Zach Galifianakis Weight loss Story! How He lost tons of Weight

Zack Galifianakis weight loss

The Hollywood actor Zach Galifianakis weight loss is incredible and he credits his weight loss to Cutting out the Alcohol. Zack Galifianakis is an American actor, musician, writer, and most popular for being a comedian. He had his special comedy show ‘’ Comedy Central Presents special in 2001 and also Late world with Zach on VH1 the following year. His funny fat guy look makes him more interesting in comedy. 

In 1992, he came to New York to pursue standup comedy and perform in Time square. However, his real fame came with the movie ‘The Hangover‘’. He played a guy called Alan- an agent provocateur who stag night drink spiking experiment puts on the movie. The Hangover was the highest- R-rated comedy movie in US history. He also hosted the show Emmy Award-Winning talk show.

His fans love his transmission from funny fat guy to sporting slim face, though he kept his signature beard. Since he lost weight, he has been noticed by his fans. Now let’s talk about his transformation journey and how he lost his weight. 

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What is Zach Galifianakis weight loss Secret?

Zach Galifianakis Weight loss

image source @zachgalifianakisofficial Instagram

Zack Galifianakis is an edgy, unpredictable comedian with weird observational humor. With his unique style of comedy, he always refers to skipping alcohol as his secret to weight loss. He was drinking a lot of alcohol, which he realized was adding more weight to his body and leading to unhealthy habits in life. Therefore, he cut off his habit and lost tons of weight.  

He also focuses on the consumption of organic food. In one of his interviews, he states that one should avoid advertised food. There is nothing as bad as fast food. Since fast food takes a long time to digest, it affects the immune system and decreases metabolism. To speed up your metabolism, you must eat whole grains and whole food. According to Zack Galifianakis, organic food has all the essential ingredients to help your body grow and circulate blood properly. And this food does not store in your body helping in weight loss. 

Is dropping alcohol that simple secret recipe to Zach Galifianakis weight loss?

There is no doubt that alcohol does help in weight loss, as evident from Zach Galifianakis weight.  For example, if you are drinking two beers a day, it means you are consuming extra 300 calories a day or 2100 calories per week. This means not many people stick to a limit, rather their consumption of alcohol is high, and they drink at least five times that. And if there is booze means a lot of junk food.

Researchers say that booze can also disturb your sleeping pattern which negatively affects your health. It also impacts calories in your body. Hence, leading to more weight gain. Therefore, skipping drinking or booze means you are on your way to weight loss.

Is Zack Galifianakis Completely cut out Booze for Weight Loss? 

Zack Galifianakis was secretive about his weight loss. Once a reporter asked about his weight loss, he evaded the question by saying’’ I am just dying.’’ However, he revealed in another interview and said, 

“I started walking a bunch and gave up booze. Booze, I was done with it. I couldn’t wake up [like usual], so I stopped.” 

He was very much addicted to drinking in the past and struggled to control it. It might have been a very tough journey for him to break his habits, but it’s worth it. Though he still misses it which he mentioned during an interview. He stated,

“Lucky, I’m lucky that I could just stop, but boy I miss it,” 

We are glad that he was able to avoid alcohol and lost weight. He is much slimmer and looks great. 

How much weight did Zack Galifianakis Lose?

Zach Galifianakis Weight loss

Image source @zachgalifianakisofficial Instagram

Zack Galifianakis has lost 50 pounds and looks trimmer and leaner. He got the attention of the fans with his new incredible look after weight loss. Talking about his weight loss, he made a joke and said,

“[I lost] about 30 ounces,” he joked when asked how he shed the weight. “Nah… I started walking a bunch and gave up booze.’’

As a comedian, he always made jokes about his weight and used humor to hide his secrets. Apart from his workout and diet, his drinking avoidance helped him to achieve this goal.

If you are someone with the same addiction, and struggling with weight loss. Please make sure to break this habit, and avoid drinking alcohol for your health. 

