Adele’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Adele's workout routine and diet plan

Grab all the details of the English singer and songwriter Adele’s workout routine and diet plan and find out how it enabled her to shed 100 pounds.

Her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins she was born on May 5, 1988, in Tottenham, London. She is a stunning singer recognized worldwide, her amazing songs have enabled her to win different influential awards like Grammy Award, Brit Award, Academy Award, etc.

Besides her fantastic singing career, Adele has also become a source of inspiration to most of her fans after her weight loss transformation where she lost 100 pounds of body fat. Basically, she moved from fat to fit. 

But the questions that a lot of fans ask are how did Adele lose weight, and what Adele’s workout and nutrition plan look like.

Well if you’re of her fans with these same questions then you’re on the right post because today we will be giving you all the information about Adele’s workout routine and diet plan that helped her move from fat to fit. Just keep reading.

Adele’s Workout Routine

Adele's workout routine

Image source @adele Instagram

Adele is an exercise fanatic and her commitment to exercising showed up when she transformed her physique from being overweight to lean and toned.

Adele’s workout program consists of training styles like weight training, pilates, boxing, and HIIT. it also includes the concept of circuit training which enables her to burn more excess calories in a short period of time.

She used to work out 3 times a week in one of her workout plans. But these workout sessions were brutal. They included training in a circuit and performing 60 minutes of intense cardio. This workout approach enabled her to burn more fat from her body.

Despite her workouts being painful and torturous, because of their high intensity, Adele made sure during the training sessions that she gives in her 100% to build and maintain her well-proportioned body which keeps on driving her fans crazy.

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Now let’s have a detailed overview of Adele’s workout routine;


Pilates is one of Adele’s favorite training programs. Her pilates sessions help her maintain her body in great shape. They also work on her flexibility plus improving her core strength and stability.

Lately, Adele has included reformer pilates in her training program. This reformer pilates is more intense and dynamic than traditional pilates. It uses springs, carriage, and ropes for performing certain exercises.

A reformer pilates workout routine trains the full body in one session and works on improving flexibility, core strength, and muscle toning.

Weight Training

To boost her muscle strength and speed up her metabolism, Adele also incorporates weight training in her workout program. Her weight training routine consists of different exercises performed using dumbbells.

But Adele makes sure to use light to moderate weights to burn more calories that keep her body lean and toned. She performs a higher number of reps which falls between the range of 15 to 20.


Instead of depending on steady state cardio, Adele chooses to perform HIIT. Her HIIT sessions were mostly focused on helping her burn more excess fat from her body.

Even when the world was in lockdown and all gyms were closed, Adele relied on performing high-intensity exercises that helped her stay in great shape.

To avoid getting bored with her workout routine, Adele keeps changing it from time to time.

Adele’s Diet Plan

Adele's diet plan

Image source @adele Instagram

Adele’s diet plan played an important role during her weight loss transformation. It did not just help her lose excess weight but also toned and gave her body a great definition.

Adele followed a Sirtfood diet plan which helped her elevate her metabolism levels. And this enabled her to lose over 100 pounds of weight.

A Sirt food diet plan consists of nutrient-rich food items that boost a protein called sirtuin. It includes foods like including berries, red wine, and dark chocolate. But this diet restricts calories between 1000 to 1500 per day.

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Below is Adele’s diet plan in detail;


  • green juice
  • soy yogurt with mixed berries
  • dark chocolate


  • kale salad with parsley, celery, apples, and walnuts topped with olive oil and lemon juice.
  • strawberry buckwheat tabouleh with avocado, tomato, dates, and parsley topped with olive oil and lemon dressing.


  • Grilled or baked chicken breast with a kale and onion salad topped with a tomato and chili salsa.


  • Red wine

Cheat Meal

  • McChicken Nugget with a Big Mac and then fries

Adele’s Supplements

Adele takes the following supplement to help fuel her gains;

  • Greens supplement
  • Resveratrol
  • Turmeric
  • Quercetin


Well, that’s all we have for you about Adele’s workout routine and diet plan, and we hope it has inspired you to also start on your fitness journey.

If that is the case then it’s a great idea, but instead of direct copying her workout and nutrition plan, it would be better if you just make some modifications and use this post as a reference to structure your own workout and diet plan based on your level of fitness and experience. 

When you’re done with that remember to stay consistent with both your workout and diet plan because that is the only way you will be able to see results from your hard work.

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