Are Peloton Cycling Shoes True in Size? (Explained)

Are Peloton Cycling Shoes True in Size

Technically, peloton cycling shoes are true in size. However, this can only apply to users that have a standard foot. For people with wider feet, they might encounter a little problem wearing peloton shoes because the shoes will be smaller compared to their foot size unless they make some adjustments.

This article will answer the question, ‘are peloton cycling shoes true in size’ by stating how you will know if your peloton shoes are true in size, how peloton shoes should fit, and the specific sizes of peloton shoes that are meant for both men and women.

How to Know If Your Peloton Cycling Shoes are True in Size

If you want to know whether your peloton shoes are true in size, check the following:

  1. Length

Cycling shoes do not need extra space in front of your toes to allow your foot to move forward together with the rolling motion while cycling, unlike in running shoes where extra space is needed to prevent injury on your toes.

There should be a space of a few millimeters between the wall of your peloton cycling shoes and your big toe. To check for this needed space, you can remove the inner sole to see where your foot ends.

  1. Width

The width refers to the wideness of your foot and the approach to it differs. To some people, the width of their foot is around the base of their toe while to some, it is at the tip of their toes. Whichever way you wish to measure yours, the peloton cycling shoes that are true-in-size should not apply any pressure to those points when cycling.

It’s more preferable to try cycling while testing the peloton shoes, the right one should not exert any pressure or cause any discomfort on the sides of your foot.

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Peloton Cycling Shoes: How Should They Fit?

Peloton Cycling Shoes How Should They Fit

Peloton shoes should be fitted, but with enough room for your foot to get some air. Your feet don’t deserve to be any hotter than they will be after the cycling session, because your foot might get uncomfortable due to the heat you will be producing throughout the spinning session.

Here’s how peloton shoes should fit:

  1. The arch of the shoe should be able to accommodate your foot properly so that you won’t need to exert extra pressure on it in that area.


  1. Ensure that the peloton shoes are not too loose so that your cycling exercise will not affect balance. The rear part of the shoe should be able to accommodate your heels.


  1. The peloton shoes should not be too tight so that your foot can fit into them perfectly. It should fit in like the normal athletic shoes that you wear.

In retrospect, if peloton brand shoes aren’t a good fit for your foot, look for other cycling shoes that are compatible with peloton shoes from other brands.

Sizing of Peloton Shoes

Peloton brand shoes come with varying offers that make sizing not to be an issue. They come with a range that will fit well if your foot is narrow and straight.

If your foot is wide, you can turn the ratchet strap close to the main strap to tighten the shoe, then adjust the velcro strap that is behind for extra comfort. Alternatively, you can wear thick socks with the shoes for a more comfortable and good fitting.

In US sizes, men’s peloton shoe sizes range from 44 to 48 while that of women range from 36 to 39. In European sizes, it will be 10.5 to 13.5 for men and 5 to 8 for women. But that’s not all.

Peloton brand also has available unisex shoes that are within the range of 40 to 43 which is size 7 to 10 for men, and 9 to 12 for women.

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How to Know the Size of Peloton Cycling Shoes to Buy

How to Know the Size of Peloton Cycling Shoes to Buy

If you are looking for a peloton cycling shoe to buy and you don’t know the size to go for, you can use your normal shoe size to know the size that will fit your foot. If you are not sure that your shoe size will fit, you can take the measurements of your foot before heading to the store.

If you have a normal standard foot, any standard peloton cycling shoe will serve. Nonetheless, if your foot size is big and in the extreme, you can consider looking for another brand because peloton cycling shoes are sometimes just standard. If you are not too sure about which one to go for, you can make inquiries to get a clue on the best one to choose.


Do You Need Peloton Shoes to Ride Peloton Bikes?

If you have a peloton bike, riding it with either peloton shoes or shoes from another brand does not matter. But note that peloton shoes are compatible with peloton bikes because the clip or cleat at the bottom of the shoes is compatible with the peloton bike’s pedal.

So, if you want to clip in on the bike while you ride, then yes, you will need peloton shoes to get that advantage. And ensure that the peloton shoes you are buying have clips that can clip on the peloton bike’s pedals.

Are Peloton Shoes a Must For Cycling?

Not exactly. Even though peloton shoes are a good option for a cycling session, they are not a must, even other brands have their shoes also meant for cycling.

You can use normal non-cycling shoes for cycling, so long as you are using toe cages. Having toe cages on your bike will relieve you from the stress of hurriedly looking for a peloton shoe that will size you. Even a simple athletic shoe can serve before you get your perfect peloton cycling shoes.

Can Shimano Pedaling Dynamics(SPD) cleats be worn with peloton shoes?

Due to a large number of holes, SPD cleats cannot be used on peloton shoes. SPD cleats have two holes, which means you can only fit 2 screws under the shoes. Peloton shoes have three-hole stud surfaces.

Peloton shoes are often equipped with Delta cleats, which allow 3 screws to be fixed. SPD-SL(Shimano Pedaling Dynamics – SuperLight) cleats are compatible with peloton shoes, as they use the 3-hole mechanism.

Do cleats have to be worn with peloton shoes?

They don’t. Peloton shoes can come in packages that include both shoes and cleats. This is not always true. Cleats must be purchased separately. The cleats included with the shoes are usually not very good. It is best to buy a spare pair of cleats to increase their longevity.

Can you use regular trainers for peloton bikes?

Of course, you can. Peloton pedals can be used with classic sneakers. Toe cages will make cycling more enjoyable. Toe clips can be used with Peloton pedals. You can also put them on your usual shoes to make cycling more enjoyable.

Bottom Line

Peloton cycling shoes are true in size especially if you have standard feet, but the same cannot be said for people who have wide feet.

If you have a wide foot, ensure that you size up by adjusting the shoe’s strap or removing the inner sole so you won’t encounter any form of discomfort while cycling.

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