Brandon Carter’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Brandon Carter's Workout Routine

Grab all the details of the well-known personal trainer, nutritionist, author, social media personality, and fitness model Brandon Carter’s workout routine and diet plan and find out how he maintains his lean and muscular physique all year round.

Brandon Carter is a fantastic fitness model who worked for notable brands like puma, Adidas, Nike, and Men’s health. 

When growing up Carter’s life was hard the hustle for the money ended up dragging him into involving himself in the drug business, but after realizing that it was a risky life he decided to leave it and concentrate on training.

So in this article today we will be throwing some light on Brandon Carter’s workout routine and diet plan. Just keep reading.

Brandon Carter’s Stats 

Height: 188 cm – 6’2”

Weight: 81 kg – 190 pounds

Age: 39 years old

Birthday: 15th of September, 1983

Accolades: Autobiography, Ultimate Cuts: 7 Secrets To Burn Fast As Hell”

Brandon Carter’s Workout Routine

Brandon Carter's workout routine and diet plan

Image source @kingketo Instagram

Brandon Carter’s workout program consists of weight training and cardio. Where weight training helps him to build and maintain muscle mass, whereas cardio helps him to keep his physique lean and athletic.

When it comes to his weight training sessions Brandon does not only use barbells and dumbbells. He also uses machines, TRX, kettlebells, etc to give his muscle enough stimulants.

Brandon Carter always makes it a point to stay consistent with his workout routine and this is how he is able to maintain his muscular and lean physique all year round.

His training program mostly consists of full body workouts, Carter doesn’t prefer training using the bro split approach he likes when training to hit all his muscle groups more than once a week, which you can’t do with the bro split approach.

Apart from weight training, Brandon also likes adding calisthenics and TRX exercises to his workout plan. He claims that this style of training helps in promoting hypertrophy, strength, and stability.

Brandon Carter also likes performing body weight like pushups, pullups, chin-ups, handstand pushups, etc during his training session because they help to enhance the core, strength, and stability.

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Brandon performs the following exercises during his full body workout sessions;

  • Barbell Squats
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Incline Barbell Bench Press
  • Barbell Bent-Over Rows
  • Handstand Pushups
  • Overhead Presses
  • T-Bar Rows
  • TRX Curls
  • TRX Skull Crushers
  • Calisthenics Training
  • Battle Ropes
  • HIIT Cardio on Punching Bag

I guess you have seen that most of Brandon Carter’s workout routines listed above are compound exercises. This is because when you perform these exercises they target multiple muscle groups at once which promotes both strength and hypertrophy growth.

Performing compound exercises helps Brandon to shape his abs without doing a lot of ab exercises because when performing compound exercises you need to lift a heavy weight and the tension that is put on the abs makes them look ripped.

Brandon Carter’s Diet Plan

Brandon Carter's Diet Plan

Image source @kingketo Instagram

To makes sure that he gets the best out of his intense workout plan, Brandon also makes sure to fuel his body well and because of that, he focuses on eating healthy and nutritious food items.

Brandon Carter’s diet plan mostly consists of whole food items which provide his body with enough essential nutrients and good calories.

Currently, Brandon is following a ketogenic diet plan. This diet involves eating a higher portion of fats, a moderate portion of protein, and a lower portion of carbs.

Brandon relies on fats as his source of energy instead of carbs, because his diet plan mostly consists of fats with a higher portion this also helps keep him feeling full throughout the day.

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Brandon Carter eats around 4 to 5 meals a day. And below is Brandon Carter’s diet plan in detail;

Meal 1- Breakfast

  • 6 Eggs
  • Oatmeal

Meal 2- Snack

  • Protein Shake

Meal 3- Lunch

  • 5 slices of bacon
  • 2 handfuls of spinach

Meal 4- Dinner

  • Green Salad
  • Meat of Choice

Brandon also makes it a point to keep his body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and other fluids every day.

Brandon Carter’s Supplements

Brandon Carter takes the following supplements to help fuel his gains;


  • Whey Protein Powder
  • Glutamine
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
  • Multivitamins



That’s all we have for you about Brandon Carter’s workout routine and diet plan, we hope you have got enough inspiration from this post to start on your fitness goal.

But you should put in mind that getting a physique like Brandon’s takes time and a lot of dedication. So you should be ready to face all the challenges that come with the process.

We recommend you use Brandon Carter’s workout and nutrition plan as a reference to structure your own workout and nutrition plan based on your level of fitness and experience.  

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