Best Half Racks for Home Gym In 2022! 4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying One


A half rack is an excellent alternative to a large power rack. They have the same functionality but are much more compact. In this article, you’ll find out which models are currently the best in the market and what things you have to look out for when buying a half rack. Here we go!

Our Choice Half Racks For Home Workout On Amazon

Half racks come with different features. Fret not, rack your fears for a minute and hop on board.

Lifeline C1 Pro Half Rack: 

Lifeline C1 Pro Half Rack

This half rack is made up of heavy-duty construction. It is designed with 2 J-hooks and spotter arms that make it a worthy help in the absence of a gym partner. 


  • Adjustable width: This feature allows for width customization. Fitness prioritizes forms, techniques, and functioning equipment over every other thing else. 
  • Pre-drilled Flanges: Stability is a must when considering a choice for half racks, and pre-drilled flanges create allowances for that. 
  • Height adjustment: Home gyms make use of spaces in basements, garages, or spare rooms that sometimes have a low ceiling. This feature eliminates any inconvenience in that regard. 


  • It is ideal for Olympic lifters.
  • Great for low-ceiling enclosures. 
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It’s expensive to purchase.
  • The plate storage doesn’t allow for big-sized plates.


Valor Fitness BD-58 Half Rack:

Valor Fitness BD-58 Half Rack

The Valor Fitness BD-58 half rack is a 3″×3″ 11 gauge structure constructed for strength and durability. It is equipped with a floor mount base that fosters stability. It has a weight capacity of 750pounds and a height of 85″.


  • Multi-grip Pull-up Station: A multi-grip allows for variation in your pull-up exercise. It has six different hand grips.
  • Olympic Barbell Storage: You never have to worry about how to store your barbells. 
  • Plate Storage: It allows for the storage of three plates on either side at the back.


  • It is durable and sturdy.
  • It helps to save space.
  • It allows for full-body training as much as your imagination can allow.
  • It’s quality at a fair price.


  • It is heavy.


Sunny Health And Fitness Power Zone Half Rack SF-XF9953:

Sunny Health And Fitness Power Zone Half Rack SF-XF9953

This Sunny Health and Fitness Power Zone half-rack SF-XF9953 is of a build that prioritizes strength and stability. With a 1000 pound capacity and a 2×2″ tubing, it is a half-rack that would please heavy lifters or calisthenic athletes. 


  • Adjustable Pull-up Bars: It creates an allowance for lowering or lifting the bars to your preferred height. 
  • Large Base: Its large base creates stability. 
  • Supports Attachment: It has room for Lat pull-down cable set up.
  • H×W×L: Height-86 Width-50•9 Length-64•3
  • Weight: 163.3 pounds


  • Adjustable height position for J-hooks and spotter arms.
  • Stability
  • Can accommodate six resistance bands.
  • Can accommodate large weights.


  • Takes up a larger space than most Half racks. 


Hulkfit Multi-function Adjustable Half Rack:

Hulkfit Multi-function Adjustable Half Rack

For all our back exercise lovers in the house, this half rack can surely give good backing. With its heavy-duty uprights and steel tubes of 2.5″×2.5″, it is ideal for heavy loading. 


  • T-Bar Row Platform: The T-bar row platform is used to carry out the T-bar row exercise. This gives a solid 3-D back. 
  • Resistance Band Pegs: This allows for easy attachment of resistance bands to play with exercise variations.
  • Storage: You can store your plates and bars away neatly without stress.
  • L×W×H: Length-49″ Width-49′, Height-85″
  • Weight: 120 pounds


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Pull-up bar and weight pegs included
  • Rubber feet for stability


  • Small J-hooks.


Grand Fitness Chaos 4000:

Grand Fitness Chaos 4000

With a solid four upright design and three weight holders, the half-rack bears a resemblance to a beast of chaos. It is constructed to support maxed-out weights. It is equipped with durable J-hooks and spotters.


  • Drilled Flanges: This helps to reduce wobbling effects when drilled through. Stability is ensured.
  • Material: It’s made of steel and rubber. 
  • L×W×H: Length-51′, Width-53″, Height-85″
  • Weight: 182 pounds.


  • Black powder-coated steel for protection against rust.
  • 18-numbered holes for easy J-hook and spotter arms placement.
  • Drilled flanges for added stability.


