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World of Lucid Dreaming Academy

Product Name: World of Lucid Dreaming Academy


WARNING: Once You’ve Experienced The Thrill Of Lucid Dreaming You’ll Never Want To Go Back To Your Usual Dreams Again

Ever wonder why some people have it so easy to lucid dream?

Why are there people who tried one method and learned to lucid dream in days…And there are people who used the same method, but for them it took months or even years to see results?Is it because some people are just lucky?No.

It’s because choosing the right method is the most important part of the lucid dreaming process 

It doesn’t matter if it’s called “the best lucid dreaming method for beginners.”If it doesn’t suit you, it won’t work….or even if it kind of works,You’ll never be able to achieve more than a quarter of all the possible lucid dreaming experiences.And it doesn’t matter if you’re consistent…Because you’ll consistently be doing the wrong thing…

I’ll show you an EASY way you can be sure that you’re consistently using the right lucid dreaming method 

Knowing this will allow you to instantly discover your best-suited lucid dreaming method…A method that will significantly amplify your lucid dreaming experience… A method you can start practicing today and get your first lucid dream (or next) as fast as humanly possible.But before I reveal the solution to you…

…let me show you what mastering the right lucid dreaming method truly means

You’ll be able to discover the true purpose of your life

Lucid dreaming helps you realize why your life is the way it is…Why everything good or bad that happened to you has happened for a reason.And why that reason isn’t meant to keep you down…But it’s meant to transform you into the best version of yourself…A version that you were meant to become from the moment you were born.This will also make depression seem like a strange concept to you……because you’ll always have a strong reason to fight for.

You’ll get to finally “talk face to face” with your biggest fears, nightmares, and traumas, so that you’ll be able to cure them from the root

Lucid dreaming allows you to leave the past behind……a past that has taken away too many opportunities from your life….a past that you still feel is present in your life.This will allow you to finally free yourself from that past……and only focus on the present and the future.

You’ll be able to virtually talk to the dead in your lucid dreams, so that you can ask them for wisdom or talk with that one loved person one more time…

We have all lost someone close to us at some point in our lives.And most of us haven’t had the chance to say one last goodbye…But lucid dreaming gives you that chance again.How?You’ll be able to summon that one person inside your head every time you miss them……or every time you want to ask them for wisdom.This will make it easier for you to go through the pain of losing that loved one,And it will help you accept that they’re gone……while keeping your memories of them vividly alive.Not only that,But you can also just hold each other tight……sharing how much you regret that they’ve left your life……and how sorry you are for every time you did them wrong.

You’ll be able to virtually practice and master those real-life skills that you’re judged (or you judge yourself) for not being good at

This is how I skyrocketed my charisma.Why did I do that?Because charismatic persons are interesting to be around.It doesn’t matter how you look,how you dress,how wealthy you are,or how many achievements you have..If you’re not charismatic, people won’t enjoy being around you for too long.Even those who love you…But how did I do it?By practicing social interactions and public speaking in my lucid dreams.Doing this allowed me to gradually build self-confidence……and it also allowed me to MASSIVELY improve my communication skills.And the best part is,You can do this too.And you won’t have to fear failing or being judged…Because you’re in a lucid dream. 

You’ll be able to visualize all the possible outcomes of your real-life ideas so that you’ll know if they’ll work or not — this is a massive game-changer for entrepreneurs

Nikola Tesla is a good example.Most of his inventions came from lucid dreams.He claimed that he could visualize himself testing thousands of ideas……and he was looking at the problem from hundreds of perspectives.He then took those ideas and applied them to real-life inventions.inventions that forever changed the face of the planet.And once you learn lucid dreaming, you’ll be able to learn to test your ideas and apply them in real life as well!

You’ll be able to virtually build yourself your perfect life in your lucid dreams, a life where you’ll have A LOT OF FUN

You’ll get to safely experiment with your fantasies, like:Flying to the moon and back.Running at the speed of light.Reading people’s minds.Driving lambourghinis.Having sex with your crush.And more… a lot more.There are no limits in the world of lucid dreams.So you can do absolutely anything you want or desire.

