The 7 Best Gyms with Swimming Pools, Saunas & Hot Tubs Close to You

Gyms with Swimming Pools

Swimming is the one exercise that may truly be known as a zero-impact workout. Be it a recovery session out of your high-intensity lifting day or a weekly cardio session, swimming might be the very best calorie-burning choice because it goes simple on your joints.

Having a membership of gym with a pool means that you can stay active in situations when you’re not fit to perform every other exercise. As you possibly can swim even when recovering from an injury or rehabilitating after some major surgical procedure.

Spending a while in swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas can speed up your recovery after exhausting exercise sessions. And you understand how it may assist in optimizing the exercise frequency and thus the results.

In case your gym doesn’t have a pool or sauna, it’s time for summoning the various search engines with ‘gyms with swimming pools close to me. However, the command gym with a pool close to me won’t all the time work like that.

A lot of the high-end and even mid-range gyms chains have swimming pools in nearly all their areas. In case you are questioning if any of these gyms with swimming pools close to your location, then keep reading on.

What are the very best gyms with a pool, sauna, or hot tub close to me? Read on, now we have described every little thing you might want to know in regard to the pool, sauna, and hot tub services on the major fitness center chains.

Which Gyms Have Swimming pools, Hot Tubs, And Saunas At Most Areas?

Regardless of which part of the nation you reside in, if you’re going to be a part of a gym, the likelihood is, you’ll be becoming a member of one of many large seven-gym chains. There are too many of those everywhere in the nation.

So, allow us to let you know which of these gym chains have swimming pools at most locations.

Even when a certain chain has pools and saunas in most areas, it doesn’t assure there can be all of the aquatic services at their location close to you. The most secure solution to test if the gyms close to you with pool or not is to go to and have a tour of the facility before becoming a member.

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Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness Indoor pool

If the swimming pool services are your prime choice standards for a gym, then you possibly can’t get something higher than LifeTime Fitness. At the least not within the mid-range membership price.

Whereas a lot of the mid-range gyms simply have a sauna, hot tubs, and no swimming pools or only a small lap pool, a lot of the Life Time Fitness places have large outdoor swimming pools with water slides. Some places have each indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

The outdoor swimming pools have completely different sections like a lap pool, pool slides, and a water sports activities space. It’s possible you’ll discover a separate kid’s pool at some location.

The outdoor swimming pools are nicely outfitted to provide you with a vacation resort vibe with poolside tables, umbrellas, slides, and waterfalls. If you have a Life Time Fitness gym with a pool close to you, then you possibly can have a soothing poolside family vacation at any time.

The one difficulty with swimming pools at LifeTime is that it would really feel too crowded. Many people bring their kids to the swimming pools too. If you count on some calm laps within the pools this isn’t the place for you.

In regards to the hot tubs and steam rooms, sure, Life Fitness does have them. These aren’t so fancy, nothing a lot might be mentioned about these, however, serve the aim they’re purported to.

The big outdoor swimming pools at LifeTime are way higher than the equally priced gyms. So, in order for you better than simply an indoor lap pool, Life Time Fitness is usually a secure wager.


YMCA pool

When you ask about YMCA to individuals who use the gym amenities, you would possibly hear completely different experiences from completely different folks. That’s a result of inconsistency in design, construction, administration, and obtainable services at completely different YMCA places.

In some places, chances are you’ll not discover a pool. At another, there is perhaps an indoor lap pool. However, a lot of the places have giant outdoor swimming pools appropriate for swimming in laps and different aquatic activities.

Just a few places of YMCA have outdoor swimming pools with slides, and also you would possibly find it stunning however they do indoor water slides too in some areas.

In case you are about to join any of the YMCA gyms close to you with a pool, ensure to test the kind and size of the pool in that facility.

Just like the swimming pools, the standard of saunas and hot tubs also varies a lot from center to center. In some YMCA places, you can see a clear, well-equipped sauna and hot tub section whereas another has a really basic setup.

You can’t get a membership to a gym with a hot tub close to your location any cheaper than YMCA. So, if the ‘Y’ close to you has a great pool, go be a part of it.

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Equinox pool

If you ask somebody residing within the large city, ‘which would be the very best gym pool close to me?’, Equinox can be the reply.

