Could Heart Starvation Be Zapping Your Energy?

Could Heart Starvation Be Zapping Your Energy?

Product Name: Could Heart Starvation Be Zapping Your Energy?


Revealed in This Special Report

Be Zapping Your Energy…

Discover how to  regain your energy & stamina.

PLUS… Tap into the strongest defense against illness that your body possesses.

“It’s the key to the kingdom of healthy aging”

“Plays an incredible role in healthy living”

Imagine having the endless energy and stamina of your 20 year old self.

When you were the healthiest, sharpest, most vibrant version of yourself… Then staying that way for the rest of your life. Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading to discover why experts believe that one thing floating around in the blood of almost everyone over 40, may be starving your vitality.

All because of a discovery that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. 

And it’s helping so many people reclaim the youth they thought they’d lost forever, because it’s come rushing back…

All because of one thing that could be floating around in your blood, zapping your energy and starving your heart of what it needs to maintain youthful vitality…

…Making you feel like you’re “old” before your time.

This remarkable discovery takes you from feeling exhausted, achy, foggy, and feeling old to younger.

It’s due to a new twist on a Nobel Prize-winning formula that increases blood flow.

If your heart is starved by this one thing, your blood flow slows to a slow trickle.

Strong blood flow on the other hand, rushes throughout your entire body.

Your body then bursts with energy, stamina, and vitality, and I’ll tell you how with a simple solution, you can accomplish in this special report.

I’m board-certified and hold the degree of Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine along with the title of Diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

And I’ve worked with numerous renowned doctors and medical institutions like the University of California and Stanford University as an investigator in clinical trials for new medical treatments since 2001.

It’s fair to say that I’ve dedicated much of my adult life to scientific research…

Specifically, to the field of anti-aging…

BloodFlow-7 boosts your blood flow by increasing your levels of nitric oxide.

In a double-blind study, its ingredients increased nitric oxide by 230%, a record!

This extraordinary molecule relaxes and opens your tiny capillaries, helping blood flow reach every corner of your body.

Nitric oxide controls blood pressure.

Dilated blood vessels with flexible linings are key to healthy blood pressure. 

And nitric oxide is needed for both. Cardiologists call this “vasodilation” and “endothelial function.”  

BloodFlow-7’s record on both is phenomenal.

This incredible ultrasound reveals how nitric oxide is widening arteries.

The green arrows show the impressive increase in diameter of the artery. The red arrow shows how remarkably fast the blood is flowing as a result. 

It’s the molecule for a healthy heart and blood pressure.

The production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in cells depends on NITRIC OXIDE.

This greatly enhances ATP, giving you a surge of energy, the key to living a much more active life and beating endless fatigue.

In a clinical study at the University of Exeter, scientists found that nitric oxide helped individuals boost stamina and exercise 20% longer. It does this by improving your muscle’s use of oxygen.

But N-O is a gas molecule. It has a lifespan of about 1 second. So it can’t be stored for later use.

Your body must have a ready supply of raw materials on hand to synthesize N-O on demand.

You can increase your natural production of nitric oxide with BloodFlow-7 for about a dollar a day.

This electrifying formula WORKS FAST, bringing you sustained relief for a wide range of conditions—starting in 3 hours or less!

230% increase in nitric oxide powerfully boosts circulation

62% increase in blood vessel width

Optimizes cellular oxygen intake, dramatically boosting energy levels

N-O increases alertness, focus, concentration and memory

500% erection improvement and 68% better intercourse experience

20% boost in endurance & staying power with optimum N-O levels

N-O increases alertness, focus, concentration and memory

Reduce fatigue, improve vital functions and move with new ease

From Daniel Diaz, in Wallingford, CT…

“I had a lack of energy, leg pain, and toe nail problems. Now I have improved in all areas. Better circulation has helped all aspects of my life. Yes. I was skeptical at first. But, I’m so glad I gave it a try. Just try it!”

Dana L Pitchford, of Henrico, VA says…

“The amount of energy it gave my body helped with blood pressure, brain functions and even my sex life. I now have more energy after taking Blood flow 7. This product changed my life tremendously.”

Laurence Moses, of Wooster, OH writes… 

“Tired no more! I have energy and the stamina to exercise. I highly recommend the product.”

*Results may vary. Bloodflow-7 designed to support healthy blood flow.

No other formula offers you 4 clinically-tested ways to dramatically increase your N-O level and blood flow.

BloodFlow-7…is our product to Newfound Health and a Body Teeming with Vitality…

…Has the Most Effective Nitric Oxide Enhancer Known to Science…

…is the only full- spectrum formula that gives you a 230% boost of nitric oxide…

It brings you 6 clinically tested ingredients that significantly boost nitric oxide in 3 different ways, a great achievement.

