Is Gold’s Gym Worth It? An In-Depth Analysis

Is Gold's Gym Worth It

Most gyms around the world are evolving and also our expectation about them is doing the same. We no longer expect a gym to be with basic workout equipment, rather we want to go to a gym that is completely filled with a motivating environment, classes, spas, trainers, and so much more.

A lot of big box gym chains try their best to provide their members with value-adding things, however, some still believe that offering basic gym facilities at an affordable price is the best thing to do. 

So whichever you decide to choose among them will totally depend on your own preference. But it is best to choose the one that is worth your money. 

Some gyms might seem expensive depending on their membership prices but they might be providing amenities that explain the high costs. It can also be the opposite in other gyms. So it is very important you check out if it is worth the price they are asking you to pay for their membership before paying for it. 

In this post, we will give you a detailed overview of what exactly Gold’s Gym membership has to offer and if it deserves the money you spend for it.

Is Gold’s Gym A Good Gym?

Most Gold’s Gym locations have tons of machines, many membership perks, and a big space gym area which makes almost all their locations attractive. However, facilities do vary with the location, but each Gold’s gym still has a lot to offer.

Despite being one of the best mid-range gyms and with a huge number of members in each branch, you will never find Gold’s gym crowded even at its peak hours. This is simply because the gym is big in size and has a lot of equipment for everyone. 

The facilities at Gold’s gym may include group classes, personal trainers, pools, spas, racquetball courts, basketball courts, etc. But all these amenities may not be available at all locations and you might be required to pay extra fees for them, but usually, their charges are reasonable.

Their facilities are always well maintained and clean including the washrooms. The staff at Gold’s are always friendly and caring towards the members and as well as the gym equipment and amenities. Generally, it is a very good mid-range gym club.    

Does Gold’s Gym Have Good Equipment?

Does Gold’s Gym Have Good Equipment

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We can all agree that the gym environment and the additional amenities such as a nice spa or amazing group classes help you stay motivated to keep visiting the gym frequently, however, all that would not be possible if the gym don’t fulfill its basic responsibility which is to provide members with a range of good workout machines.

Each location of Gold’s gym is equipped with a great range of workout machines. Even if you join the gym to get lean by doing cardio workouts or you’re aspiring to become a pro powerlifter, Gold’s gym has got your back.

In addition to that, the quality of the machines is also good. They also have their own line of gym equipment such as barbells, kettlebells, jumping ropes, etc. all the equipment you will find at Gold’s gym is of a reputed brand.

Talking about their cardio section is a mix of treadmills, spin bikes, elliptical, and some rowing machines. However, their powerlifting section is the most exciting, it has a massive collection of power racks, barbells, free weights, and allied equipment.

At most of Gold’s gym locations, you can also find a CrossFit area packed with battle ropes, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, weight sleds, and other circuit training equipment.  

There are a lot of resistance workout machines at Gold’s gym, normally you don’t have to wait for your turn to use them. All this equipment is from reputed brands. Some gym locations have state-of-the-art TechnoGym machines which can scan QR codes to record your workout effort of that session    


If you’re a fan of group workouts and classes then Gold’s gym is one of the best clubs you need to join. There are plenty of options for classes for you to choose from at Gold’s and no matter what type of exercise you like most, you will find a class that fits your requirement.

If you would like to join some group class but are not sure which one you can join, then in this case too Gold’s has got your back. Because they give a seven-day all-access pass for free. During this period you can visit different group classes and understand which one suits you the best.

Gold’s gym classes start early morning and are available until late in the evening. So no matter what time of the day you visit the gym there is a possibility of finding some class session.

There are different classes focused on muscle toning, weight loss, strength training, weight loss, pilates, or cardio. Depending on your fitness desire and interest you can choose the type of class and go with the one that matches your goal and schedule.

The availability of classes does differ from location to location, however, since they are many you can always find something that you’re interested in at every location.

Pool & Spa

The amenities like pools and spas require a lot of space and extra manpower. So in most big box gym chains, these are normally available in a few locations. Such that members with multi-location memberships can access these amenities from time to time.

The pool and spa amenities are only available at a few locations. If swimming is an essential part of your exercise routine or it is one of the activities you love most then it is better to visit Gold’s gym near you physically to check if the pool is available before committing to their membership.

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Other Amenities at Gold’s Gym

Besides the usual gym equipment and allied services like any other competitive gym chain, Gold’s gym also provides other value-added facilities. And below we have listed other amenities that you are most likely to find at Gold’s gym location near you.

  • Steam room
  • Locker rooms and shower stalls
  • Racquetball courts
  • Basketball court
  • Buffalo bar
  • Running track
  • Cross-fit area
  • Punching bags
  • Pro shop

You should keep in mind that not all locations have similar facilities but you should expect these at most of the locations.

Child Care

Most gyms these days have decent child care and this enables parents who like to work out but have nowhere to leave their kids or want their kids nearby them. Gold’s gym also provides childcare at some of its locations.

These locations that provide childcare facilities have well-trained staff to take good care of your kid. All the staff of the childcare facilities is certified in the following; first aid, handling emergency situations, and child care.

The childcare club at Gold’s is typically used to drop off your kids as you do your training in the gym. And you don’t have to worry when you leave your kids there thinking that they will get bored because they won’t.

The staff will make sure to keep them busy with entertaining games, crafts, and other activities. They also have teachers who can help your kids with their homework. 