What is the fastest and most effective way to achieve lucid dreams like these?

We Call It The World Of Lucid Dreaming Academy

The World Of Lucid Dreaming Academy is a counterintuitive approach to discover the best suited lucid dreaming method for YOU.Practicing the right method will not only allow you to achieve lucid dreams as fast as humanly possible……but it will also allow you to achieve longer and more vivid lucid dreams.We do this by giving you FREE access to our lucid dreaming experts inside the academy…Experts that will personally ask you a series of specific questions…Questions that will precisely allow them to determine what lucid dreaming method is best suited for you……and for your desired lucid dream. 

Inside the Academy you’ll also get access to our Lucid Dreaming Fast-Track Course

This course was specifically designed for you to obtain maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible.If you’re a beginner, then this is the best course you can get.Why?We won’t give you hundreds of pages of theory, like other courses on the internet do.We will give you only the strict theory necessary to obtain maximum results.And the best part?You’ll be able to finish this course in less than 2 hours, 44 minutes.We made it so short so that you could learn everything and start practicing today.And perhaps you will have your first lucid dream (or next) tonight……or in the following days.

The World Of Lucid Dreaming Academy is a Shortcut

Before I created The World Of Lucid Dreaming Academy – I was struggling for 5 years to realize why only 10% of the people who bought my lucid dreaming book actually learned how to achieve regular lucid dreams.I was working 14-hour days, trying desperately to improve my book, and no matter how hard I tried – it was never good enough.I didn’t want to leave the 90% left behind.

I needed to find out what problems the other 90% of the people who bought my book encountered – So I Took A Survey…

I gave them four options.”The book is too complex.I don’t have time to implement itI just found out a better lucid dreaming book.I felt lost because I didn’t knew what lucid dreaming method to use.”And then I left a box for them to write in any answer they wanted.

When The Results Came In I Was Shocked

The vast majority of people were saying the exact same thing.They really did crack open the book.But their results were still in the “no where to be seen” category.Why?

The Reason They Said They Didn’t Get Results Was Because…

34% of them said that they didn’t have time to read my long book and that it was too hard to digest…And 63% of them said that they had read my book and understood the theory……but they didn’t know what lucid dreaming method to use….how long to use it….and if it actually was the right method for them.This got them really frustrated, and they gave up.

These results hit me like a lightning bolt.

Of course!Reading a 120-page lucid dreaming book takes time…Understanding all lucid dreaming concepts takes time…Trying to master a lucid dreaming method that is not suited for you takes EVEN more time…And realizing that you’ve been practicing the wrong method for months is also extremely frustrating…Especially when that wrong method is draining all your energy……leaving you exhausted and irritable the next day.

But then I found a solution

What if I could turn the book into a short, step-by-step course.A course that only has the necessary information you need in order to lucid dream…A course that can be finished in one day……and allows you to start practicing what you’ve learned in the same day.And I did it…But there was one more problem.How can beginners know what lucid dreaming method suits them best?They can’t.Only a lucid dreaming expert with dozens of years of experience in the field can precisely tell you what method you need to use.And more importantly, what method is best to use depending on your specific situation.But doing this isn’t cheap…Hiring a lucid dreaming coach can cost you thousands of dollars.However,Since I wasn’t the only lucid dreaming expert who wanted to offer accessible, personalized help to beginners.I teamed up with a couple of well-known lucid dreaming experts in the field.Robert Waggoner, Rebecca Casale and Chris Hammond…And since 2013, We have been able to create a community of over 5,000 lucid dreamers from around the globe. It’s called:The World Of Lucid Dreaming AcademyWhich also comes with our Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Course.