You won’t discover these gyms in small cities and towns, however in case you are fortunate enough to have an Equinox location accessible then believe us, it will be the very best gym pool, spa, and hot tub setup you will have ever seen.

They principally have giant indoor lap swimming pools however some places do have outdoor swimming pools too. These swimming pools aren’t reeking of the chlorine scent. You’ll all the time discover the swimming pools at Equinox very clear, crammed with salt water, and nice scent across the pool.

The spas at Equinox gyms aren’t simply extra facilities like many different gyms. It’s a luxurious experience comparable to skilled standalone spas.

The steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs on the Equinox are additionally an instance of luxury. Each membership has a sufficient variety of these so you’ll by no means have to wait for it.

You might have already guessed it, Equinox prices far more than your common mid-range gyms. However, they’re well worth the cash you pay.

LA Fitness

They’re in every single place. You can simply find an LA Fitness gym with a pool close to your location. These gyms are normally large in size having loads of gym gear and a pool.

These budget-friendly gyms provide far more than simply gym gear. However the difficulty is, they’re very inconsistent with the available amenities.

A lot of the LA fitness places have it all. They’ve got pools, saunas, and hot tubs in their facility. However, chances are you’ll discover a number of those unavailable in some places.

To ensure you don’t find yourself becoming a member of a location that doesn’t have a pool, sauna, or hot tub it is advisable to first take a tour of the facility close to you.

The swimming pools at LA Fitness are small and indoor. However, these are sufficient for aquatic lessons and doing a few laps. The sauna and hot tubs too are fairly basic however do the job.

24 Hour Fitness

24 hour fitness pool

You will discover the 24-Hour Fitness places are a bit smaller than the other mid-range gyms. Being fit in a small space, the swimming pools at 24 Hour Fitness are small indoor lap swimming pools.

Even the small lap pool isn’t accessible in all areas. So, if not having a pool in the gym located close to you is a deal-breaker for you first test whether or not it’s there.

A sauna or spa could also be obtainable at only a few places however you would possibly find a hot tub in most of them.

The aquatic services might not be spectacular at 24 Hour Fitness however these are always clean and functional. On the price point, they provide these amenities together with the gym, if you would like them.

Crunch Fitness

Discovering a Crunch Fitness gym with a pool close to you is usually a tough job. There are perhaps many places in this gym chain however only a few of them have a pool.

Even the other aquatic amenities, sauna, spa, and many others. aren’t available at common Crunch Fitness places.

There are some high-end places of Crunch fitness known as Signature clubs. Their membership charges are higher than the common clubs, however, chances are you’ll discover a lap pool and sauna right here.

Gold’s Gym

A good hot tub, some basic spa options, and an indoor pool with some lap lanes are all you possibly can count on at Gold’s Gym.

If you’d like an outdoor pool, you may need to go to Gold’s select club. These outdoor swimming pools too aren’t too large and you discover something fancy just like the slides there.

Even in case you are okay with small swimming pools and basic aquatic services you must test the Gold’s gym close to you physically to substantiate. Just a few of their gyms don’t have even a basic pool or sauna.

Gyms That Don’t Have Swimming pools

About your local gyms whether or not they have a pool, sauna, and spa or not, can solely be checked by visiting the place. And you have learned about the major gym chains that do have these services at all or most of their areas.

There are a couple of large chain gyms where you might be certain about the unavailability of the pool and different aquatic amenities. If having a gym with a pool is what you want you possibly can ignore these gyms.

The following are some large gyms that won’t present you access to either a pool, sauna, spa, or all of them.

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Planet Fitness
  • YouFit


Having a pool and spa facility at the gym solves many issues at a time. It saves cash on swimming membership, which means that you can dip within the pool right after a workout, saves journey time should you want to do a gym exercise, and swim some laps on the same day.

In case you are trying to find a gym with a pool close to it, you possibly can select among the seven choices talked about in this article.

All these gyms with swimming pools differ on the basis of membership price, pool type, pool size, ambiance, and many others. You possibly can select the one which fits both your price range and necessities. And irrespective of which one you want, do visit the facility before committing to the long-term membership.

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