How Much Does an EZ Curl Bar Weigh? All Questions Answered!

EZ Curl Bar

The weight of an EZ curl bar is determined by its type and dimensions. The various types of EZ bars help to easily adjust to the capabilities and physical conditions of the athlete. Generally, the weight ranges from 4.5kg and above 16kg. Sometimes also, the bar’s brand is a determining factor for its weight. 

Well-toned biceps tell us about a person who enjoys an active and healthy life while caring about their physical appearance. Working with an EZ curl bar will help to tone your upper body. However, one of the important factors you must consider before buying or using one is weight. You’ll find more details about the weight of EZ curl bars in the following. 

What is an EZ Curl Bar?

The “EZ” of the EZ curl bar is the abbreviation for ” easy “. It is therefore called the “easy” bar because its curvatures provide a better grip. It is a physical training tool, invented by Lewis G. Dymeck, designed to give athletes a comfortable and pleasant grip when working out strength exercises. 

Arm training has become an important and much-appreciated part of the exercise routines practiced in gyms and sports clubs. In the world of bodybuilding and fitness, training is just as important as the accessories and equipment used. The EZ curl bar is one of the most popular pieces of equipment used.

EZ curl bars have a shape similar to a W – which allows the athlete’s wrists to adopt a neutral posture during the training routine while isolating some muscle groups to effectively tone the arms.

In addition, it prevents the risk of being injured and helps athletes to perform additional replications of each activity. The bar is widely used for working out on benches, desks, or while standing.

Why is it important to know the weight of an EZ curl bar?

It is vital to know how much the EZ curl bar weighs before making a purchase or training with it. You have to be deliberate about the total mass because the EZ curl bar-oriented exercise is a sensitive kind of training – where a little decrease or increase in weight has a lot of impact on your progress.  

By observing the law of progressive increase in weight, you’ll be able to make improvements over time while performing the exercises. Starting with less than you need may not yield any improvement or slow down the progress. On the other hand, training with more weight than you need may not be good for your health.

Types of EZ curl bars and their average weights

How Much Does an EZ Curl Bar Weigh?

EZ curl bars come mainly in three different categories. They are:

1. Standard EZ Curl Bar (6 to 7kg)

It is the perfect training equipment for beginners. These bars are usually made of stainless steel or chrome steel. They have a standard length of 120 cm and a lightweight load so that the athlete can perform the exercises comfortably and safely while toning and increasing their muscle mass. Buy it from Amazon here

2. Olympic EZ Curl Bar (9 to 11Kg)

This design increases the weight and length of the bar. It is designed for the training of more experienced athletes. It has a total length of 132 cm. Its design stands out for the ends of the bar that allow the positioning of weight plates to increase the load levels. Buy it from Amazon here.

3. Super EZ Curl Bar (15 to 17 Kg)

It is specially designed for athletes of advanced levels. Its design has a unique feature that allows users to establish a parallel grip on the bar to contract the muscles more and obtain better performance during the exercise routine. Buy it from Amazon here

Why choose an EZ curl bar over a straight bar?

Many strength-training enthusiasts like to say that the straight bar is more effective for building muscle than the EZ bar. Just look around, in the weight room, you might find more straight bars than EZ bars.

However, choosing between a straight bar and an EZ bar has nothing to do with efficiency. But, the effectiveness of these bars will depend on your body type.

Have you ever heard of elbow valgus? It is this elbow deflection that will determine which bar is right for you.

Having an elbow valgus means that your arm, from the shoulder to your hand, is not in a straight line. The forearm then deflects slightly outward or inward, forming an angle at the elbow.

Therefore, the choice between the EZ curl bar or straight bar should depend above all on your body type to avoid injuries. This physical peculiarity can lead to injuries if it is not taken into account during weight training.

If you have a small elbow valgus, then, the EZ curl bars are a perfect choice for you. It’s safe and will make exercising comfortable for you.

Which weight of EZ curl bars is most suitable?

weight of EZ curl bars

The weight of the EZ curl bar is important for performing strength training exercises in the best conditions. A beginner with little muscle will not use the same bar as a very muscular person.

The popular Olympic bars(also known as muscle bars) generally weigh around 20kg. This type of bar is often used in competitions or the gym. The standard EZ curl bar is rather around 6kg to 7kg which is an ideal point for bodybuilding enthusiasts who do not especially want to compete. 

The lower weight of the EZ curl bar is mainly because it is shorter than the straight bar. Most weight bars are made of steel. It is important not to carry more weight than you can. Even if surpassing oneself is part of the pleasures of sport and bodybuilding, sticking to the right weights allows you to stay healthy and not to strain a muscle.

If you are new to bodybuilding, we recommend an EZ curl bar of around 5kg instead. You can then increase according to your progress in weight training.

How do you integrate the EZ curl bar into your training?

The EZ bar allows you to work on the stability of the body while building muscles. But how do you use it?

This bodybuilding tool, unlike large indoor machines, is an accessory that is easy to carry or to acquire at home. It is for this reason that the bar is often used by athletes to do small weight training sessions at home. These can be sessions of 10 to 30 minutes per day.

You can use it on its own or combine it with other strength training exercises for a complete workout. Indeed, the EZ bar is a good ally for those who do not have the time to go to a weight room. But if you decide to use it at home, be careful to ask a sports coach for some advice beforehand to be sure you position it correctly and perform the right movements.

Using an EZ curl bar alone: ​​a good or bad idea?

Some athletes like to practice strength training alone, in autonomy. This is of course possible, provided you know the movements well and do not take any risks.

When you are starting in bodybuilding, and practicing the EZ curl bar, it is preferable to be accompanied by a sports coach who will be able to show you the right actions without hurting yourself. This can happen in the gym. 

However, you can very well start at home if you are not new to weight training. Make sure you practice in the presence of another person in the house so that if something happens during the exercise, you can be assisted.

Common exercises to do with an EZ Curl bar

To build your arms, especially the triceps, there are two common types of exercises that are frequently practiced. They include;

  • The Forehead bar 

To build your arms, you have to respect a certain technique. Stimulate biceps and triceps but don’t do it like a clown.

This has to do with lifting the EZ curl bar in pronation either lying on the ground or a weight bench until you have the arms outstretched. Bring it down to the level of the forehead, the arms working hard, just as for a rowing exercise.  The legs should also be flexed across the chest to avoid arching the lower back.

The arms should remain tight, without moving away from each other. Note that only the forearms should be in motion during this physical exercise.

  • The biceps bar tight grip

This is done standing in a tight grip. Stand up straight with the bar at arm’s length, palms facing forward and hands as close to each other as possible. Raise the bar with the biceps glued to the chest until you have the EZ curl bar at shoulder level. Then, return to the initial low position while exhaling.


The EZ curl bar gives greater stability to the joint since the center of gravity will be closer to your body, by having the weight distribution to the sides and not to the front. It also helps those who have difficulty holding a straight bar or performing some exercises such as a simple traditional lift or barbell deadlift.

In general, try not to overload yourself at first while training with the bars, especially as a beginner. Ensure that you only increase the weight gradually as your body gets used to the training. You can measure the weight of the bars by using a weighing scale or checking the manufacturer’s website.

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