Each ingredient builds and maintains a high level of N-O in your body, increasing blood flow.

STOP worrying about getting old…

STOP looking back at all of the things you never got to do in life…

And START living in a brand new body every single day.

L-Citrulline converts to L-Arginine in the body, which helps the body maintain healthy levels of both L-Arginine and nitric oxide.

Typically L-Arginine is extensively broken down by an enzyme called Arginase during its journey through the GI tract and liver before reaching the blood. L-Citrulline, on the other hand, bypasses the liver after it is absorbed in the GI tract.

Taking L-Citrulline + L-Arginine may help more of the ingested L-Arginine pass through your system and get into the bloodstream. Scientists believe this is why it can boost blood L-Arginine concentrations as well as, if not better than L-Arginine alone.

In a double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled cross-over study, healthy adults showed that L-Citrulline was more potent at raising plasma L-Arginine levels than L-Arginine itself.

Furthermore, researchers at Baylor University report in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition that adding L-glutathione makes L-citrulline a more effective N-O booster…

In Summary, L-citrulline is shown to…

As I provide as much as I can directly to my patients in San Diego.

But that being said…

I also don’t want ANYONE to be vulnerable during a time of crisis…

I’ll show you how you can get your hands on a brand new bottle and how you can try it risk-free as part of our new online program. 

But first let me answer the question…

I always suggest patients to take three capsules each day, for at least 30 days.

The reason it’s important that you take BloodFlow-7 for at least 30 days is very straightforward…

While the ingredients in BloodFlow-7 go to work right away and most people feel a new surge of energy the first day…

What all of the clinical studies show us is that the benefits improve with each day of use.

I can’t wait for you to experience the remarkable benefits that come from health blood flow!

It’s a chance to live life on your terms, without regret or looking back on your youth…

Many patients start feeling a difference with the very first dose.

The best way to know how good you’ll feel is to try it for yourself. How can you tell if it is working? 

Well, you may soon experience…

And now you can sample it and be the judge—risk-free.

You Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED—OR IT’S FREE!

Order 5 bottles of BloodFlow-7, your “best value” deal and get:

We guarantee that BloodFlow-7 will work for you. Whether it’s enhancing your energy, boosting your endurance, helping you stay alert or sleep better. 

And you have 60 days to try it out at NO RISK! It does all you hoped for or return it. Even if the bottle is empty, for a full refund, less S&H.

Why Am I So Sure It Works?


The majority of remedies have small doses of their key active ingredients. That’s why they rarely fix your problems. BloodFlow-7 brings you full clinical doses so you get real results!

You Must Feel a New Surge Of Energy On Day 1: Your cells are now fighting back when free radicals attack.

Your Symptoms Start Easing—You Feel Much Better: Nothing is stronger than a tired immune system that’s being revitalized to protect your body once again.

Your Doctor Even Notices The Difference: Your next check-up goes much better than you had ever hoped for.

You have a New Outlook On Each Day: Gone is the dreary attitude—you must feel energized and vigorous—as if years were just peeled away!

You have to be 100% satisfied with BloodFlow-7—so try it out for 60 days. YOU HAVE TO FEEL THE DIFFERENCE or return it for a full refund, less S&H.

(BloodFlow-7 is not sold in stores, and this offer may not be repeated. Demand is expected to surge for this revolutionary formula. We urge you to act now. Online orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Yes! I Want The Full Power Of BloodFlow-7 To Help Shield My Body From Health Concerns And Stimulate My Blood Flow With The Clinically-Proven Power of Nitric Oxide!

I want to find and keep robust health. You promise me that it has to work to my full satisfaction or I can return it within 60 days for a full refund, less S&H.

My Best Deal: Buy 5 Get TWO FREE Bottles!

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After you click to continue, you’ll be taken to our secure shopping cart. It’s encrypted with the latest 256-bit S.S.L. Security for your total protection and privacy.

Simply enter your shipping information on the next page, to get Blood-Flow7 rushed directly to your door. Online orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

And remember, you’re covered by our NO-RISK Unconditional Guarantee That BloodFlow-7 Does EVERYTHING I Say It Will—Or It’s FREE!

That’s right, try it out for a FULL 2 MONTHS. If you don’t feel an increase in your energy, vitality and stamina, you DON’T even need to return your empty bottles. Simply let me know it’s not for you. You have to be 100% satisfied with BloodFlow-7 or we’ll promptly return your money (less shipping) – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

That’s right, try it out for a FULL 2 MONTHS. If you don’t feel an increase in your energy, vitality and stamina, you DON’T even need to return your empty bottles. Simply let me know it’s not for you. You have to be 100% satisfied with BloodFlow-7 or we’ll promptly return your money (less shipping) – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

So you truly have nothing to lose…

And an entirely new body to gain.

