Paolo Banchero’s Weight Loss, His Workout, And Diet Plan.

paolo Banchero weight loss

Get all the facts about the American-Italian college basketball player Paolo Banchero’s weight loss learn about his workout routine and diet plan also find out why he loses 7 pounds every game he plays.

His full name is Paolo Napoleon James Banchero he was born November 12, 2002, in Seattle, Washington. He is an amazing basketball player and this enabled him to be one of the top players and a consensus five-star recruit in his 2021 class.

Paolo Banchero is currently playing for Duke Blue Devil of the Atlantic Coast Conference where he plays number 5 in the power forward position.

His career is very amazing and shooting up in the sky but of late his weight loss has caught fans’ attention and most of them are asking questions like how did Paolo Banchero lose weight, what do his workout routine and diet plan look like.

If you’re one of his fans with the same kind of questions then you’re in the right place because today I will be answering all the possible questions about Paolo Banchero’s weight loss from his diet plan to his fitness routine. Just keep reading.

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How did Paolo Banchero Lose Weight, Is He Healthy?

Paolo Banchero loses 7 pounds of weight every game he plays due to sweating and this has become a worrying factor to his coach and teammates.

This constant sweating causes the Duke player to experience many cramps which are now becoming a health problem. In order to avoid these cramps during the game, Banchero had to go under a sweat test and he is given a special oxygenated fluid to drink before and after the game.

Although basketball is one of the physically demanding games Banchero losing 7 pounds per game is too much. Even the 2014 study suggests that an NBA player who plays for 30 minutes at least burns around 1,2oo to 1,500 calories per game.

And for one to lose one pound of weight it will require burning 3,500 calories. So you can imagine how many calories Paolo Banchero burns in just a single game.

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Paolo Banchero’s Workout Routine

poalo banchero workout routine

image source @paolo5 Instagram

Paola Banchero is one of Duke’s top players and to be on top means hard work and consistency. He wakes up early in the morning at 5 AM and hits the gym with his coach before he goes to school.

They run through shooting drills and work on his stamina for about an hour then he goes to the shower to fresh up for school.

Apart from the shooting practice, Paolo Banchero also includes weight training in his daily workout program.

He performs exercises like squat, deadlift, bench press, lunges, these exercises help him improve his strength and speed while playing the game.

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Paolo Banchero’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Paolo Banchero diet plan

Image source @paolo5 Instagram

During an interview on Al ward YouTube channel Banchero said he is not a big fan of breakfast he only takes burritos if he feels like taking breakfast. For lunch, he said he likes eating chicken and rice. Then lastly for dinner, he eats whatever he wants if he doesn’t feel like eating chicken and rice again.


Paolo Banchero’s weight loss is not intentional but it helps him stay in shape. Remember it is not healthy to lose weight at that speed like Banchero so my advice to you if you want to lose weight is to try and make sure you lose at least one pound of weight every week.

Because that is something you can sustain for a long period of time and remember losing weight takes time so you have to make it your lifestyle if you want to see results that will last forever.

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