Nathan Fillion’s Weight Loss 2021; Here’s the Truth

Nathan Fillion's Weight Loss

Nathan Fillion’s weight loss is a result of his proper diet and workout. His diet contains carbs, proteins, and other necessary nutrients which help him in maintaining a healthy life.

Nathan Fillion is a Canadian- American actor born on March 27, 1971. He is known for his leading roles in Captain Malcolm ‘’ Mal’’ Reynolds on Firefly and Richard Castle on Castle. He is currently working with ABC on The Rookie as John Nolan. Nathan has marked his stamp on a generation starring the most notoriously secret television series. He is among the biggest star for his characters across TV, film, and gaming. Apart from his tremendous work as an actor, he surprised his fans with his transformation and losing weight for ‘’ The Rookies’’. Some of his fans liked his transformation while others were critics of his weight loss. Some believed he looked older than before. While others said, he looks smart and young. What do you think of him after weight loss?

I believed he looked amazing in his new style, smarter, handsome, and happier. He gives a more attractive and youthful look now. But how did he manage to go through such transformation at an age of 53 when most people just give up on weight loss. What kept him motivated and consistent during his weight loss journey? There are lots of questions you might be thinking about, so let’s have a deep dive into his journey and explore his weight-loss strategies and get some tips out of his experience.

Why Did Nathan Fillion lose his Weight?

Nathan Fillion's Weight Loss

Nathan Fillion lost his weight considering it as part of his job and to appear on the show, he must look fit and smart. His fans were astonished to see a significant loss in his weight. During the second season of the show The Rookies, his fans noticed something different about him and started talking about it.

They started putting forward their versions of explanations about the actor’s weight loss. Some assumed that he might have been sick, while others speculated that he had been using some medication.

However, analysis of his interviews, his posts on Instagram, and Twitter, we realized that he puts great effort into his weight loss. In one of his interviews, he mentioned that working on his weight is part of his job. He considers it a job to eat non-sugary food, and do regular workouts. He even joked about being old and unable to see the minutes on his watch.

On Twitter, his fans show more curiosity about his weight loss. One of them twitted,

Okay – can someone tell me what is going on with Nathan Fillion’s weight loss – he is not sick is he?

These are some concerns the fans showed over Twitter, some thought he might be sick.

Another fan tweeted,

“Just noticed a new haircut and you lost a bunch of weight. Bit of a shock to see you,” 

“Wow, you look good, but you lost a lot of weight,” a concerned fan tweeted. “It’s not bad, or judgment, just hoping all is ok.”

“Watching but concerned. The weight loss. Hope you’re well and healthy,” another concerned fan tweeted. “If not God Bless. If so give me back the ‘Hunk.’”

Nathan Fillion's Weight Loss

There were some mixed emotions about his weight loss, but overall, all of his fans appreciate his efforts, loved his new look and wanted to know the secret of his weight loss.

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How did Nathan Fillion lose so many pounds?

Many of you might be wondering how much weight Nathan Fillion Lost. In the beginning, his fans speculated about 30 pounds, however, when his pictures surfaced on the internet, it seemed he has lost around 68lbs, however, people are always interested in knowing how someone managed to lose so many pounds. Obviously, there are no magic pills for weight loss, if there are any they would be harmful. Like most of the stories we have covered, the weight loss results came from a proper diet plan and regular workout.

It is a hard truth that the foundation of any weight loss is a proper diet plan. To maintain your diet, do simple things. Eat your Veggies, Cut sweets, cut the unhealthy fats off your steak, and avoid junk food at any cost. 

If you continue your consumption of junk food, no amount of exercise, diet, or any weight loss supplements will help you. However, if you are already making healthy food, and avoiding junk food, a little amount of regular exercise will help you to lose weight.

Similarly, Nathan Fillion properly follows healthy eating and avoids sugary food, also continued his regular exercise.

Why there is so much Gossip about Nathan Fillion’s Weight loss?

