Peloton All-Access Membership Vs. Digital(App) Membership 2022

Peloton All-Access Vs. Digital App Membership

Peloton offers two distinct membership, the all-access membership, and the digital app membership. Both allow members to stream live classes and access the peloton on-demand library. But which one is the best keep reading to find out.

When you take some good time to observe these two memberships you will realize the difference between them from the features and the cost though they also have a lot in common. So that’s why I have decided to take them head to head to clear the confusion for you to make the best choice.

But before we do that let’s get to a quick brief description of the two memberships.

Peloton All-Access Membership

Peloton All-Access Membership

The all-access membership is usually available to members who own the peloton equipment like the Peloton bike, a bike plus, peloton tread, or tread plus. 

It gives you access to enhanced metrics which allows using all peloton workouts both live and on-demand plus a few more benefits.

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How Much Does Peloton All Access Membership Cost?

All-access membership costs $39 per month additional tax may incur, but you might be able to get a discount through peloton if you’re an educator, first responder, or through your insurance company or credit card.

Peloton All Access Membership Benefits

  • Access to metrics and leaderboard – when you purchase the all-access membership you’re able to access different metrics like your workout output, resistance, and rhythm plus competing on the leaderboard.


  • Century Club Shirt- when you complete the 100th class you’re rewarded with the century club shirt for your hard work.

  • Unlimited Household Members you can easily create a profile for each member of the house without any extra charge, that is if you use the same peloton bike or tread in the house.


  • Stream Classes Anywhere- when you’re on the all-access membership you can also use the peloton digital which gives you access to stream classes on any device.  

Peloton Digital App Membership.

Peloton Digital App Membership.

The peloton Digital app membership is the membership available for anyone to sign up even if you don’t own the peloton equipment. It can be streamed from your phone, TV, or tablet as long as you have an internet connection you’re good to go with this membership.

How Much Does The Peloton Digital App Membership Cost?

The Digital app membership starts from $12.99 per month additional tax may incur, but like the all-access membership, you might be able to get a discount through your credit card or health insurance, and if you’re an educator or first responder.

Peloton Digital app Membership Benefits

The number one benefit of the digital app membership is that you can access all the content on the peloton without first buying the bike or tread and you can stream the workouts from any device like your smartphone or TV as long as you have the internet.

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Peloton All-Access Vs. Digital App Memberships

FeaturesPeloton All-Access MembershipPeloton Digital App
Free Membership offerNoneOne month
Live classesAvailable Available
On-demand classesAvailable Available
Peloton equipment requiredYes No
Multiple memberships allowedYes No
Just Ride/ Just Run workout with no subscription paymentAvailable Not available
Century shirt offers are availableYes No
Tracking output metrics featureYesNo
Leaderboard availabilityYesYes
Access to the high-five featureYesYes

Peloton All-Access Vs. Digital App Membership

Basically, there are a few differences between the peloton all-access and digital app membership, and below are some of the biggest ones:

  • Cost

Like we have seen above somewhere in this article all access and the digital app membership are different in cost. The all-access price starts at $39.9 per month well as the digital app membership starts at $12.99 per month.

But you should put in mind that the digital app membership comes with a free one-month membership which allows members to test the app and decide if peloton will work for them. Unfortunately, the all-access membership doesn’t offer this opportunity.

However all-access membership is cheaper since at that mentioned price it allows you to create unlimited profiles for all your households which can enable you to make your peloton bike or tread a family workout equipment. Of course, you should make sure the user is 14 years and above with a bodyweight of 297 pounds.  

If you’re an educator, student, or military personnel when you buy the digital app membership it comes with a percentage of your monthly payment. However, the all-access members-only benefit when they buy the Peloton bike or tread.

  • Workouts

On both all-access and digital app memberships peloton offers both live and on-demand workouts for the members. These workouts provide an immersive experience to the users which has enabled the peloton to become a number one indoor fitness platform. 

However, when it comes to special classes like the scenic rides, it is different because this is only available to members with the all-access membership with the peloton bike or tread.

  • The Leaderboard Features

Whether you’re on all access or digital subscription you both get access to the leaderboard. However, all-access members will show for fellow all-access members and the digital app members will show for the digital app members, but can also easily see the all-access members leaderboard which is not the same case for the all-access.

Both peloton users can send and receive high five to each other during a ride whether on all access or digital app subscription.

The biggest difference between the two memberships is the metrics tracking feature, these metrics allow you to use the leaderboard better, but they are on the peloton equipment. 

  • Equipment Required

Like we have seen in this article when you’re on the digital app membership you don’t need to have the peloton equipment to access it, you have the freedom to use other brands. And if by chance you already have the equipment at home you just incorporate the peloton workouts and you’re good to go. 

But with the peloton all-access membership you are required to have the peloton bike or tread equipment. And you can only get the account through the peloton HD screen which comes with the equipment. 

However, if you want to workout using another screen the peloton provides you with a miracasting feature that can enable you to stream the workouts from tablet to TV, smartphone, or laptop

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between peloton app membership and all-access membership?

The difference between the peloton app membership and all access membership starts from the price, the app membership costs $12.99/month additional tax may incur, well as the all-access membership costs $39/month additional tax may incur.

Can Peloton membership be shared?

Yes, if you’re on all-access membership you can easily create an unlimited profile of each member of your household and they can take classes at their desired time.

Can I use a peloton bike with digital membership? 

No, you can only use your peloton digital app membership on tablets, smartphones, TV, and web browser. The peloton bike or tread works only with the all-access membership.


That’s all I have for you in this peloton all-access membership vs digital app membership comparison. Now it is up to you to make a decision on which one will work for you and go for it.

But if you own a Peloton bike or tread I would advise you to go for the all-access membership in order to benefit from the workouts. If you don’t own a Peloton bike or tread you will be fine with the digital membership.

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