7 Best Gyms with Basketball Courts Near You

Gyms with Basketball Courts

Gym workouts can be boring, especially if you are new to exercising or starting again. Until you get used to going to the gym and enjoying the workouts, you may need some extra motivation to help you keep going.

Team sports can be an effective way to help reach your health and fitness goals. Basketball, in particular, can help improve strength, stamina, and body shape. It also serves as a great motivator to get you to the gym and engage in more physical activity

Group activities and classes can also help in this regard, but team sports have the additional advantage of providing a sense of camaraderie and competition that isn’t always found in other forms of exercise.

Joining a gym with a basketball court near you can be beneficial as it gives you access to a wide range of facilities, such as weight machines, free weights, and other fitness equipment. 

Additionally, joining such a gym allows you to use the basketball court for your own practice or even to join in on pickup games with other members of the gym. 

Furthermore, by being part of a gym you can also take advantage of group classes and personal training sessions that will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Having a membership in a fitness center with a basketball court is one of the best ways to achieve your physical fitness goals and also improve your basketball game. It provides an opportunity to mix up different activities in order to reach your desired outcome. 

Playing basketball allows you to get some cardio, practice shooting, and enhance agility; while using the other amenities at the fitness center allows you to work on strength and endurance.

So, let’s discover some of the top gyms with basketball courts in your local area.

Which Gyms Have Basketball Courts At Most Locations?

Which Gyms Have Basketball Courts At Most Locations

In this article, we will focus on the gyms that have their own basketball courts, rather than those that have partnered with sports clubs for the use of their courts. These gyms include both small local facilities and larger chain gyms.

We included here big gym chains that not only have good basketball courts but also excel in other services and facilities that they offer.

Some of these gyms provide only a basic court, while others have top-quality courts. You can either reserve the entire court or join a pickup game, and occasionally, participate in a tournament.

The basketball courts offered at the gyms listed below may vary in quality and availability, but many of the locations do provide access to decent courts.


At Equinox, the basketball courts are top-notch in every way, from their appearance and lighting to their cleanliness. Playing on these courts is a pleasurable experience that will have you wanting to stay on the court for an extended period of time.

Members can reserve the court in advance for a friendly game or to host a tournament, and Equinox also organizes a few events annually.

Members at Equinox clubs often have to book the courts in advance due to high demand. If you want to use the basketball court, it is recommended that you submit a booking request as soon as possible.

The courts in Equinox have been constructed to comply with the rules set by the international basketball federation. Both inexperienced players and professional athletes are permitted to utilize these courts.

If you want to plan a fun weekend trip with your loved ones, this is the perfect place to do so. Not only will you be able to participate in various activities, but there are also usually restaurants on site where you can enjoy a meal after the game.

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24 Hour Fitness

The size and quality of a 24 Hour Fitness gym can vary greatly depending on whether it’s located in a big city or a small town. Gym facilities in large cities tend to be larger and more up-to-date, while gyms in smaller towns may have more limited amenities. 

If you live in a big city, chances are you can find a basketball court at the nearest 24 Hour Fitness location. However, if you reside in a small city or town, you might need to sign up for a multi-location membership in order to access one of their gyms with a basketball court. 

This may require some additional travel, as the closest 24 Hour Fitness may not have a court available. Either way, 24-Hour Fitness offers plenty of convenient options for those looking to shoot some hoops.

At 24-Hour Fitness locations, you have access to the basketball courts at any time of the day. The courts are meticulously maintained and kept clean so that you don’t have to worry about stepping into dust or sweat on the floor. 

Whether it’s early in the morning, late at night, or somewhere in between, you can count on 24-Hour Fitness for a great basketball court experience.

At 24 Hour Fitness sports clubs, you can enjoy a variety of activities beyond just playing basketball. For instance, many of the courts are coupled with facilities like a volleyball court, swimming pool, or sprinting track; this allows you to make the most out of your visit and perform more than one activity if you wish. With all these options available, 24-Hour Fitness is the perfect place for anyone looking for an active lifestyle!

Life Time Fitness

If basketball is your passion, then Life Time Fitness should be your go-to gym. Their hardwood courts are designed to emulate professional courts, allowing you to play at a high level without worry or hesitation.

Additionally, their superior facilities provide the necessary support for an optimal playing experience – from high-quality nets to good bounce and grip on the flooring that helps you jump as high as possible to shoot a hoop.

Playing team sports at Life Time is easy and convenient. No need to worry about forming a team or finding opponents – there is a pickup game scheduled at every location, so it’s easy to join in! Plus, Life Time hosts regular tournaments for those who want an even more challenging and competitive atmosphere.

At basketball courts, there are training camps for kids to help them improve their game and get a shot at becoming a professional. What’s great is that there is dedicated reserve time for both children under 17 years old as well as adults 40 and over. This means that no matter your age, you don’t have to fight with young adults to get court time.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is a well-known chain of fitness centers, but not many of their locations are well-suited for basketball. Generally, their gyms are too small to accommodate an indoor basketball court. 

However, there are some Gold’s Gym locations that have adequate space to feature a good indoor basketball court. This means that if you’re looking for a place to shoot some hoops, it’s worth considering if there is a Gold’s Gym nearby that can suit your needs.

Visiting Gold’s Gym beforehand is a great way to make sure that the location you choose has a basketball court. Not all locations have one, so double-checking is important. 

