TJ OTT Weight Loss – Tuna Fisherman Weight loss

TJ OTT Weight Loss

TJ OTT Weight loss is a half battle since he was a fat guy with 170kg weight. However, his determination and motivation to lose weight helped him in his journey. When he started the show ‘’ Wicked Tuna’’ he was a massive guy, however, over the years his fans noticed a significant change in his weight. Indeed, he has lost a lot of weight since then.

Tj Ott is a skilled and expert fisherman with a deep passion for fishing. He is known for his skills to catch fish. He came to the limelight when became part of the National Geographic Channel. He was part of ‘’ Wicked Tuna’’ and was known as Capt. TJ Ott. He has spent his whole life around the sea, catching fish. Though he was a common man the Show on National Geographic brought him fame. His first appearance on the show made people admire him for his passion.

Indeed, his fan following started growing and now he is followed by 152k on Instagram and 19.3k followers on Twitter. If you go through his social media, you will find his passion for fishing, and also his love for the dogs. Additionally, Tj Ott’s weight loss has made everyone curious about his journey from being Fat guy to a handsome young man in a new look. He looks great in long hair and a fit body. Let’s take a deep look into his diet and exercise routine to get an idea of his weight loss.

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How did Tj OTT lose His weight?

TJ OTT Weight Loss

image source @tjhottuna Instagram

Tj OTT weight loss is a result of hard work out and probably dieting. Since there is not enough information about how he lost weight but going through his posts, and the show we assume that he lost weight through proper diet planning and Exercise. The fisherman stated that he has been going to the gym to work on his weight. But we don’t know for how many hours he has been working out.

Like other celebrities Kendall Jenner, Adnan Sami, and Nigella Lawson he might have used a proper diet plan with exercises. These two go together for weight loss. You cannot have a proper diet plan, and not go for exercise. Or going for exercise but not having a proper diet plan. That doesn’t work. Our body requires a healthy diet if we are going for exercise. Even if we are on a diet plan, we need to have exercise to boil the extra fat in our body. Tj OTT weight loss is a great example of how you can manage to lose extra weight using a diet plan and exercise.

TJ OTT weight loss- Is it important for fishing to lose weight?

TJ OTT weight loss was mandatory since he was gaining too much weight. People who gain weight know how difficult it is to breathe, move, and lift something besides your extra weight. In fishing, TJ OTT has to lift heavy fishes, and other equipment’s moving around. It’s a real struggle to even walk. In that situation, it is advisable to ask for weight loss. He realized how important it is with the growing age to maintain a proper diet, and do exercise.

Indeed, he had a great job working in the fish industry with his heavyweight, however, with growing age, things get tough. TJ OTT’s weight loss helped him to gain more fame, and his audience was surprised to see him in a new look. If you go through his Instagram and make a comparison of his new photos with the previous ones, you will defiantly admire his passion, hard work, and determination. He looks incredibly young and handsome.

TJ OTT weight loss- How much weight did he lose?

TJ OTT Weight Loss

image source @tjhottuna Instagram

TJ Ott lost 65-70lbs weight through diet and exercise. Since it was Tj Ott’s first weight loss through diet and exercise, he lost a great amount of extra weight. It is visible in his pictures. With his long hair, and smart body he looks young.

His fans admire and appreciate his hard work and weight loss. He also seems to enjoy his new body look. Losing weight might take few months but maintaining a healthy body require regular and consistent exercise and a diet plan. TJ OTT weight loss makes him realize the joy of being healthy and slim. He is the inspiration for those who believe it’s harder to lose weight after a certain age. If you are consistent and passionate about something, it’s not very difficult to achieve your goal.

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What do TJ Ott fans think about his Weight loss?

Tj Ott Weight loss excited his fans, as they didn’t expect him to go on weight loss. They were surprised to see a significant change in his health. Many of his fans on Twitter were surprised, some admired him and a few were curious to know how he lost weight.

One of his fans twitted

Wicked Tuna TJ OTT, Good job with the Weight loss! I’m a proud fan! You had me worried!

This shows how much his fans love him, and care about his health. And they were happy to see the change.

Another fan twitted,

Wicked Tuna TJ OTT is looking good since the weight loss! Keep it going (only if you want to) TJ’’

Indeed, TJ Ott’s weight loss is incredible and appreciated by everyone. It is also an inspiration for his fans to get some tips. Many people follow the steps of celebrities to change their life. And these celebrities have a greater impact on them. They follow them for their weight loss. And we hope that TJ Ott’s weight loss inspires someone to change their life.

Side effects of Weight gain

Overweight and obesity is the cause of many health problems such as high blood pressure, High LDL Cholesterol, low HDL Cholesterol, Diabetes, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, Osteoarthritis, and linked to many other problems in the body. Therefore, it is important to address weight loss and follow weight management techniques to avoid difficulties in life.

Indeed, overweight and obese people struggle to lose weight. The underlying medical conditions make the process quite hard. Even certain medications also add more difficulties to the process of weight loss. However, most people have difficulty losing weight because of their diet issues. They take too many calories and go for exercise which doesn’t work for them and they lose hope.

Tips from TJ Ott Weight Loss

Following tips will help to address weight loss problems;

  • Track your calories each day, you must know how many calories you are eating versus how many calories you are burning. You might not know that you are consuming more than you should. Keeping track will give you a clear idea of the number of calories.
  • Women with PCOS condition more often face problems to shed their weight. It is because hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, and inflammation make it difficult to lose weight. Therefore, consult your doctor about your condition.
  • Make your diet plan, and follow your calories every week. For example, if you want to lose weight 5 pounds in a week. You must reduce your food intake by 17,500 calories. If your weight is 250 pounds, you must reduce your calories by about 1250 per day, however, do not starve yourself. Your body needs energy.
  • Losing weight is linked both with food intake and exercise. If you are exercising more but not bringing any change in your diet, it will not impact your weight. Try to balance.
  • Physical activities are very important for weight loss such as walking, as it helps in burning calories. You walk more, quicker your pace, and the more calories you burn.
  • A consistent workout is important for weight loss as well.
  • In the end, stay motivated, and appreciate your efforts daily that you are working hard to lose weight.

 Final Thought on TJ Ott Weight loss Journey

Tj Ott Weight loss is incredible and many people can look up to him as an inspiration. From being a fat guy to a young handsome man’s journey aspire many to take the same approach for weight loss. Though he is not super vocal about his weight loss, however, analysis of his social media posts, we assume that he put a lot of effort, and lost weight through diet management and going to the gym. Since he appeared on the Wicked Tuna show, he got fame. His fans love him for his passion for fishing.

Indeed, weight loss is not magic, it takes time. It takes effort and hard work to lose weight. And proper diet plan and exercise is the best strategy to lose weight. All of the celebrities have lost their weight managing their diet. The most important is to realize how important it is to have a healthy life.

Weight loss not only makes us look good but also saves us from many health issues. These health problems are linked with weight gain. If you want to have a healthy life without any health issues, put some effort into losing weight.

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