7 Best Gyms With Childcare Near You

Best Gyms With Childcare

Taking care of the kids can be time-consuming, leaving little room to focus on fitness goals. With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to get to the gym. 

If you are a parent, it can be difficult to find time and money to go to the gym. You would need to hire someone to watch your children while you work out, which can be costly. Additionally, if your children are very young, this may prove quite challenging as it can be hard to focus on your workout when they are not with you. 

In such situations, Gyms that offer childcare provide a great solution for parents who want to exercise but worry about leaving their children unattended. These gyms offer peace of mind as parents are able to stay within reach of their kids while still focusing on their workout, as there is someone to look after them.

If you’re looking for a gym with childcare services near you, you’re in luck. This article provides information on seven gyms that offer childcare close to your location. From daycare options to after-school care, these gyms can provide the support and flexibility you need for your fitness goals. With convenient hours and professionally staffed childcare, these gyms offer everything you need to keep your family healthy and active.

So let’s get to know more about these gyms;

Which Gyms Have Childcare At Most Locations?

Which Gyms Have Childcare At Most Locations

Searching for gyms with childcare can be a tedious task, but there is an easier way. Big-box gyms are known to have multiple branches across the country and they often provide childcare services in most locations. These gyms offer more than just a place to work out; with their additional amenities like childcare, they become a great option for busy parents who still want to stay in shape.

When it comes to gym memberships with childcare, there is a range of different options available from different gym chains. The facilities and fees associated with the membership will vary depending on the location and the gym chain. Keep reading on to find out more about it.


Equinox is a high-end gym club known for its exclusive vibe and offerings. Its membership fee is quite a bit pricier than many other mid-range gyms, with the added cost of childcare factored in. However, what you get in return for that money – such as top-quality equipment, experienced trainers, and a wide range of classes – far outweighs the cost.

The childcare facility at Equinox is top-notch, offering a sense of entitlement to all who use it. Not only does it provide supervision for your children while you work out, but it also offers enrichment activities such as art and music classes. Additionally, the facility provides healthy snacks and meals so that your kids stay nourished during their time there.

Equinox offers child care at select locations for those who need it. This facility can be availed of by paying per session or by purchasing a few sessions in bulk in advance. It is one of the few luxury gyms that offer this convenience to those parents who wish to pursue a healthier lifestyle without compromising on the care of their children.

Your kids will have a great time at the Equinox Kids Club! Not only do they offer story reading, crafts, and painting activities, but also playhouses, parachute games, and many more fun activities to keep your kids entertained. All of these activities are designed to stimulate their minds and bodies in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. 

The Equinox Kid’s Club offers safe and engaging activities for children while their parents enjoy a workout or spa session. From arts & crafts to karaoke, kids have plenty of options to keep them occupied and entertained. Therefore, parents can feel comfortable knowing that their kids are having fun and being looked after in a safe environment while they get some much-needed “me” time.

Booking a single childcare session at Equinox is an inexpensive option, costing around 10 dollars. For those who need to book multiple sessions, buying blocks of them will result in even more savings, as they are offered at discounted prices. Thus, Equinox is a great way to save money compared to hiring a babysitter.

Life Time Fitness

If you’re in luck, there’s a Life Time Fitness gym located near you that offers childcare services. This is the ideal solution for parents who want to exercise and take care of their kids at the same time. Furthermore, it’s a great place for children to spend their time during summer breaks as they offer day camps as well.

Life Time Fitness is renowned for its extensive gyms and high-tech fitness equipment, but it also provides excellent child care services. The kid care area boasts a secure and inviting environment that caters to kids as young as three months. It is equipped with a variety of amenities to keep children entertained, including toys and books, as well as a selection of age-appropriate activities.

The childcare facility at LifeTime is an incredible place for parents to take their children while they work out. Instructors provide an array of activities specifically designed to engage young minds and help develop motor skills, sensory play, and fitness. With a wide selection of instruments, games, and toys available, your child will always have something interesting and fun to do while you take care of yourself.

At select locations, they also have a day camp program for kids that combines physical fitness activities with fun-filled educational sessions. These camps focus on science, technology, and arts to help young people explore their creativity while staying active in an enjoyable setting. Spending time at Life Time’s day camps gives kids the opportunity to learn new skills as well as make friends and have fun.

