Taylor Lautner’s weight loss And Weight Gain, His Workout And Diet Plan

Taylor Lautner weight loss

Grab all the facts about the American actor and model Taylor Lautner’s weight loss and his weight gain find out how his workout and diet plan. Also, see his before and after photos.

His full name is Taylor Daniel Lautner born February 11, 1992, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We all remember him in The Twilight Saga film series playing the role of shape-shifter Jacob Black.

Lautner has also appeared in a lot of different Television series and films like  The Bernie Mac ShowMy Wife, and Kids, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 Abduction, and many more interesting series and films which I can’t mention and finish in this article.

Apart from his amazing acting career, Taylor Lautner’s weight loss is also trending on the internet and a lot of his fans are curious to know how he was able to lose the weight and wondering what could be his diet plan and workout routine.

Well, if you’re one of his fans with the same questions then you’re in the right place because I will be giving you all the details about Taylor Lautner’s weight loss from his diet plan to his fitness routine. Just keep reading.

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How Did Tayler Lautner Lose Weight?

When not acting Taylor Lautner is modeling and the most important thing of being a model is the way you look physically so this helps Lautner to stay in shape by taking care of his body. 

He works out one to two hours focusing mostly on full-body workouts like squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc. these help him burn fat and build muscle faster. 

Taylor Lautner also watches what he puts in his body when he is trying to lose weight as everyone tries to lose weight considering a healthy diet is one of the most important things to put in mind.

He eliminates all unhealthy food from his diet and starts taking foods high in protein like chicken, eggs, fish, etc. Lautner also eats carbs and fat but in moderation in order to balance his micronutrients.

Why Did Taylor Lautner Gain Weight? 

When Taylor Lautner made his latest appearance in Netflix’s sports comedy film called Home Team with Kevin James, he had gained weight, and most of his fans speculate that he might have gained for his next project.

Although a lot of speculations about his weight gain are making headlines on different social media platforms, Taylor Lautner has never come out to clear the air why he gained the weight, all we know now is that he definitely gained weight.

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Taylor Lautner’s Weight Loss Workout Routine

Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

When Taylor Lautner was given to play a role of a werewolf in the Twilight Saga, he had to pack on some amount of mass in order to fit that character.

So all he did was hit the gym and started lifting weights, doing compound exercises where he lifted heavy weights with low reps and light weights with high reps on different days

Lautner works out 5 days a week and we have provided below his workout plan if you also want to lose weight and build muscle you can start using the same routine and in a short period of time, you will start seeing results. 

Here is Taylor Lautner’s workout routine.

Exercises Sets x Reps
Monday- Chest, and Triceps
Push-Ups    3 x 10
Barbell Bench Press (Heavy)    5 x 5
Close Grip Tricep Press    4 x 15
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (Heavy)    3 x (8-10)
Dips    4 x 15
Dumbbell Tricep Overhead Extensions (Heavy)    3 x (8-10)
Dumbbell Incline Chest Flys (Light)    4 x 15
Tuesday- Back and Biceps
Wide Grip Pull-Ups 3 x 5
Air Squats 3 x 5
Deadlift (Heavy) 5 x 5
Cable Rows 4 x 15
Lateral Pulldowns (Heavy) 3 x (8-10)
T-Bar Rows 4 x 15
Dumbbell Bicep Curls (Heavy) 3 x (8-10)
Preacher Curls (Light) 4 x 15
Wednesday- Legs
Air Squats 3 x 10
Barbell Back Squat (Heavy) 5 x 5
Weighted Lunges 4 x 15
Leg Press (Heavy) 3 x (8-10)
Box Jumps 4 x 15
Calf Raises (Heavy) 3 x (8-10)
Hamstring Curls (Light) 4 x 15
Thursday- Shoulder Work
Pull-Ups 3 x 10
Military Press (Heavy) 5 x 5
Dumbbell Front Shoulder Raises 4 x 15
Barbell Shrugs (Heavy) 3 x (8-10)
Face Pulls 4 x 15
Arnold Presses (Heavy) 3 x (8-10)
Dumbbell Shrugs (Light) 4 x 15
Friday- Core
Weighted Planks 3 x 60 seconds
Reverse Crunches 3 x 25
Hanging Leg Raises 3 x 15
Weighted Twisting Sit-Ups 3 x 10 (each side)
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Rest


Taylor Lautner’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Taylor Lautner diet plan

Taylor Lautner’s diet plan mostly includes food high in protein which helps him to stay feeling full hence avoiding unnecessary eating. He also eats healthy carbs and fat but in a small portion.

Below is Taylor Lautner’s diet plan which you can use if you have no idea how you can organize your meals. But you can always replace the food you like in case there is some listed and you don’t like it. Let’s get to it.

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  • 4 Eggs Omelet 
  • Yogurt, Oatmeal
  •  Fruit Juice.


  • Nuts,
  •  Strawberries
  • Blueberries

Post Workout Meal

  • Protein Bar
  • 1 Banana
  •  Raspberries


  • Roasted Chicken
  •  Rice
  •  A Cup Of Green Beans
  •  Fish


  • Salmon
  •  Sweet Potato 
  • Mixed Vegetables
  •  Green Tea

That’s all I have for you about Taylor Lautner’s weight loss diet plan I hope you get some guidance it and apply it to your daily meal plan.


Taylor Lautner has been gaining and losing weight and that is due to the character he is going to act in a given project. But either way when it is time to lose the weight he puts in all the work to achieve his desired goal.

According to his latest appearance, he looks chubby and we expect in the future to hear about his weight loss, our only prayer is for him to share with us all the tricks and the secrets he will use. 

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