Tanya Burr weight loss: Weight Loss Without dieting 2021

Tanya Burr weight loss

Tanya Burr Weight Loss reveals secrets to weight loss without dieting. She managed to lose weight without any strict workout, neither any yoga nor dieting. Back in 2018, Tanya Burr mentioned in her videos that she has lost weight. She also said something interesting about her Weight loss techniques that got the attention of her fans. She said, ‘’ I am extremely anti-Diet.

Tanya Burr is an English famous YouTuber and actress. She has 3.26 million subscribers on YouTube.  She posts make-up tutorials and fashion Videos. She also appeared in guest roles in the series ‘’ Bulletproof’’, and ‘’ Holby City’’. She recently did a film named ‘’ Twist’’. She is 31 years old and looks incredibly gorgeous after her Weight loss. She is very sensational and has a great spirit. She often makes videos of her outing and post for her fans. Tanya Burr Weight loss was quite surprising for everyone. The most interesting fact about her weight loss was that she denied using any unhealthy weight loss technique. Her statement created a curiosity among her fans. Let’s see how she responded to all the weight loss curiosities of her fans.

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Tanya Burr Weight Loss- Without Diet

Tanya Burr weight loss

image source @tanyaburr Instagram

Tanya Burr Weight loss got her fan’s attention when she shared her Video about her weight loss without dieting. Everyone was curious to know how she made it possible. She was quite healthy. She surprised everyone with her new look and amazing transformation.

Tanya Burr Weight loss was different. Every weight loss plan either follows diet secrets or does a workout on a routine basis. Also, controlling excessive calories, and burning out excessive fat is part of the weight loss process. However, Tanya Burr encourages people to have whatever they like. She didn’t opt for any diet plan. Though she said that it’s beneficial to engage oneself in exercise. She said,

“I have not been on a diet, that’s the biggest thing I want to tell people”. She responded “I am so anti-diets now. And anti-trying to eat perfect and healthy all the time. There is no strict routine with it, there is no ‘I have to do this or ‘I have to do that. When I feel like it, I will do a workout…”

Simply, she didn’t care about anything or whatever people say. She did what she liked. She was never anxious about eating. Let’s see how overthinking affects our weight.

Did Overthinking Affect Her Weight Loss?

Indeed, Tanya Burr Weight loss proves that overthinking does affect weight loss. For example, people who care too much about their weight get depressed. And somehow it affects not only their mental health but also their physical appearance. A research paper published by E.Brindal-appetite 2021 suggested that,

Sensitivity to reward is positively associated with unhealthy food choices such as a preference for high-fat and high-sugar foods. Although setting high standards also has a clear association with the broader domain of conscientiousness, managing failure is critical for challenging behaviors like weight loss.

People who follow proper dieting plans are quite sensitive towards the results. Which adds more stress to their issue. They highly think of the failure and become conscious of the food they take. However, Tanya Burr’s weight loss journey is carefree. She did not care about her routine, exercise, neither eating. She said, 

“My secret is not trying to diet anymore and so then it’s so much easier and you’re not thinking ooo I can’t eat that which just makes you want it more x”

Overthinking is associated with unhealthy habits. Therefore, it is suggested that people must be carefree about their weight loss, like Anaya Burr Weight loss had been careless, and carefree. 

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What do her fans have to say about her weight loss?

Tanya Burr Weight Loss

image source @tanyaburr Instagram

Regarding Tanya Burr Weight loss, her fans shared mixed kinds of emotions. Some of them thought she use drugs or she is sick. Some thought she went through some health issues. While many of her fans admired her for her new look. She was very kind and generous towards her fans, and later in 2018 shared her experience with her fans. Instagram and Twitter were flooded with questions about Tanya Burr weight loss techniques.  

One of her fans twitted,

She looks kind of grey in the face these days, not sure it was healthy weight loss!

One devoted fan wrote: 

“Your body transformation is everything, Tanya. So inspirational. You are damn pretty.”

Tanya burr Weight loss


Other fans were desperate to know her workout secrets:

 “Absolutely beautiful! Please share your fitness secrets with us. Body goals.”

And Tanya Burr responded to her fans and said, 

“It’s really hard because the thing that made me lose weight was not trying, not caring, having a lot of other things to think about and focus on. I was super busy when I was doing the play.

She added, 

“I guess, in May-June time, I was just so busy and I really was not eating super-duper healthy. I love vegetables and tried to eat them, but I was eating burgers and chips, whatever.”

She is super vocal about her eating, and her fans love her authenticity. Her experience made others believe that weight loss is possible even without a workout and diet. However, again, it all depends on how your body function. Tanya Burr’s weight loss process might not be fit for you but one thing is clear that those who take stress about weight loss add extra weight. 

Tanya Burr’s weight loss taught us that one must not take the stress. Weight loss is a smooth process. If you stay calm and happy. Then the strategies, techniques, and tools will help you. Otherwise, dieting and workout are useless, if it makes your worry. 

Tanya Burr Weight loss- Workout

Tanya Burr Weight loss as a result of any workout as well. As she goes to Barry’s Boot Camp twice a week. She talks about her workout and said she work out just a little bit, and hardly follows any strict rules for a workout. She does not follow any kind of strict rule for herself. Bootcamp is really hard for her, and she enjoys it.

However, we can assume from her story is that she is naturally blessed with such an amazing body, and she hardly needs anything extra to maintain her flawless body. She does not need any kind of hard and tough workout.

After Tanya posted a picture of herself looking sun-kissed on holiday, a fan requested if she could share her “meal plan and fitness routine“, adding that she looks “incredible and I need to do what you’re doing”.

In a comment on the subject, Tanya replied:

“I don’t have one! I do Barry’s Bootcamp once or twice a week, I work out hard when I do it, but I am not very dedicated to it and can go three weeks without doing one.

                “I eat all foods and alcohol, just whatever I feel like that day.

Tanya Burr’s weight loss made her natural body incredible. Her body absorbs everything she eats. Though if you look at her pictures on Instagram, the difference is huge. She made a long way, and she looks perfect.

Tanya Burr Weight Loss- Tips from her weight loss

Following tips that we can learn from Tanya Burr Weight Loss

  • Stop worrying about your weight and body shape
  • Stop putting pressure on yourself to achieve weight loss
  • Overthinking about weight loss could trigger your mental health, and also increase your appetite, therefore, avoid overthinking
  • Eat what you like but make a small portion of it
  • Do not be anxious about food and exercise
  • Do everything whenever you feel and like to do without putting yourself under pressure
  • Stay calm, and enjoy your life.
  • Do workout and exercise, but again do not be hard on yourself
  • Always stay happy and internally satisfy

Also, remember, that some people are naturally gifted with bodies that do not gain weight. They can easily adapt to some situations but not every individual has their unique body. Therefore, if you believe a proper diet plan and workout will work for you, go for it.

Final Thought on Tanya Burr Weight Loss

Tanya Burr Weight loss is unique and interesting. She is among those who are naturally blessed with a body that requires little effort for weight loss. She did not put herself into hardcore exercise, gym, or dieting.

She does whatever she likes, and eats her favorite food. She focused on her work without being worried about her body which makes her less anxious. One thing that we learn from her journey is that one should not do strict dieting and hardcore exercise.

However, Tanya Burr Weight loss might be different in the sense that her body functions like this. And many of us do not get the same kind of body functions. We might opt for dieting and workout that fits our body. We should not completely stop doing dieting and eat whatever we like. This should be the case.

Your weight loss strategy must be according to the functions and requirements of your body.

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