Life Time Fitness locations are great for families because they offer kid care facilities with free childcare for the first two hours for registered members. After that, fees may vary depending on the location. It’s a convenient way to get some exercise while your kids are looked after in a safe environment.

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Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness is known for offering two types of gym locations. Their regular gym facilities provide all the basic equipment and amenities needed to work out, while their Crunch Fitness Signature locations offer a more luxurious experience. 

If you are looking for childcare services, you will need a signature membership with Crunch Fitness. These signature locations offer an on-site childcare facility that is not available at regular clubs. This signature membership does cost more than the regular membership, but it provides access to these clubs as well as other member benefits.

The Crunch Fitness signature membership is an excellent value, costing significantly less than many mid-range gyms. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about extra fees for babysitting services while you work out; this service is included with your membership for free! With these great benefits, Crunch Fitness is an ideal choice for those looking to save money and keep their children safe and entertained while they exercise.

They are one of the few fitness clubs that allow children up to 13 years of age to stay at their childcare facility, allowing parents some peace of mind and freedom during their workout. No need to worry about finding an alternative if your child is over 10 – Crunch Fitness have you covered!

Crunch Fitness also have separate rooms designed specifically for babies so parents can bring them along while they work out. This way, parents can get the exercise they need while still making sure their little ones are safe and comfortable.

The Kid’s Crunch facilities provide a safe and fun environment for children. The facility is equipped with a variety of items to keep the kids entertained, such as books, painting stationery, toys, and television sets. Furthermore, the staff at the facility are all highly trained for their job and certified in first aid, ensuring that your child is being taken care of in the best possible way.

The childcare facility at Crunch is not available 24/7; it has fixed hours for service availability, which vary on weekdays and weekends. To know the exact timings for Kid’s Crunch at your local club, be sure to check with them directly. Furthermore, many clubs offer extended hours in some cases, so make sure you ask about those as well.

Gold’s Gym

At Gold’s Gym, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your kids are in a safe and secure environment while you work out. This allows you to focus on achieving your fitness goals without worrying about your children. The Kid’s Club offers a variety of activities to keep your kids engaged and entertained while you work on becoming a better version of yourself.

The entrance door is securely locked and only those who have access are allowed in. Furthermore, all staff members are well-trained to handle emergency situations, allowing you to confidently leave your child at the gym while you exercise.

Gold’s Gym has really gone the extra mile when it comes to providing childcare. They have appointed professional teachers that can help children with their homework while parents work out. This way, parents can be sure that their kids are not just wasting time but are instead utilizing it for their academic development. 

At Gold’s Gym, their Kid’s Club offers a variety of activities to keep your kids entertained. From arts and crafts to sports, there are plenty of options for them to choose from. However, do note that the additional fee for using the childcare facility at most Gold’s Gym locations will be added on top of the regular membership fee this amount varies depending on the location.

24 Hour Fitness

At 24 Hour Fitness, you have the option to add a childcare facility to your monthly membership or pay per visit without any additional cost. This is extremely beneficial for those who are uncertain if they will need the kid care service every month. Both options make it easier and more affordable for parents to work out and give their children a safe place to play while they do so.

At present, most 24-Hour Fitness locations offer a Kids Club service, providing parents with the convenience of having on-site childcare while they exercise. This makes it much easier for busy parents to fit in their workout time and take care of their health. With this in mind, there is a good chance that your local 24 Hour Fitness gym offers childcare services.

The facility can accommodate kids as young as six months and up to 11 years of age. There are plenty of activities and games available, each tailored to the different age groups so that all kids can have some fun while their parents exercise.

At the childcare facility of 24 Hour Fitness, all staff members undergo a rigorous background check to ensure the safety and security of their child. Furthermore, all attendants are well-trained, certified, and experienced in providing excellent care for your little ones. You can rest assured that your child will be in the best possible hands when they visit 24 Hour Fitness’s childcare facility.

If you want to make sure that the childcare facilities are suitable for your child, you can opt for a three-day free trial. This will give you an idea of how comfortable your kid is spending time at the childcare section of the gym while you work out. After the free trial, if you are satisfied with the services, then you can commit to a monthly package.