Ultimately the decision is yours…

But I trust you’ll make the right decision that’s best for you and your loved ones.

Koshland DE, Jr.: The molecule of the year. Science (1992) 258 (5090):1861.

Ignarro LJ, Buga GM, Wood KS, Byrns RE, Chaudhuri G:Endothelium-derived relaxing factor produced and released from artery and vein is nitric oxide. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (1987) 84 (9265-9269.

Taddei S, Virdis A, Ghiadoni L, Salvetti G, Bernini G, Magagna A, Salvetti A: Age-related reduction of NO availability and oxidative stress in humans. Hypertension (2001) 38 (2):274 -279

Gerhard M, Roddy MA, Creager SJ, Creager MA: Aging progressively impairs endothelium – dependent vasodilation in forearm resistance vessels of humans. Hypertension (1996) 27 (4):849 – 853.

Your results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

​Experience better overall health!

​Receive essential nourishment!

​Boost oxygen circulation!

As you’ll learn, my formula BloodFlow-7 can help:

Are you seeing why I’m saying that focusing on your heart, brain, lungs, joints—or any individual body part –is not the key to healthy living?

The real key is boosting blood flow. Because the bottom line is…

But here’s the problem—and it’s a BIG one.

In the elderly, a major problem is nitric oxide deficit. Italian researchers discovered blood flow starts to decline by 10% for every decade, starting at around age 30.

By the time you reach your 70s and 80s, you’re producing a staggering 75% less!

And if you’re not producing enough N-O…

…then your blood slows to a trickle.

… and your heart, brain skin, muscles, and other organs are deprived of rich, oxygenated blood.

Blood flow gives your heart, immune system and your whole body the oxygen and essential nutrients it needs to stay vibrant and healthy.

The miraculous N-O molecule plays many critical roles in your body, including…

Relaxing and widening your blood vessels for improved circulation and blood flow…

Boosting razor-sharp memory and concentration…

And supporting the healthy function of virtually every organ in your body…

Can you now see how having plenty of nitric oxide affects your overall health

That’s what BloodFlow-7 can help you achieve.

This “whole body” approach makes it one of the most profound health discoveries of the century.  In fact, the 3 researchers who discovered N-O won a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The transfer of oxygen from blood to cells is perhaps the most significant underlying factor in whether you live a healthy life or not.

With this superior formula, I’m confident you’re going to FEEL better than ever.

When a tree doesn’t get the right nutrients, you can tell by the withering fruits.

The same is true with your body.

Without nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood getting to your thymus, brain, heart, lungs, penis—your organs start withering on the vine.

Quite simply, blood is the “river of life” that revives every cell and organ in the body.

And when cells don’t get optimum levels of oxygen…

Tissues and organs are only  as healthy as the blood supply that gets to them!

When circulation is weak, the nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood can’t get to your brain cells and heart.

Circulating blood also carries away waste.

First, blood floods oxygen and nutrients into your cells.

Second, it takes away harmful waste products in your blood like carbon dioxide.

These wastes in your blood lower life giving oxygen levels that starve your heart of youthful vitality by slowing down blood flow.

Sluggish blood flow means not enough nutrients and oxygen are getting to the rest of your body.

You’ll feel the difference—in every part of your body!

Almost 74% of all blood vessels in our body are micro-vessels—thinner than a human hair. In fact, they turn into tiny micro vessels, the width of a human hair. They’re that tiny!

And the further your blood has to flow from your heart—like to your legs and feet—the smaller the arteries and veins become.

Constricted arteries reduce rich, oxygenated blood flow to your legs, hands, and feet, causing swelling and discomfort.

It all starts with BloodFlow-7.

BloodFlow-7 is the first full-spectrum, multifaceted Nitric Oxide booster that increases blood flow to your entire body. This means traveling through tiny capillaries that are critically important to restoring and maintaining your health.

Since these capillaries cover 74% of your body, it makes sense that if you can’t increase your blood flow through them, the vast majority of your organs and cells will be deprived of what they need to stay healthy.

Your blood then carries nutrients from your food including water and hormones used for optimal cell repair in every single organ, cell and muscle.

This helps make them “come alive” so you can rejuvenate your health and remain active, energetic and vital.

Switch to BloodFlow-7 and you’ll also see a difference in your blood pressure.

Bloodflow-7 includes a 30 mg dose of trans-resveratrol.

Researchers at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky reported that arteries opened after this dose was tested.

Using sophisticated ultrasound imaging, doctors can measure blood flow of the crucial brachial artery.

A cuff is placed on the forearm and inflated for about 5 minutes, then deflated which instigates blood flow. A healthy artery widens like the one shown below.

