Iron Tribe Fitness Membership Cost

Iron Tribe Fitness Membership Cost

Iron Tribe is a franchise of gyms that specialize in team-based group workout sessions, similar to those of CrossFit or other group-style workout classes. The company was officially founded in 2010, with the first gyms located in Alabama. The founder of Iron Tribe began by offering a garage gym to friends through an invite-only system. As of 2022, Iron Tribe has expanded to serve communities all over the Southeast.

Iron Tribe Fitness offers a range of membership options, to suit different needs and budgets. Each plan includes access to five different training programs – Prime, Push, Power, Perform, and Peak – as well as a variety of amenities such as mid-size group classes. The cost of membership varies by city, but typically ranges from $189-$249 per month.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a membership at an Iron Tribe gym might entail, stay tuned! We’ll cover information about amenities, trials, guest passes, cancellation options, and more, so you don’t have to do the research on your own.

Iron Tribe Membership Cost

The cost of a monthly membership at Iron Tribe gym typically ranges from $190 to $250. The group-style classes are generally on the lower end of the price range, while the prime membership, which includes the smallest group sizes and the most one-on-one personal training support, is on the higher end.

It’s also worth noting that memberships can often be purchased in segments, such as 4-month, 6-month, 8-month, or 12-month plans, but this varies by location. So, it’s best to check with your local Iron Tribe gym for the specific pricing and membership options available.

It’s important to keep in mind that each membership type offers different benefits and can be tailored to meet different needs and fitness goals.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the different fitness programs offered by Iron Tribe, including the style of training, cost, and key features of each program.

Prime: The most expensive program at $250, the Prime program offers a tailored fitness routine, customized nutrition coaching, hands-on instruction, and 4-person classes.

Push: The mid-price program, Push is a HIIT program that includes cardio exercises, bodyweight movements, targeted weight training, and 45-minute group classes.

Power: Another mid-price program, Power focuses on strength training, weightlifting, cardio, gymnastics, and group classes.

Perform: A mid-price program designed for high-level athletes, Perform includes high-level strength training, targeted conditioning, and 60-minute group sessions.

Peak: The least expensive program at $190, Peak is designed for those just starting their fitness journey and focuses on nutrition, skill-building, and moves from beginner-level workouts to advanced, with coaches there every step of the way.

It’s important to note that the cost of the membership varies by location, so it’s best to check with your local Iron Tribe gym for the specific pricing and membership options available.

Iron Tribe Membership Benefits/Amenities

Iron Tribe Membership Benefits Amenities

InBody Scan: As a member of Iron Tribe, you will have access to an InBody scan, which is an analysis of body composition that provides information about your fat, muscle, and water levels.

Member-to-Coach Ratio: Iron Tribe offers a favorable member-to-coach ratio, where aside from the Prime membership (which offers a ratio of 4 members to 1 coach), the general ratio is 10 members to 1 coach, this allows for individual support, feedback, and training while still having the accountability and motivation of a group setting.

Private Showers: Iron Tribe locations have private showers available for members to use, making it convenient for those who need to clean up before heading to work or events.

Protein & Supplements: Members also have access to purchase protein and supplements that can aid in their fitness journey.

These amenities are available to members in all Iron Tribe locations, offering additional support and convenience to help achieve fitness goals.

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Iron Tribe Cancellation Policy

Iron Tribe allows its members the flexibility to cancel their membership at any time, as long as they provide 30 days’ notice. This means that if you decide in mid-January that you want to explore other gym options, you can cancel your membership and it will be effective in February.

In addition to the ability to cancel, Iron Tribe also offers free trial options for potential members who want to test out the gym before committing to a membership. 

Each location may have different options, but some locations may offer a promotional 2 free weeks of classes for certain membership types, such as the Push membership, so potential members can experience what Iron Tribe has to offer without the pressure of immediately signing up.

Does Iron Tribe offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Iron Tribe does offer free trial options for potential members to test out the gym before committing to a membership. However, the options and duration of the free trial may vary by location. It’s best to check with your local Iron Tribe gym for the specific free trial options available. 