LA Fitness

If you are looking to utilize the childcare facility at LA Fitness, you must opt for a monthly membership add-on. The good news is that the monthly add-on fee is quite affordable in fact, it’s comparable to what you would pay for a single visit at any mid-range gym. So even if you only plan to use the childcare service on occasion, an LA Fitness membership is still worth considering.

For only 10-15 dollars extra per month, you can now add a childcare facility to your monthly LA Fitness membership. This is a great way to ensure that your kids are safe and supervised while you work out. The LA Fitness Kid Care program allows you to drop off your children for the duration that you are at the gym, so you can exercise without worry.

The childcare attendants at this club are experienced and highly qualified and can provide quality care for your children during their stay. They can take care of children up to 11 years of age, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids are in good hands.

LA Fitness is a great option for parents who want to stay fit while also taking care of their kids. Their basic membership fees are reasonably priced, and they have similar costs for childcare services. This makes LA Fitness one of the most cost-effective commercial gyms available for parents trying to juggle parenting and exercise. As such, it’s an ideal choice for parents who don’t have someone at home to watch their children while they go to the gym.


YMCA is a prominent community center that has been helping out citizens for many years. It is known for being the most affordable gym that offers a variety of activities and services such as fitness, sports, group classes, and more. By being part of the YMCA, people can work on improving their health and well-being while also connecting with others in their local community.

The YMCA is a well-known organization that is dedicated to helping families take care of their children from an early age. Their childcare facilities provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids to learn and develop. Additionally, the YMCA also offers community sports culture later in life, allowing your kids to stay active and build relationships. With such diverse offerings, you can trust the YMCA to look after your kids while you work out.

The YMCA offers a free childcare facility for their gym members, making it easier for new moms to combine body changes with taking care of their infants. The facility can take care of babies as young as six weeks old, allowing moms to work on their postpartum body transformation earlier than ever before. This amenity provides a convenient and affordable way for new moms to keep up with their fitness goals while still caring for their children.

Most YMCAs provide childcare services beyond the duration of a workout. This includes preschool, post-school, and school break periods. During these times, kids have access to experienced teachers who can help them with their studies. This is a great way for parents to ensure their children are taken care of while they’re away and that they are able to get their work done in peace.

Gyms That Don’t Have Childcare

Gyms with daycare are a great option for those looking to get a workout in while also caring for their children. Not only do they offer convenience, but they are often more cost-effective than hiring a babysitter. Even with the additional fees for daycare, it is typically still cheaper than paying for a babysitter for the same duration of time.

Childcare sessions can be an affordable and entertaining way for children to break up their normal routines and interact with other kids of all ages and backgrounds. This variety of social interactions can help them learn important life skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and empathy. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for them to make new friends, boost their confidence, and increase their knowledge in different areas.

However, finding a gym with daycare services can be quite difficult if you don’t live in a big city. Many gyms simply cannot afford to offer childcare services, which means that if you search for “gyms with daycare near me”, it might not return any results. For those living in smaller towns and cities, it is best to research your options and see what facilities are available.

If you are in search of a gym with childcare facilities, it is important to avoid budget gyms. These gyms simply do not have the resources to provide adequate care for children as they cannot afford the extra space, trained staff, and infrastructure required. 

Here is a list of gyms that do not offer childcare facilities, so this may help you narrow down your search for a suitable gym.

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Planet Fitness
  • Snap Fitness


When searching for gyms with daycare near you, you may come across many options in the search results. However, it’s important to remember that not all of these options are trustworthy or suitable to your individual needs. Do your research and read reviews, so that you can make an informed decision before committing to a gym.

Though the big box chains pride themselves on providing consistent service quality across all locations, in reality, this is not always the case. Depending on the specific gym club, individuals may have vastly different experiences – from the equipment and staff they encounter to the hours of operation and amenities available. It is important to do research into each individual location before committing to joining a particular chain in order to ensure you receive the best experience possible.

Before making the commitment to a gym membership with childcare, it is important to do your research. Make sure the facility fits your budget and meets all of your workout needs. Additionally, it’s essential to determine if the care offered is suitable for your kid. To make an informed decision, take the time to visit the gym, speak with staff members, and take advantage of any trial sessions they may offer.

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