The 7 Best 24-Hour Gyms Near You

Best 24-Hour Gyms

Being able to access the gym 24/7 it’s like a dream come true to most gymgoers because it removes a lot of scheduling problems and allows you to work out more often. It also eliminates the possibility of you missing a workout session for a reason like getting home late from work.

When a gym operates 24/7 it helps in dealing with rush hours. Because people who don’t have fixed schedules can use the gym amenities when the gym is in non-busy hours which prevents crowd.

Based on that, these days so many local and big-box gyms operate day and night. And if you go to any search engine and type ‘gyms near me that are open 24 hours ’ it will generate a long list of gyms close to your location.

However, your gym should be appropriate for your fitness goal plus your scheduling difficulties. just having a 24 hours access does not make a gym to be the best.

So in this post, we give you a detailed overview of the best 24-hour gyms near you that not only operate 24/7 but are the best in the fitness industry.  

What Gyms Are 24 Hours Open At Most Locations?

When it comes to choosing the best gym membership for the big box to opt for that has 24/7 gyms, the options are endless. Based on your budget, fitness goals, and other essential additional facilities you can choose any of the seven gyms mentioned below.  

  • Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness

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If you’re looking for the best gyms that are open 24 hours, then  Planet Fitness should be among those on your list. Every location that has Planet Fitness gym provides 24/7 access to all members.

It is one of the most budget-friendly gyms, whereby you can get a membership at a very small monthly fee. Also, their premium black card membership is cheaper than very many other basic gym memberships. 

However, Planet Fitness gyms do not have premium facilities like pools, spas, or basketball courts. But we think this does not make any difference if you’re looking for 24/7 open gyms to train from during odd times. And usually, during these hours, even gyms with these amenities block off access to areas with these facilities.  

At every Planet Fitness gym, you will find a reasonable number of high-quality cardio and resistance training equipment. It also has so other amenities apart from the workout space like a hydromassage chamber and tanning beds.

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If you’re just starting your fitness journey or at an intermediate-level lifter who wishes to have 24/7 access to the gym at a friendly price. Then check out the nearest Planet Fitness near your location. Because in more than a thousand locations there is a chance will find one.

  • Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness

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Like the name of their business says, Anytime Fitness is always open at any time of the day. You can join any of their group classes membership, will find that it is worth more than they charge. Despite being open any time of the day, group classes are at scheduled hours.

Anytime Fitness gyms operate 24 hours and have affordable membership fees, they also have a number of clubs that offer a few group classes without any additional charges.

Their network is in more than 4 thousand locations it’s big and still growing across the world, so this raises the hope of having an Anytime Fitness gym near you.

Anytime Fitness has quality exercise equipment that is much better than the basic gyms. So if you are a fan of working out on the best gym machine at odd times and on odd days. Then Anytime Fitness is your place to go, as the gym can be accessed even during the holidays. However, you won’t find facilities like a lap pool or racquetball court at Anytime Fitness.    

  • 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness

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At 24 Hour Fitness members can use the gym at any time of the day. But some facilities are blocked and can’t be accessed at some gym locations during odd hours. However,  you can still use the basic gym facilities during those hours. 

These mid-range gyms can be found in more than 400 locations. If by any luck you find one near you. It will be a great option to join because it provides a few high-end facilities at an affordable price.

24-hour Fitness gyms do have racquetball and basketball courts, pools, spa, and allied facilities in some gym locations. If these amenities would influence your decision to join a gym membership, then you should check out 24 Hours Fitness near you before joining because all locations have these amenities.

The atmosphere and the quality of the workout equipment at 24-Hour Fitness are suitable for a mid-range gym. And no matter the location of the gym, you can get access to all these exercise machines 24/7.

  • Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness

image source @snapfitness

Snap Fitness has more than 2 thousand gym locations around the world and there is a chance one is near you. If you get one close to your location, you can consider joining it because it can be accessed 24/7 and it has decent quilty exercise equipment.

Besides giving you access to cardio and resistance training machines, Snap Fitness does not have any spas, pools, or sports amenities in all of its locations. They all save space in locker rooms and showers.

So if you are planning to have a workout session at Snap Fitness on the way to work it won’t be possible because they don’t have showers.

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However, if it is the only gym that operates 24 hr near you and you can manage without a locker room and shower facility. Then consider joining Snap Fitness for 24-hour access to a wide variety and good quality workout equipment.  

  • PureGym

PureGym has close to 300 branches in the UK and it is now showing its presence in the United States of America. It is a budget-friendly gym and it is proud of having a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

PureGym offers wide different group classes. There are quite many that no matter what your fitness goal is you can’t fail to get at least one useful class for yourself. And what makes things better is all these classes are included in your membership fees. 

They also offer a personal trainer option at PureGym though at an additional cost. However, some personal trainers might not be available at odd hours. So it’s better to first confirm with the trainer at the club you wish to join, you never know you might get lucky and find a trainer who can be available at the time you want to exercise.

If you reside in the UK you a have better chance of finding this 24/7 gym near you and if you live in the USA and live near a PureGym which is open 24/7 then you can also join it right away and start your fitness journey at any time of the day.  

  • GoodLife Fitness

GoodLife Fitness

image source @goodlifefitness

Goodlife Fitness has more than 400 centers in Canada and a few in the USA and still expanding its presence. So if you reside in Canada you have a big chance to find 24 hr open near you.

If you’re searching for gyms that operate 24 hours and you land on GoodLife Fitness then it will be better to first check out the club before making any commitments because each branch of GoodLife Fitness is somehow different from others in many ways.

Some GoodLife Fitness gyms have premium facilities like pools, spas, childcare, and group classes whereas other gyms have a few of these amenities and just a basic gym step up with high-quality workout equipment.

Accessibility also differs from center to center in GoodLife Fitness gyms. Even though most of the gyms are open 24/7 some of them offer limited access after general working hours. Some centers are even only open during fixed hours.

GoodLife Fitness presents an affordable option gym that operates 24/7 for Canadians. But it is necessary to first confirm everything with the branch near you before joining and see if they are exactly what you expect from them. 

  • Workout Anytime

If you are searching for something better than the basic gyms like Planet Fitness but at the same cost of the membership then you should consider joining Workout Anytime.

If you can find a Workout Anytime gym near you, it can be an affordable option gym that operates 24/7 with starting price of 15 bucks per month.

Workout Anytime locations have much better cardio and resistance equipment than the local and low-price gyms. They also offer group fitness classes in some locations. However, they don’t have premium amenities like pools, spas, racquetball courts, or childcare. 

A lot of locations with Workout Anytime gyms operate 24 hours and if you happen to have one near you it is better to check it out first and see if it has everything you need to reach your fitness goals because it has a cost-friendly fee and gives access 24/7. 


If you have a hectic schedule having access to a 24/7 gym is very important as it helps remove the risk of missing a workout just because you’re late to the gym sometimes. And for those who hate working out in a crowded gym and those who work in shifts, it’s vital to find a gym that operates 24 hours.

All 7 gyms listed in this post are open 24/7 at most of the locations. If you find their membership offers trust what it says because they always deliver what they promise. But it will be wise the visit the place physically to confirm the workout equipment and other amenities before making it a long-term commitment.   

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