Although Gold’s gym childcare amenities are good and very helpful to gymgoers with kids, they are not available in some locations. So if you need the one that has a childcare club it would be better to first check the Gold’s gym near you.   

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gold’s Gym?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gold’s Gym

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The simplest way to know if the gym club is worth joining or not is to know the pros and cons. The cons help you get to know the advantages of the gym whereas the pros show you the disadvantages.

Below are the advantages and the disadvantages of Gold’s gym; 


  • The equipment is always clean and free of sweat.
  • The staff hospitality is good you won’t feel out of space here.
  • The gym is equipped with a wide range of workout equipment which means you will find the needed equipment for all your fitness goals.
  • There are a lot of cardio, powerlifting, and resistance training machines so you won’t have to be in line waiting to use one.  
  • The floor space is also enough. 
  • Plenty of group classes you can select from.
  • All the equipment is well taken care of.
  • Several locations have specialty machines.


  • A huge difference in the availability of various facilities from location to location.
  • There is a lot of noise during busy hours.
  • Some policies can be a pain, for example – you are not allowed to use chalk powder to grip.

How Much Does A Membership At Gold’s Gym Cost?

To find out exactly how much membership at Gold’s gym near you costs, note down what services you’d like to use, and what classes you’d like to take, and then visit the location and ask them how much it costs.

This is because Gold’s Gym is well known for having one of the most confusing price structures. The cost of membership varies from location to location, and often includes startup fees and annual fees that can also vary by location. With all these different prices, it can be hard to know exactly what you will pay for a Gold’s Gym membership.

There are also a variety of membership levels to choose from. These include Basic, Vintage, Fitness, Access, Enhanced, Bootcamp, Only Studio, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and VIP. With such a wide selection of options available, there is certainly something to suit everyone’s needs. Depending on your budget and preferences you can pick one that best suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

These membership levels can also be overwhelming and confusing. Each level provides different benefits and comes with a different price tag. It’s important to take the time to read through all of them in order to make the best decision for your needs.

Gyming at Golds can be quite costly, but the exact amount depends on your membership type. For the basic access-only membership, you would likely spend around 20 to 30 dollars per month plus any startup fees. However, depending on your needs, you may end up paying more for a different type of membership.

If you want to take advantage of the gym access and other extra amenities provided by Gold’s you would need to pay around $40 a month in addition to the startup and annual fees. This is a great deal as it provides access to all the necessary services that can help your overall growth. Plus, this fee will enable you to enjoy the facilities regularly without having to break the bank.

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What Does Gold’s Gym Membership Include?

What Does Gold’s Gym Membership Include

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At Gold’s Gym, you can choose from a variety of membership levels to suit your individual needs. The most basic level offers access to the gym equipment only, allowing you to take advantage of all the fitness machines, strength training equipment, and cardio equipment available. 

The Access plan is one of their most affordable membership plans. It costs just below 40 dollars a month with an annual commitment, and it is also available in a month-to-month membership format for those who do not wish to commit to an entire year. With such great value for money, the Access plan is perfect for anyone looking for a convenient and affordable way to access the gym.

This membership includes the following;

  • Few group exercise classes
  • Access to strength training machines and other gym equipment
  • Cardio with personal viewing screens
  • Classic Gold’s free-weight area
  • Access to the functional training area
  • Private training area
  • Locker rooms
  • Sauna
  • Tanning beds

Which Gold’s Gym Membership Is Best?

Gold’s Gym is well-known for providing a variety of membership types to meet the different needs of its customers. With numerous options such as the Gold’s Gym Challenge, Gold’s Gym All Access, and Gold’s Gym Student Pass, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to finding the right membership for each individual. However, with so many different membership types available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best suited for your specific needs.

You can select your suitable membership type based on what you expect from it. However, according to most users, their Fitness membership is the most balanced value for money.

With this membership, you get everything that comes with the basic membership plus the incredible benefit of unlimited access to spinning classes. Additionally, you will have access to a few other group classes. The cost varies depending on your location, but it usually stands at between 40 and 50 dollars per month, in addition to an annual maintenance fee of around $40. 

Does Gold’s Gym Have Hidden Fees?

No, Gold’s Gym does not have any hidden fees. Their fee structure may be difficult to understand, but they are transparent about their pricing and do not try to hide anything from potential members.

When you visit the gym, an employee will explain exactly how much your chosen membership option will cost. This way, you can make an informed decision about joining the gym without worrying about any hidden charges.

Is Gold’s Gym Worth It?

Gold’s Gym is a great place to work out if you can look past its complicated pricing system and slight variations among different locations. They offer all of the amenities that many people require in a gym, such as top-of-the-line equipment, spacious areas for weights and cardio, and knowledgeable staff to help guide you through your workout. Additionally, in many cases, they offer additional services such as personal training sessions and fitness classes.

The gym is a popular destination for powerlifters and bodybuilders, so visitors can expect to see many large, muscular people. It may also be quite loud due to the grunting noises these athletes make as they lift.

However, the friendly staff at this gym work hard to make sure that newcomers don’t feel intimidated or uncomfortable. They strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and included. Gold’s Gym provides great value for the membership fees they charge. Not only do they offer a wide variety of equipment and amenities, but their team of trainers is also highly experienced and dedicated to helping members reach their goals. Additionally, all of the facilities are well-maintained and clean, making it a very comfortable place to work out. We can certainly say that Gold’s Gym is worth it.

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