How is Peloton Output Calculated? It Is Very Easy Than You Think!

How is Peloton Output Calculated

When working out on a peloton bike, there is a display of different data and values, but the most important is your total output. This is because your total output directly shows your progress more than other data displayed.

The peloton output is the total amount of power expended per time on the Peloton. And it can be known by calculating the work done on the Peloton by the individual.

How the Peloton Output is Calculated

The total output of the Peloton is the work done on the Peloton. And like any other work done, it is calculated by multiplying the power used by the time spent using that power. 

To simplify it, if you pedal consistently and attain an average output of 500 Watts in 5 seconds, you will have your total output as 2.5 Joules.

500 Watts x 5 seconds = 2500Joules

Total output is calculated in Kilojoules which gives 2.5kJ

2500 joules / 1000 = 2.5kJ

With this calculation, you will notice that your output depends on how hard you pedal and how long you spend pedaling.

Average Output

The consistency of your total output determines the average output displayed on the Peleton over time (your sessions)

It determines the mean of all your total output values in the sessions you have.

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Factors That Determine Your Peloton Output

Factors That Determine Your Peloton Output

Individual’s Physical Fitness

An individual in good shape will most likely be more intense in their workout, making them use up more power for a longer period. This is why with consistent use of the Peloton bike, the individual gets more fit, making them have increased power output.


Individuals with more weight produce more energy than those with less weight. A heavy individual uses more power to work a peloton than a thin person.


Not to be biased, but men are known to have more physical strength or power than women. Therefore, gender will influence the power used and energy produced by either gender.


Middle-aged people are expected to be more fit and expend more energy, producing more energy. But this can sometimes be peculiar to individuals. A sixty-year-old man who has taken good care of their physical body might be more fit than a nonchalant forty-year-old individual.

Individual’s Workout Vigor

The individual’s workout vigor is a major factor in how much power the individual can expend. It is the primary factor because it is influenced by the other factors mentioned. With more enthusiasm and energy, you pedal more and produce more power. 

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Values That Can Influence Your Peloton Output Data


The cadence is how fast you are rotating the pedal per minute. It is measured in rotation per minute (rpm), that is, the number of times the pedal goes 360 degrees in a minute. The maximum cadence value you can have on a peloton bike is 120rpm, and the minimum is 50rpm. 

Other Cadence values are Best and Average Cadence. The best cadence shows the fastest you have ever pedaled in a minute, while the Average Cadence shows the average of your pedaling per minute through that day’s workout.

The cadence does not directly tell about your fitness journey. But over time, your average cadence will increase, which shows progress.


The resistance is the level of difficulty set on the Peloton bike to improve the power put into the cadence. You can increase the resistance level as you progress and wish to increase your output data. The maximum level of resistance is 100%.

How to Increase Your Output Value

Since your total output depends on how hard you work and for how long you pedal, you can increase your total output by increasing your 

  • Increase resistance: If you increase your resistance, you will need more power to get over the resistance and pedal consistently, thereby increasing your power and output.


  • Improve Cadence value: Pedaling more in less time increases your power output. 


  • Increase time spent on the Peloton: If you pedal consistently for a long while, your power out will increase.

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How to Improve your Peloton Output

These steps will help you improve your peloton output, which improves your peloton output value.

  • Consistency: When you are more consistent in your effort, you notice progress every day or every other day. And in no time, you will notice a constantly improved peloton output.


  • Make use of fitted accessories: Fitted wear and shoes make you comfortable and prevent falls or stops in between rides.


  • Take note of your progress: You are more eager and encouraged to do better with improvements.  


  • Train your muscles: To maximize your output, you should take time to improve your strength by training your weight and muscle. 


  • Calibrate your peloton bike: After using your bike for a while, the accuracy starts to decrease. And the value of the power output will be less than the actual value of power you are expending. Calibrate your peloton bike often (every 6- 12 months) to have accurate results. 

Other Peloton Data


Right below the cadence value, the speed is displayed. The speed is not only determined by the cadence; but also considers the resistance. The speed is not calculated by how fast the flywheel moves nor multiplication of the circumference by the RPM. It is an inbuilt function of the Peloton whose calculation has not been uncovered yet.


The distance is simply the multiplication of the speed by the total time. Its value is calculated in miles.


The number of calories burnt is determined by your specifications (age, weight, height, gender). It might not be accurate if you do not fill in your progress over time because each individual’s peculiarities and habits will determine the number of calories burnt. 

Amazing technical features on your peloton screen

Connect via Apple Gymkit:

Yes! You can connect your Apple watch with your Peloton bike. This allows you to follow live price action and adjust your resistance during price transitions with the auto-tracking program.

It’s best to keep your Apple Watch connected for at least 30 seconds to check that it’s working.

Connecting a device via Bluetooth:

You can connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Peloton, Peloton bike plus, or Peloton bike. Now you can listen to your favorite music while exercising. Bluetooth connectivity lets you pair any Bluetooth-enabled device with your Peloton bike.


The technology behind the Peloton bike is taken to the next level with the Miracasting function. This feature allows you to stream your training lessons directly to your smart TV.

All you need is a reliable WiFi connection and a smart TV. You need to make sure that your TV and your Peloton bike are connected to the same WiFi network.

The new home screen on the peloton bike offers many options. You can also find tons of instructors online, choose daily workouts, and highlight recommended artists. You can also set fitness goals and exercise with your friends.


You have learned how the total output is calculated and the factors influencing your total output. Also, you know what to do if you want to increase your output.

Each data input is necessary and helps you track your progress and note them as they increase over time. 

Keep at it and keep fit.

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