Can you use Peloton without cycling shoes?

Can you use Peloton without cycling shoes

Straight to the point, you can use Peloton without cycling shoes! But, first of all, it depends on how much you ride.  When you use non-cycling shoes on Peloton, it should only be for a short time.

Furthermore, though you can ride Peloton without cycling shoes, considering safety, it’s not a perfect idea! That’s because Peloton pedals are clipless or automatic type. And cycling on clipless pedals without special shoes designed for cycling is risky. 

Clipless pedals are not designed for use in different riding styles. So, It will also result in less efficiency and less grip when riding in non-cycling shoes. The perfect shoes for Peloton are shoes with cleats.

However, if you want to ride Peloton with non-cycling or regular shoes, you can use it with toe cages/clips. In the following, you’ll get to know what toe clips are and how to use them on Peloton clipless pedals.

Why is it difficult to use Peloton without cycling shoes?

As stated earlier, Peloton bikes come with clipless pedals. Not wearing cycling shoes makes riding difficult based on the following reasons:

  1. Propulsion is almost impossible

The biggest advantage of Peloton clipless pedals is the firm connection between the pedal and the cycling shoes. Thanks to the fixation, you can transfer your pedaling power to the bike in every pedaling phase and convert it into propulsion.

That is, while one foot is stepping down the pedal, the other foot pulls the other pedal up using a click connection. And thus uses the actual idle travel for further propulsion. 

With the so-called round kick, you can use this technique to apply pressure and tension to the pedal as evenly as possible in each pedaling phase. The resulting efficient power transmission ensures maximum performance on the bike.

On the other hand, mounting a Peloton with regular shoes won’t give your foot the same grip as a cycling shoe. Therefore, propulsion(which is important for workouts, road, and mountain cycling) while riding is almost impossible.

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  1. It could lead to ergonomic hazard

Another advantage of clipless pedals is the ergonomic foot position on the bike pedal. thanks to the click-connection, the ball of the foot is centered over the pedal axle when cycling and cannot slip into an ergonomically unfavorable position. 

Wearing cycling shoes(with cleats) makes it possible for you to adjust the position of your feet on the bike pedal individually to your physical condition. The cleats on the shoes offer a certain degree of freedom of movement, which can be adjusted when the shoe plates are mounted.

On the other hand, non-cycling shoes do not have cleats. They make it difficult to adjust your feet’s position and thereby hinder free movement. Without cycling shoes, it’s therefore possible to slip and incur muscle injury.

Using toe clips with Peloton

In the case that you’re wearing a non-cycling shoe on a Peloton, do make use of toe clips(also called toe cages)

What is a toe clip? A toe clip is a small stopper attached to the bike pedal to contain the cyclist’s foot. It thus allows you to keep your foot on the pedal, in the most favorable position. 

The best position is the one that will offer optimal performance while allowing maximum comfort. The metatarsal bones of the weight must be aligned with the axis of the pedal. Normally, pedaling is done neither by the heel nor by the toes. 

The main benefit of using toe clips is thus to improve the quality of pedaling. When properly adjusted, they allow for smoother, more powerful pedaling, so less effort is required for better performance. In addition, the toe clips would improve your comfort. 

Wearing toe clips on a Peloton bike without cycling shoes will prevent your feet from slipping off the pedals. It will also prevent possible pain that can be caused by poor positioning.

How to choose pedal toe clips

A few criteria can be taken into account when choosing a pair of bike-toe clips. For road use such as cycle touring, we recommend strapped toe clips which offer better support. We particularly appreciate the models provided with a leather covering which avoids damaging the shoes. 

For city use, we recommend short toe clips without straps, which are easier and quicker to take off if you have to put your feet on the ground often. Fabric toe clips, also called straps, are particularly suitable for BMX and fixies. 

The Velcro type of toe-clip is easily adjustable without using any tools. With toe clips, you’ll enjoy riding a Peloton for a long time.

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How to install toe clips on Peloton?

The majority of toe clips available on the market are fixed using screws on the front of your pedal. Check that the chosen toe clips and the Peloton pedals are compatible.  

To install classic toe clips on the pedals, you will need a screwdriver and the screws and nuts provided. The installation itself is quite quick and does not require any special knowledge.

Combo Pedals: An alternative to toe clips

Combination pedals can be found in mountain bikes and racing bikes as well as on everyday bikes that are primarily used in the city. The pedals offer a lot of flexibility, as they can be used as clipless pedals as well as clipped pedals.

The click system for locking the cleats is located on one side of the pedal. On the other side of the pedal, you will find a standard pedal without a click system. With combo pedals, you choose which side of the pedal you want to ride with depending on the situation – the standard pedals can also be ridden without special cycling shoes.

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How To Choose The Best Regular Shoes For Peloton Cycling?

You want to find a non-cycling shoe that’s better for your feet. A novice may struggle to find the right combination of quality, durability, comfort, and functionality. Here are some tips to help you find the best non-cycling cycling shoes for Peloton:

  • Look For Quality And Features

The best non-cycling shoes have many features and qualities. You need to make sure you choose only the highest quality features and materials. Also, you need to choose a brand that offers breathable mesh, webbing, and reinforced nylon design, flexibility, and stability.

These are things that make feet feel comfortable and keep them cool. Rubber outsoles are a great option for non-cycling shoes. Consider the quality of your shoes and other features when choosing non-cycling shoes.

  • Choose The Comfortable

Shoes should be comfortable and have soft textures to support the feet. You need to choose the most comfortable non-cycling shoe in the store.

How do you determine which is the most comfortable? Look for brands that offer full leather and breathable mesh to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

  • Choose The Sustainable Footwear

For your feet, choose durable shoes that are not subject to cycling. The best non-cycling shoes are those that can withstand years of wear.

Your non-cycling shoe should have a durable, cushioning synthetic leather footbed. For long-term support, be sure to choose a durable design.

  • Check Manufacturer’s Warranty

Last but not least, the quality guarantee is something you should consider. You should look for a brand that offers a return policy or a repair policy to eliminate any damage or broken item.

You can be confident in your quality assurance support for up to two years. Look for brands that offer a manufacturer’s quality guarantee.

Final Thoughts

You have to wear special cycling shoes for Peloton.  Wearing sneakers or any other type of non-cycling shoes on Peloton is not enjoyable and can also lead to injury. 

That’s why Peloton recommends Look Delta sneakers because they eliminate any risk of injury. They can also transfer maximum force to your pedal to help you achieve your goal.

However, if you have to use Peloton without cycling shoes, ensure that you make use of a pair of toe clips. Another option is to change the pedals to combo pedals.

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