Gold’s Gym Membership Cost

Gold’s Gym Membership Cost

Gold’s gym is one of the popular fitness centers with more than 700 locations around the world. It was started by Joe Gold in 1965, in Venice, California. It has a variety of equipment, workout sessions, and classes. 

Every Gold’s Gym location provides three phases that start from $10 to $40. Gold’s Gym charges an annual fee of $49 which comes with a processing fee due at sign-up and during the first and last month. But the exact price of Gold’s Gym membership changes from state and location.

Gold’s Gym provides a lot of facilities that are different by location but most of them include a sauna/steam room, personal trainer, Gold’s 3D rewards program, and pro shop. If you’re still doubting whether Gold’s Gym is a gym for you, then keep reading on to find out the costs you should expect and some you might not.

Gold’s Gym Membership Rates

Gold’s Gym provides a few different membership options, so the chances are, you will be able to find the one that fits your goal. However, each location has a different pricing structure and that will depend on the state you live in. If you happen to live in Southern California below is what you should expect to pay;

LevelSingle BasicPassport PremiumPassport Gold Combo
Monthly Cost$9.95$21.95$29.95
Processing Fee$99$0$0
CommitmentOne YearMonth-to-MonthMonth-to-Month
Annual Fee$49$49$49
Upfront First and Last Months Dues$19.90$43.90$59.90

 In Southern California they have four different plans, some are month-to-month and some are annual contracts.

LevelBasic 12 MonthBasic Month to MonthGold Month to MonthGold Plus Month to Month
Monthly Cost$9.99$19.99$29.99$39.99
Processing Fee$1$1$49$99
CommitmentOne YearMonth to MonthMonth to MonthMonth to Month
Annual Fee$49.99$49.99$49.99$49.99

Because the gym is a franchise, each state or location will have different prices, commitments, and fees. So it is better to visit their website to find out what your price will be for your desired location or you can go to the gym physically for more info if it is near you. 

Does Gold’s Gym Offer a Month-to-Month No Contract?

Yes! Gold’s Gym does provide month-to-month contracts on some of its plans. It is usually the higher-tiered plans that cost a little bit more per month.

You will also be charged for the first and last month’s fees at some locations even if you choose no contract.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Gold's Gym hidden fees

image source @goldsgym Instagram

According to their website, Gold’s Gym has an annual fee which is $49 at all locations. While this might not be a hidden fee to some people, new gymgoers, might not be aware that they will have to pay the 60 days after signing up.

Besides paying for the processing fee(if applicable), some Gold’s locations also need you to pay the first and the last month’s fees when you sign up. So when you’re planning to pay for the first month’s fee, make sure you have enough money in the account to pay for last month’s fee.

In case you get some payment issues and delay to pay your fees, Gold’s can charge you a late fee of $20.

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Gold’s Gym Membership Deals

Like most businesses, also Gold’s Gym offers discounts and specials at some times of the year. Suppose you happen to time it right. You can grab yourself a discount on the processing fees or monthly charges. You can also check on the Groupon website you might find some special packages like discounts for personal training bundles.

Gold’s Gym also gives soldiers, teachers, and first responders discounts. These can be no processing fees or a certain percentage of your monthly membership fees. 

Does Gold’s Gym Offer a Student Discount?

You can expect a student discount from 10% to 50% off your monthly charge, however, each location has different discount rates.

Does Gold’s Gym Offer a Free Trial?

Gold's Gym free trials

image source @goldsgym Instagram

Yes, Gold’s Gym does offer a free trial to new visitors. You can gain access to building your foundation, and experience different strength and weight training areas plus quality cardio equipment for free.


However, you must be a local resident with a valid ID and you should be meeting the required age. You should also know that this free trial only applies to new visitors who have never visited or been a member in the past six months.    

Gold’s Gym Membership Perks

Gold’s Gym has many perks and these include;

  1. If you’re a Gold’s Gym member you have the option to work out at any other Gold’s Gym around the world. Most of Gold’s locations operate 24 hours which means it’s perfect for people with fixed schedules.
  2. Most of the locations also have tanning beds, childcare services, group classes, food, and Wi-Fi. 
  3. If you want access to a personal trainer you can pay an additional fee to get one for your sessions.
  4. Some Gold’s locations also have a rewards program where you can earn points every time you visit the gym, buy personal training sessions, etc.

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Does Gold’s Gym Have a Pool?

Many of Gold’s Gym locations have pools but not all of them. These locations with pools have aquatic aerobics classes and time for members to swim laps. So make sure to first check the Gold’s gym near you and see if the pool is present. 

Does Gold’s Gym Have a Sauna?

Most Gold’s Gym locations have saunas/steam rooms for you to enjoy. These are usually present even in Gold’s gym locations without pools and hot tubs.

Does Gold’s Gym Offer a Guest Pass?

Of course, Gold’s Gym can allow you to bring one guest but that depends on your membership level. It is different by location some gyms offer unlimited guest privileges for members holding a passport Gold card.

Some locations will allow you to bring a friend with a free pass as long as they have never been a member or used a free pass six months before. 

Gold’s Gym Cancellation Policy

When you want to cancel your Gold’s gym membership, you must notify your local club 30 days before your next billing date. You can do this by sending them an email or going there in person.

If you signed a contract with the gym and want to cancel it, you will have to pay $89 before the year ends. However, if you can prove that you have a medical condition then the cancellation fee will be reduced to $20.

Gold’s Gym Classes

Gold’s Gym has different classes every day. Some of them include the following;

  • Indoor cycling: This works as a spin class for Gold’s Gym it features group cycling with motivating music and it’s ideal for all fitness levels.
  • Yoga: Gold’s Gym has basic yoga classes along with body flow. Yoga poses, tai-chi, and pilates workouts are good for body strength and flexibility.
  • Strength Building: Gold’s has Bootcamp and Body pump strength training classes which take place in different scenery. It can be both in the gym or outdoors, and it is led by certified Gold’s Gym coach, geared for all fitness levels.
  •    Zumba: Gold’s also offers Zumba classes which feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.

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