The facilities at Gold’s Gym are basic, but you can be sure that the court will be clean and in good condition when you book a slot. So be sure to check if your favorite location has a basketball court before signing up for a membership.

You can book courts to play on either as a group or individually. If you don’t have a team and would like to join in on a game, there are pickup games organized by the gym or by members who have booked the court in advance. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to meet new people and get some exercise at the same time, this is definitely for you!

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LA Fitness

LA Fitness is the most reasonable gym membership for basketball players. Their courts are in good condition and their membership costs are comparatively low compared to other gyms. 

They may not offer extra features like spa services and restaurants, but they provide all the necessary amenities needed for playing a game of basketball.

The LA Fitness app is a great tool for basketball players, providing them with the opportunity to book a spot on the court before they even get there. It also helps track progress at tournaments and other events, making it easier to measure performance over time. 

Furthermore, LA Fitness regularly holds organized basketball leagues that last around two months, allowing participants to stay focused and further hone their skills.


When comparing YMCA gyms to other gym chains, you might find one YMCA location lacking in some areas compared to others. However, when looking at the entire chain of YMCA locations around the world, it is clear that they are much more versatile than any other gym chain. 

This is due to the wide range of activities, classes, and services that can be found in different YMCAs. From swimming pools and basketball courts to yoga classes and martial arts lessons.

YMCA is often thought of as a basic gym, but some locations offer surprising amenities. If you’re looking for a place to play basketball, it’s worth checking out the YMCA near you first – you may be pleasantly surprised! Many YMCAs have full-sized basketball courts with plenty of space and quality equipment, making them a great option for a game of hoops.

Crunch Fitness

If you’re looking for a place to play basketball, then Crunch Fitness may be the perfect solution. Two Crunch Fitness locations that are confirmed to have a basketball court are the Eagle, Idaho, and Chatsworth, CA branches. So if you’re in either of these areas and want to shoot some hoops, just head on over to your local Crunch Fitness.

If you want to find out if Crunch Fitness near you has a basketball court, the quickest way to check is by going to their website. On the homepage, click “Locations” and select your city or town. 

You can then view all the membership options and see what facilities are available for each one. This will tell you whether or not the location has a basketball court.

At Crunch Fitness, you’ll find different access options depending on the location. Some locations offer a basketball court as an add-on to your base membership for a small monthly fee. Others include it in their Peak Plus and Peak Results memberships. No matter which option works best for you, Crunch Fitness has got you covered for all your basketball needs.

Gyms That Don’t Have Basketball Courts

Gyms typically need a large area to be able to accommodate a basketball court, which is why not all gyms have one. Local gyms that are built as part of community centers and are sponsored by charities might be more likely to have one, but it’s still unlikely that you’ll find one in your area. Therefore, if you’re looking for a basketball court at a gym, it might be worth searching for gyms in nearby cities or towns.

It may come as a surprise, but some of the most popular gym chains do not have basketball courts at any of their locations. These include; 

  • Anytime Fitness 
  • YouFit 
  • Blink 
  • Planet Fitness

If you are an avid basketball player and plan to use the court frequently, it is worth paying the additional membership fees to join a gym with a basketball court. 

However, if you are only looking to play occasionally, you can save money by joining any regular gym and instead join a pickup game at an independent basketball court nearby. That way, you get access to the sport without having to pay for an expensive membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the best gyms with basketball courts?

A: Some of the best gyms with basketball courts include Equinox, Life Time Fitness, LA Fitness, YMCA, Crunch, and 24-Hour Fitness. These gyms offer high-quality courts that are suitable for players of all levels.

Q: How much do these gyms typically cost for a membership?

A: The cost of a membership at these gyms can vary widely. Equinox and Life Time fitness tend to have higher membership fees due to the premium amenities they offer, while LA Fitness, YMCA, Crunch, and 24-Hour Fitness are more reasonably priced. It’s worth considering your budget and what amenities you’re looking for when choosing a gym.

Q: Are basketball courts available at all locations of these gyms?

A: Not all locations of these gyms have basketball courts, so it’s important to check availability at your local gym before committing to a membership.

Q: Do these gyms offer other amenities besides basketball courts?

A: Most of these gyms offer a wide range of other amenities in addition to basketball courts. These may include fitness classes, pools, saunas, personal training, and more. It’s worth checking with the individual gym to see what specific amenities are available.

Q: Can I reserve a spot on the basketball court in advance?

A: Some gyms, such as LA Fitness, offer the ability to reserve a spot on the basketball court through their app or online booking system. This can be convenient for those who want to ensure they have a court available when they arrive at the gym. Other gyms may not have this option, so it’s worth checking with the individual gym for more information.

Wrapping Up

If you’re serious about your basketball game and are willing to invest in a top-quality gym membership, Equinox and Life Time fitness are both excellent options. Both gyms have top-class basketball courts that are perfect for players who want to improve their skills and compete at a high level. While the membership fees at these gyms may be higher than some other options, they are worth it for those who are committed to playing basketball regularly.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a basic basketball court where you can shoot some hoops every now and then, there are more affordable options available such as YMCA, Crunch, and 24-Hour Fitness. These gyms may not have all the premium features of Equinox or LifeTime, but they still offer good quality courts at a more reasonable price.

It’s worth noting that not all locations of these gyms have basketball courts, so it’s important to check availability at your local gym before committing to a membership. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find a gym that offers a basketball court in your area.

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