  • A Barbell holder is difficult to get a hold of. 


Fitness Reality Multi-function Adjustable Half Rack:

It wouldn’t be improper to tag this rack as small and mighty. It is a lightweight rack with a high weight capacity of 800 pounds. It has 19 adjustable height levels. It has multi-functional features such as resistance band ports, push-up bar, pull-up bar, and dual landmine posts. 


  • Room For Multiple attachments: It allows for resistance band posts, push-up bars, and swivel landmine posts.
  • L×W×H: Length-50.4″ Weight-50″ Height-82.3″
  • Product weight: 121.3 Pounds.


  • Long spotter arms.
  • Landmine attachments and Olympic bars
  • Dual mounted J-hooks and lock-on spotters.


  • Angled spotter arms.
  • Doesn’t allow for higher weights.


Cap Barbell FM-8000F Deluxe Half Rack:

It’s a half-rack that should make you less bothered about durability. 


  • Multi-exercise rack: Imagine the exercises, and get to work In its accommodating structure.
  • Product weight: 103 pounds.
  • L×W×H: 47×61×85


  • Multi-functional rack.
  • Great aesthetic finish.
  • Lined J-hooks and spotters.
  • Rigid uprights.


  • The Maximum weight of spotters is 300 pounds.
  • Small J-hooks. 


What are the advantages of a half rack?

There are many reasons to invest in a half rack. Here are the most important reasons why a half rack can be valuable for you and your home gym:

  • Half racks are not as expensive as power racks
  • Half racks are therefore cheaper than power racks
  • Their design makes them more compact, space-saving, and also lighter
  • They only offer more flexibility with dumbbells
  • In half racks, because of the lack of fasteners, it is easier to perform overhead movements such as Olympic weightlifting or overhead presses
  • Half racks can be moved more easily and stowed away in an emergency
  • The assembly is much easier and can often be mastered alone

What should you consider when buying a half-rack?

Before you buy a half rack, you should think about the following points:

1. Maximum weight load and processing

Make sure you don’t exceed the maximum weight load. For most models, this is a maximum weight of 250kg. Half racks are therefore not suitable for exercises with extremely heavyweights. Unfortunately, the safety bars of a half rack, which are only attached at one point, is not suitable for shrugs or rack pulls.

2. Different types of safety bars

The safety bars are one of the most important things in a half rack. Half racks with a safety bar directly on the vertical struts are perfect. This means there is no gap between the safety bars and the vertical posts. These gaps are often found in knee braces, the whole thing is very dangerous for the bench press.

3. Hole spacing for the rack

Make sure you can cope with the spacing of the holes for the racks. The more holes, the finer the height can be adjusted, the better. So you can adjust the height individually to suit your needs, which is especially important for exercises such as the bench press.

4. The pull-up bar

The pull-up bar is an elementary element of a half rack. The bar is usually attached at the top between the two vertical pillars of the rack. Expensive bars often have a multi-grip pull-up bar and thus allow a wider range of grip variations for pull-ups.

Other properties

Some of the half racks have other interesting properties that may also be of interest to you, here are the most important:

  • Disc mount – if you don’t feel like getting a disc rack and don’t want the weight plates to fly around on the floor, you should choose a half rack with a disc mount. So you always have the weight plates to hand and your home gym always looks tidy.
  • Half rack with cable pull – if the selection of exercises with the barbell is not enough for you, you should consider a rack with a cable pull tower. In this way, you can expand your range of exercises with many interesting exercises.
  • Dip station – the same applies to a dip station. With this add-on, you can do the best chest & arm exercise in your home gym without having to buy another device.

What types of half racks are there and which one is right for you?

There are two types. They are:

  • Half racks for wall mounting

They are particularly suitable in very small rooms. The rack can often be folded away to save space when you are not exercising. This makes such a rack even suitable for use in the home.

  • A half rack with lat pulldown

This extends the range of exercises immensely with numerous pulling exercises and is suitable for athletes who like to exert themselves in many different movements and who love a varied workout.

Final Thoughts

When buying a half rack, you should first consider what purpose it should fulfill. Is it enough for you to only perform squats on it or is it important to you that the rack has a pull-up bar and the ability to attach additional accessories to it? Especially when using a pull-up bar, it is imperative to pay attention to the appropriate height with your body size.

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