Some locations may offer a promotional 2 free weeks of classes for certain membership types, such as the Push membership, to give potential members the opportunity to experience the Iron Tribe workout and community without the commitment of a full membership.

Does Iron Tribe offer a Guest Pass?

No, it does not appear that Iron Tribe offers guest passes. The company focuses on building community and trust between coaches and members, so guest passes are not typically advertised. 

However, members may be able to find out about any promotional free trials that their friends or family can use while in town. This can be a great way to introduce others to the gym and the workout style that members use.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

Are There Any Additional Costs

Iron Tribe’s membership cost is all-inclusive, meaning that members have access to the group workout sessions included in their membership plan. However, members also receive additional support and resources to help them navigate their fitness journey. Coaches meet with members monthly to discuss nutrition and personal progress and re-evaluate fitness goals.

This provides a community-focused approach and individualized support for members to achieve their fitness goals.

It’s worth noting that if a member decides to change their fitness program, that may come with an increased membership price.

The only additional cost for members would be if they choose to purchase supplements and protein.

Is Iron Tribe Similar to CrossFit?

Iron Tribe and CrossFit are similar in that they both offer group workout classes. However, Iron Tribe tends to cater more to busy professionals who are looking to fit their fitness goals into their busy schedules. 

The gym’s classes, including warm-up, workout, and cool-down, are typically 45 minutes long which makes it convenient for those who have limited time for their fitness routine.

It’s worth noting that Iron Tribe also offers a variety of fitness programs including strength training, weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics, similar to CrossFit. However, Iron Tribe places a strong emphasis on community and personal coaching, with a focus on busy professionals’ needs and goals.

Which Classes Does Iron Tribe Offer?

Iron Tribe offers 5 different fitness programs, each catering to different individual and group needs. These programs are:


In the most individually focused program, with classes of just 4 members to 1 coach, a more tailored fitness routine can be offered. The instruction takes a hands-on form and there is also customized nutrition coaching that is offered to members with this program plan.


This program is great for those looking for some guided high-intensity interval training, while keeping a class time of 45 minutes to fit into a lunch hour or somewhere else during a generally busy schedule.


These group classes focus on many different aspects of strength training, such as weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics to offer a balanced and diverse set of exercises.


If you are a high-performing athlete with a proven track record of athletic performance, this is the class for you. While all classes can cater to different levels of fitness and skill, performance is a 60-minute course that focuses specifically on those with higher performance and needs.


On the flip side, if you are beginning your fitness journey or don’t feel quite as confident in your form, the peak is a great way to increase your skills and fitness. This option is typically offered as a 4-month program that helps you go from beginner to advanced level workouts, alongside a coach that will help you navigate the entire process!

These fitness programs are designed to cater to the different needs and goals of the members, making them a great option for people with busy schedules and different fitness levels.

Iron Tribe Fitness Locations

Iron Tribe Fitness is a growing franchise and currently operates 29 gyms throughout the country. They are constantly expanding their locations to serve more communities and help more people reach their fitness goals. 

To find an Iron Tribe Fitness gym near you, you can use their Store Locator on their website or mobile application. A store locator is an easy-to-use tool that helps you find the nearest gym location, including the address, phone number, and hours of operation. You can also view the available classes and amenities at each location.


Iron Tribe Fitness is a great option for those looking for a group workout experience with a focus on community and personal coaching. The gym offers a variety of fitness programs, each catering to different individual and group needs. 

The membership cost ranges from $190 to $250, depending on the location and the type of program you choose. The Prime program is the most expensive with 4 members to 1 coach, while the Peak program is the least expensive and focuses on beginner-level workouts. 

The membership cost includes access to group workout sessions, personal coaching, and nutrition support, and members have the option to purchase supplements and protein. 

Iron Tribe also offers a free trial option, which may vary by location, and members have the flexibility to cancel their membership at any time, as long as they give 30 days’ notice. 

With 29 gyms operating throughout the country, Iron Tribe Fitness is a great option for busy professionals looking to fit their fitness goals into their busy schedules. You can find a gym near you by using their store locator on their website.

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