Do you know about Zack’s workout Plan and daily routine?

Let us share with you Zack’s workout routine, which helped him lose 50 pounds within six months. 

  • Monday – 30 Minute walk on the incline treadmill 
  • Circuit –perform 4 sets 30 sec. each exercise 
  • Kettlebell Goblet Squats 
  • TRX Chest press and TRX Rows 
  • Barbell Military Press 
  • Walking lungs 
  • Tuesday – Cardio workout for 30 minutes, and also low-intensity treadmill workout 
  • Wednesday – on this day he focuses on his projects and ensures that ate healthy food keeping unhealthy food aside. 
  • Thursday– outdoor activity such as riding a bike is his favorite thing to do.  
  • Friday – He incorporates more cardio into his routine work, as he said, he enjoys doing cardio. And then go for like 20 minutes walk. 
  • Weekends – he loves tennis and biking so on weekends he spends time around nature. He believes that it’s the most important thing for mental peace and body. 

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What is Zack’s biggest piece of advice from his Weight loss experience?

Though Zack’s weight loss journey is tremendous, he was never loud about it. He didn’t say things clearly but he believes that exercise and gym must not be painful. Rather do things that you enjoy and like. It’s human nature that we tend to focus on things that we find interesting and like. 

One should permanently incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their life, and it should not be the question of weight loss. Without making it permanent mostly people go back to their previous mistakes and gain weight again. Hence, always make things part of your life and stay with them. Such as routine exercise and healthy eating. 

Zack Galifianakis is now happy about his healthy lifestyle and makes it part of his routine to do exercise and riding. He suggested others do things that they love. 

What other things Zack Did apart from Workouts?

Though Zack Galifianakis did workouts and make it part of his journey, he also makes sure that he does other things as well that are important for weight loss. So here is the list of a few important things which he did for weight loss.

  • Eating Healthy and Good food – He makes sure that he takes good vitamins, protein, and nutrition to fulfil his body’s needs and requirements. He eliminated all the junk food and replaced them with healthy food such as fruits and veggies, fresh fish, and white eggs. It’s very important to take care of your diet plan, and include healthy food to avoid any kind of deficiency in your body. 
  • Garcinia Cambogia – he consumes a big fat blaster and natural metabolism supplement known as Garcinia Cambogia. This gives him energy and fulfills his body’s needs. However, you must consult with your professional for taking any kind of multivitamins. 
  • He sought Support –   He gets support for fitness and weight training. He was not an expert, therefore, he opted to get help from a trainer to help him figure out the best exercises for him. If you guys need help, do get guidance and training from experts and professionals. That can bring a huge change, rather than doing something on your own not knowing how it can impact your body and weight. 

If you are losing weight, follow guidelines from different people and learn the best techniques to overcome your weight.

Things you must do:

  • Push away processed food
  • Say no to sugar
  • Less Wheat
  • Move away from Dairy products and milk
  • Soak up some sun
  • Play and do some physical exercise
  • Do outdoor activities frequently

These tips and techniques will hopefully help you in your journey, and make it easier for you.

Final Thought on Zack Galifianakis Weight loss Journey

As a comedian, Zack Galifianakis is loved by his fans. He has been appreciated for his comedy, and people never really bothered about his appearance. Rather the fat guy’s look makes him even funnier. Even after weight loss, some people thought he had lost his funny side. But he always makes dark humor about everything.

As an addict to drinking alcohol, his journey of weight loss has never been easy. However, he never says anything regarding his weight loss, though people were really curious about his weight loss. He always made jokes about it. But finally, he revealed and said that it’s the habit of drinking alcohol and booze that didn’t let him lose his weight. Finally, he decided to lose weight, and say goodbye to alcohol and drinking. 

For all those people, who are alcoholics and think that it’s harder to avoid drinking. Zack Galifianakis must be your inspiration and gives hope to you. You can also lose weight and live a healthy life avoiding these harmful habits.

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