Nathan Fillion's Weight Loss

As Nathan Fillion actively use social media and interact with his fans, both on Instagram and Twitter. As the fans didn’t expect a huge weight loss. They were shocked to see him in totally different attire and made headlines for weight loss.

In his interaction with his fans, it is clear that he never supported any kind of weight loss surgery, rather he believed in a natural remedy and promotes a healthy lifestyle like many other celebrities such as Jennifer Brady, Stephanie Abrams.

In his journey of weight loss, Nathan Fillion did cycling, swinging, exercising, and walking. Also, got the help of instructors, though he is not super vocal about his activities and responses to his fans, which shows that he followed these tips and had regular exercise.

Another reason for gossip about his weight loss is his presence on social media and getting involved in the discussions. Many of his fans supported him for adopting a healthy lifestyle, and also admired him as he looks young and smart. However, critics are on every platform who also presents a different perspective. However, the gossips also helped to create awareness about his weight loss and healthy eating.

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Why is Nathan Fillion’s Diet Secret so Successful?

Since there were gossips and speculations about Nathan Fillion’s weight loss. Some also wondered that he used Ketogenic Diet. It is a personalized diet plan which includes foods like fish, Carbs, Vegetables, cheese, eggs, coconut oil, and some other suggested foods, according to body requirements. We assume that he had been using a personalized diet plan, as, in one of his tweets, the actor talked about the consumption of Cheese. When his follower asked him how he managed to lose weight.

However, Nathan Fillion has always supported a healthier diet plan. Though in his interview he talked about how strict he is about his workout and diet. Even if he was on a Keto diet plan, he must have consulted with his professionals. As a keto diet plan is not recommended for everyone, it is recommended after checking body requirements and its safety.

Usually, people opt for almost six months for the keto diet. However, some also go for more than six months. The Keto diet limits the intake of vegetables and fruits with high carbs. Cucumbers are very low in carbs, containing only 2 grams of carbs in the slice. For example, keto bread has lower carbohydrates and proteins than other bread. Similarly, there are fruits, vegetables, and meat with low carbs.

Even with a Keto Diet plan, one must be consistent and punctual. Nathan Fillion accepted that he has been very strict about his diet and workout because this is how he would be able to achieve his goals. His consistency and hard work resulted in a tremendous weight loss which was admired by his followers.

You might be wondering about the Ketogenic Diet plan, let’s dig into some of its benefits;

  • Low Carbs can lead to an automatic reduction in appetite and calories intake
  • Its leads to more weight loss in a very effective way and even faster
  • In comparison with conventional weight loss, low carb leads to effective weight loss within six months
  • Low Carbs are effective to reduce abdominal fat which causes metabolic problems
  • They reduce blood sugar and may lower your blood pressure

However, there are risk factors involved with the ketogenic diet, as lower carbs could lead to diseases such as stroke, kidney failure, heart diseases, and hypertension. Therefore, it is necessary to consult your doctor, or health professional before you go for a Ketogenic dieting plan.

Final Though on Nathan Fillion’s Weightloss Journey

Nathan Fillion is very happy about his weight loss and also optimistic about his body shape. He believes that it will inspire others to reduce their weight. Even in the episodes of his series, he stopped eating junk food and went on to opt for a vegetarian diet. He also limited his intake of Chicken and fruits. Though, it might not have been very easy for him to work on a strict weight loss plan, and do regular work out. But he considered it as part of his job and stick to it which lasted for several months. He believes that if anyone wants to lose weight, he must get the right nutrients for his body and then burn the fat. With his consistency and passion, he changed his look, attitude, and perspective on eating. He now takes healthy food and trying to maintain his weight.

If you wanted to lose weight, remember one thing; Consistency. If you are not consistent in what you do, you will not get the results. For instance, if you are going for regular exercise, but not avoiding junk food, it wouldn’t be worth it. Meanwhile, if you are not getting any sweet or junk food but not doing exercise, again, it wouldn’t be beneficial. Therefore, it is very important to consider everything for weight loss. If Nathan Fillion can manage to lose weight at an age of 53, you can also do that, stay motivated and put your hard work into it.

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