10 Peloton Before and After Weight Loss Success Stories

Peloton before And After Success Stories

Perhaps you’d love to commit to purchasing a Peloton bike to help you lose weight. Getting motivated to exercise might be difficult. Also, exercise can be tiring and exhausting. 

Now for the good news! I’ve included ten fantastic & positive stories from peloton customers to reassure you’re on the correct track. It could be challenging, but you’ll beam with satisfactory smiles at the end. Continue reading! 



Jacki is a mother and she started her Peloton in May 2019. Despite suffering an illness that left her exhausted all the time, Jacki joined Peloton biking during the last week of May in 2019. 

After about 9 months of using the Peloton bike, she felt strong and healthy. The bike helped her not only physically but also mentally. Jacki’s peloton fitness journey exemplifies what you can achieve if you focus on working on yourself to stay in perfect shape.

She posted before and after images of her fantastic peloton training on Instagram. This is to inspire other mothers to care for their bodies. 

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Tim O’Roarke 

Tim O'Roarke Peloton success story

Tim’s journey took much longer than most of the other peloton riders. Amazingly, he dropped from 300 Lbs to 217.8 Lbs within a short period.

At the moment, the last 75 days thereabout on the bike have changed his life and reignited his passion for cycling! Tim concluded he has a lot of exercises to do. 

Tom Tschampel

Tom Tschampel peloton success story

Everyone appreciates hearing about someone’s weight loss success story. Tom had difficulty posting a photograph of his success story. But he thought it was vital to show the world how peloton transformed his body shape from bad to perfect. 

“Hello, Peloton family! I wanted to commemorate my first anniversary with this amazing community and instructors. I’ve dropped 65 pounds! I started at 227 lbs but I weigh 162 lbs”. Tom Tschampel exclaims! 

He reached a point in his life where he decided he was tired of being overweight. He was eager to make a positive impact in his life! Tom didn’t adhere to any particular diet, but he abstained from crabs, liquor, and sweets. 

After that, he eats well and drinks lots of good water. The bicycle has radically revolutionized his life. Not forgetting the Peloton outstanding teachers and community.

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Adriane Elizabeth 

Joining since December 1st, 2021, she has lost 52 pounds. She used to ride her bicycle 4 days per week and attend the gym 5 times a week. Now she rides it daily. 

Sandra Charity


Sandra’s dissatisfaction with the way her clothes didn’t fit dominated her trip to Europe. Rather than delighting in the views and savoring the experience. In June 2021, Sandra chose a Peloton bicycle as her workout partner. 

This was after significant research and reading about other customers’ success experiences. One month and two weeks with 150 rides later,  She has a transformation story to tell. There are some before and after pictures, she took from the peloton to back up that claim. 

Sandra attributes her complete transformation to her Peloton program and their wonderful community. She no longer dislikes the way her clothes fit her.

Ashley Red

Ashley red peloton success story

Ashely’s peloton bike landed on March 17th, 2021 and she’s been riding 30-50 meters six days a week since. She has dropped six pounds.  You should note that she is a new mother.

So her hormone levels are still fluctuating at 3.5 months postpartum. Also, she has a thyroid condition, which complicates matters even worse. 

Ashley has only been on the peloton bike for three days and already lost some weight. Her figure is noticeably much toned on the whole. 

Additionally, her clothing fits considerably better, according to her. Her spouse, on the other hand, bikes just as frequently as she does and he has lost 15 lbs as a result.

Lydia Bordo

Lydia bordo-peloton-weight-loss-stories

It’s astonishing to see the impact a stationary bike can make. That’s how Lydia explains her weight loss achievement with a Peloton bike. 

Lydia progressed from her previous status to where she is currently in just over a year. The journey to lose weight was not as simple as many fitness models portray. She explained she had to put in thousands of hours on the saddle. 

Above all, she had to force herself to ride the exercise bike on days when she didn’t feel like it. Nevertheless, each step of the way helped her reach her weight loss goals. Today, she believes she can do it all over again!

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Priyanka Gadinski

She has lost 45 pounds, all thanks to Ibs bike, and only has 10 more to go. Priyanka simply tracks her macros on iifym using values calculated from her blueprint. With regular practice on the bike, meal planning and logging have become second nature for her.

Michelle Cruz 

Michelle Cruz peloton success s

“This Peloton community is empowering and inspiring. I never imagined I’d upload a photo of myself in a sports bra. 

Let alone for the very first time at the age of 47!” She confessed. Michelle never exercised before January 5th, 2021. 

She believed bringing her dog out in front of the house is enough exercise. This is a huge accomplishment for her, and she’s overjoyed. 

Brian Baumgarner

Brian Baumgarner peloton success story

First and foremost, if you’re considering purchasing the Peloton bike,  you should note that it’s well worth the money. At 32 years old, Brian Baumgarmer was depressed three years ago, weighing 215 pounds. He had a baby coming coupled with high cholesterol and blood pressure. 

A bunch of his overweight is associated with genetics while the other bunch is associated with his feeding lifestyle. This includes a regular fast-food diet, as well as a liquid intake of soda and beer.

Then he decided to start the peloton. Throughout April of 2021, he completed over 120 rides, drastically altering his nutrition. Now, he has unknowingly completed his 200th scenic ride.

To Peloton’s wonderful community, He says a big thanks for sticking it out with him this far. To people wanting to stay healthy and fitted, the bike works if you work with it. Good luck and safe riding.

In Conclusion 

Peloton bikes have minimal impact gears, making them suitable for persons who have knee, back, or ankle difficulties. It’s an excellent tool for rehabilitating the skeletal system after damage. 

I’ve shown you 10 peloton before and after success stories. Nevertheless, remember that your strong confidence and conviction will undoubtedly assist you in losing weight.

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