet. The standard devices have a weight limit between 200 and 300kg and with that, you can probably go ahead for the time being.

If you are an enthusiastic strength athlete with a lot of experience, then this limit is something to keep an eye on. If you would like to lift heavier weights, you could purchase a Smith machine, with which you can train with a weight of up to 500kg. 

Keep in mind that the higher the weight limit, the heavier the device itself will have to be. Therefore, the materials used must also be of higher quality. The price of these types of devices is also higher.

Building strength with Smith Machine

Building strength with Smith Machine

Exercising with Smith machine bars comes in handy when building strength because you can safely train with heavier weights. You can also control the way back from the repetitions. 

The Smith machine is considered a great investment because it allows you to train multiple muscle groups. Shoulders, back, pecs and quads can all be trained to a certain level with the machine and all movements will be controlled.

With Smith machine bars, you can load as much weight as you want. There is a major psychological component to the training: the more weight you load, the stronger you feel. Training with the machine will help you move forward and drill even harder because once we see results we just want more.

If you’re worried about how much weight you can use on the Smith machine compared to the regular bench press, you need to make sure that you factor in the bar’s starting weight. If it is not clear, you can contact the manufacturer or compare it to a regular dumbbell. Make sure to check the weight before bragging to your friends.

Weight-lifting exercises with Smith Machine Bars

Weight-lifting exercises with Smith Machine Bars

As mentioned earlier, you can do a lot of different exercises using the smith machine bars. Here are some examples of the most popular exercises below:

1. Calf raises

This is one of the exercises that the smith machine is mostly used for in the average gym. Standing calf raises can be performed perfectly on this machine. This is therefore the safest and most responsible way to perform an exercise with much-added weight.

In addition to a smith machine, you also need an aerobic step to perform the standing calf raise. You stand on this, until slightly past your toes and press yourself up with the bar in your neck. Keep your knees slightly bent and keep tension on your calf muscles when doing this.

2. Shrugs

Barbell shrugs are an exercise with which you can isolate the trapezius muscle very effectively. Often it is done with a loose bar, but many people prefer to perform the shrugs on a Smith machine. This gives a bit more control and security. You can lock the bar at any time with one twist.

3. Squats

A Smith machine bar is a good option for squats, as it allows you to acquire good posture while maintaining balance. Place the bar on your upper back and lower neck region to lift it off the hooks. Bend your hips and knees slowly to lower your body and then push off with your heels. In this way, you will be working in different areas, intensities, and depths.

4. Shoulder press

The Smith machine is of great help for this type of exercise, as it allows you to have greater control of the bar by being able to block it. Sitting on a bench, you will have to hold the bar with your hands apart, a little more than the width of your shoulders. Slowly stretch your arms up until they’re fully extended. Then lower the bar back to the front of your shoulders.

5. Bench press

Performing this exercise on the Smith machine is a great option for you when you work alone. By having a single range of motion, up and down, without the possibility of jerking out of there, injuries can be avoided. 

Lying on a bench on your back, below the Smith machine, you will have to hold the bar with a wide pronated grip, that is, the palms are not facing you and the hands are a little further apart. than shoulders. Lower the bar slowly until it almost touches your upper chest and then push it up over your head until your arms are fully stretched out.

6. Lunge

The lunge is also regularly done on the smith machine. Especially since it can be quite a task to keep your balance with a loose bar in your neck, it is often chosen to perform this exercise on this device.

An advantage is that the lunge can be performed much safer and more stable. A disadvantage, however, is that the lunge can only be performed from a standing position.

7. Donkey kicks

Donkey kicks are usually performed more often on a cable station but can also be done on the smith machine if it is not available, or for variety. You mustn’t take on too much weight because you cannot lock the bar yourself from the position in which you are sitting. It is also recommended not to perform this exercise without someone present.

How do you know a safe Smith Machine?

Safety is paramount when it comes to lifting weights. Smith machines vary in terms of safety features. Most Smith machines, such as the Smith Electric Rope Machine, have safety features that allow you to lift loads on your own, without the help of a spotter. They allow you to exercise your entire body without the risk of injury associated with free weights.

To train safely and with a sense of confidence, the device must be very stable. When purchasing, pay attention to the base, which should be wide, and the legs resting on the ground should also be long. The longer the legs are, the more stable and safe the device is. There are also Smith machines that you can screw to the ground.

In terms of safety, it is also smart to pay attention to the material the device is made of. There is a lot of weight involved, so the materials used should be of high quality. In general, it is wise to choose a device that is mainly made of metal. A good metal frame is the foundation of a Smith machine.


Smith machine bars have different weights. Therefore, select the weight that is appropriate for your type of workout and your physical condition. 

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