Maintaining a robust blood flow not only keeps you healthier—it helps you look younger too.

Are you beginning to see how blood supply is crucial to every aspect of your health? Your appearance, your energy levels, your eyes, your heart, your brain and even your penis?

And it all starts with having a healthy level of nitric oxide!

It’s the discovery that won a Nobel Prize for what it does in the body.

Nitric Oxide opens up blood vessels.

You want them to be as wide as possible so blood can flow like a fast-moving river.

Robust blood flow travels through your entire body delivering rich, oxygenated blood with nutrients and hormones to every cell, tissue and organ in your body.

BloodFlow-7 is the result of decades of research.

And today I am giving you the chance to get your very own supply of the BloodFlow-7 formula.

BloodFlow-7 contains several plant-derived antioxidants that target the free radicals that destroy the delicate N-O molecule.

Bloodflow-7 is the only full spectrum formula that gives you a stunning 230% boost of nitric oxide. That’s twice as much N-O as a leading N-O booster.

Which means even better blood flow to critical organs in the body such as the thymus, brain and heart.

How can BloodFlow-7 Get Such Incredible Results?

Only BloodFlow-7 brings you the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS…

BloodFlow-7 gives your body what it needs for greater blood flow. When you boost your levels of N-O, blood circulation is improved.

That means amazing things for your body!

You will shield your body from health concerns and feel the difference in no time.

Our nitrate-rich beetroot extract stimulates the production of N-O.

70% of N-O is produced in the endothelium and you must supply the raw materials on hand to synthesize on demand! Our Nitric Oxide Precursor blend delivers amino acids l-citrulline & l-arginine plus a “booster.”

And now we’ve combined them with cutting-edge S7™

3) S7™ Protection 

Our Patented S7™ botanical blend preserves nitric oxide by shielding against free radical attack—that means it lasts longer in the body. S7™ blows away older forms. No other formula is more potent.

We’ve also included trans-resveratrol, which enhances N-O production and prevents its breakdown.

S7™ is a trademark of VDF FutureCeuticals Inc., used under license.

BloodFlow-7 gives your body what it needs for greater blood flow. When you boost your levels of N-O, blood circulation is improved.

That means amazing things for your body!

You will shield your body from health concerns and feel the difference in no time.

Just take a look at this success story from Robert A. from Dangerfield, TX…

“I’m active indoors and outdoors. Before BloodFlow-7 I often had a sinking spell in the afternoon. But no more, thanks to BloodFlow-7. BloodFlow-7 keeps me going all day!’

Or this one from Sally Stewart…

 “As a woman in my 70s, I find I can do my Pilates workout with much more ease. It gives me extra energy.”

And please remember, you must be 100% satisfied with your results – or it’s FREE! If for any reason, you are not completely thrilled, then return the bottles within 90 days for a full refund.

If you want the same results found in the scientific studies, you need specific forms and doses for each ingredient…

And if you don’t use the correct ones…

Well, it just won’t work.

That’s why we’ve combined all 3 steps of the Nitric Oxide protocol together into a  convenient capsule.

And for a limited time, through this presentation only, you can now get your hands on this proprietary formula.

It’s the only formula that combines ALL of the exact ingredients your body needs for healthy nitric oxide production…

To give you strong, robust blood flow…

Let me share BloodFlow-7’s five ingredients …

So you can see for yourself why this formula is so revolutionary…

S7™ is a stimulant-free, low dose blend of seven plant-based ingredients (Green Coffee Bean extract, Green Tea extract, turmeric extract, tart cherry, blueberry, broccoli, and kale) that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide by 230%.

That’s twice as much as a leading N-O Booster. Which means better blood flow to your critical organs. 

In a double-blind study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the patients that took L-Glutathione in combination with L-Citrulline did significantly increased their N-O levels in the blood to a much greater degree than the other groups without l-glutathione.

Nitrate-rich beet root extract stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the body. It does this by bypassing the L-arginine pathway and directly converting nitrates to nitric oxide.

Bloodflow-7 includes a 30 mg dose of trans-resveratrol.

Because Trans-resveratrol significantly increases Nitric Oxide production in your endothelial cells that line your blood vessels. 

These cells then release Nitric Oxide in the smooth muscles that surround your blood vessels, causing them to relax or dilate, improving circulation throughout your entire body.

Researchers at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky reported that arteries opened after this dose was tested in a double blind placebo controlled study.

Along with promoting cardiovascular health and healthy lipid levels, resveratrol also supports the immune system and has anti-aging and longevity benefits.

Hi, I’m Doctor Farnesi…

One of California’s leading Doctors (M.D.), Founder and Medical Director of Medical Age Management, and voted one of San Diego’s Top Doctors.

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