What You’ll Learn From Our Lucid Dreaming Fast-Track Course

Here’s What’s Also Included In Your Package

This Is The Most Important Decision You’re Going To Make On Your Entire Lucid Dreaming Journey…

…Because this single decision is going to decide one thing……If you’re going to figure out everything I just outlined by yourself……Or take everything we’ve done, tested, and proven and use it for yourself……So you can skip the failing and testing process and get straight to practice the lucid dreaming method that is specifically suited for YOU.And for the first time ever – you’re getting a shot at something that others had to spend months to figure out by themselves……You’re getting a shot at something that will instantly speed up your lucid dreaming journey faster than you thought possible….You’re finally getting a shot at controlling your dreams…The Fast-Track Course + the academy will do all that for you and more……all you have to do is say “maybe” by clicking the “Join Now” button below…

…And Here’s What It Means When You Click That “Join Now” Button

The World Of Lucid Dreaming Academy Comes With Everything You Need to Lucid Dream On Demand. The Entire Process From Start to Finish…

More importantly it means you will ACTUALLY lucid dream.Everything will change for you once you implement what is taught in our Lucid Dreaming Fast Track course…There will never be a moment of confusion on what to do next because our course and our academy will give you everything you need in order to lucid dream.

Here’s What Members Of The Academy Are Saying

You’ve got options. I should let you know.

If you’re truly serious about learning how to lucid dream – It’s not even a decision for you. You already know exactly what to do.

You know you need to hit that “Join Now” buttonHit the button now and UNLOCK your brain’s full potential.Hit the button now and make the difficult and frustrating lucid dreaming process EASY.Hit the button now and ELIMINATE all the guesswork of this process.Hit the button now and try it out for 30 days before you even decide.For whatever reason. And for every reason.Hit the button now.And I’ll see you on the inside.

Wondering if lucid dreaming is right for you? Let’s talk!

Can everyone lucid dream?

Yes, experts believe so. One of the world’s leading lucidity researchers, Dr Stephen LaBerge, has long maintained that: “Everyone has, in theory, the capacity to learn to dream lucidly, because everyone dreams every night.” There’s also the compelling fact that children as young as four have reported lucid dreams, as well as the elderly. Even if you think you never dream, you really do. It’s just that you don’t remember. Fortunately, that can be fixed; in fact, improving your dream recall is the first stage of learning to lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming was first scientifically proven in a sleep laboratory by Dr Keith Hearne in 1975. He did it by monitoring the eye movements of a lucid dreamer during REM sleep with an electro-oculogram (EOG). His co-ordinated lucid dream eye movements were expressed by his real life eyeballs, signalling to the outside world that he was controlling his dream. Today, lucidity is more often measured by recording brainwave frequencies (via EEG) and brain bloodflow data (via fMRI). Experiments using lucid dreamers are ongoing in sleep labs around the world today, revealing a growing number of secrets about human consciousness.

How quickly will I start having lucid dreams?

That’s up to you. If you follow these tutorials, the goal is to get you having lucid dreams within a few weeks. I’d like to be more specific (in fact, one study did find that a group of students were able to have their first lucid dream within 3-21 days of consistent practice). However I find it more helpful to maintain the positive attitude that it could happen any time – perhaps even tonight.For beginners, the biggest underlying cause of a lucid dream is the desire to recognize when you’re dreaming – and everything I teach in Phase One and Two of the course supports that goal. Just know that something magical happens when you deliberately induce your first lucid dream, so do whatever you can to push yourself there and experience it!

How long do I have to access the course?

Forever. When you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with a private username and password. Please check all your mail folders if it doesn’t come through to your primary inbox. Those details will be good for life, giving you permanent 24/7 access to a library of continually updated lucid dreaming tutorials.

Can I lucid dream if I have a sleeping disorder?

While having a sleeping disorder can affect your ability to sleep well and experience certain stages of sleep, it is still possible to have lucid dreams.In fact, some sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or insomnia may even increase the likelihood of lucid dreaming, as they can disrupt normal sleep patterns and cause more frequent awakenings during the night, which can lead to increased dream recall and lucidity.

Are there any prerequisites or prior knowledge needed to take the course?

There are no prerequisites or prior knowledge needed. Anything you need to know will be taught in the course and by our lucid dreaming experts.

How does getting personalized help from lucid dreaming experts actually works?

After you join the academy, you’ll instantly receive a message from one of our lucid dreaming experts.He’ll ask you a series of questions regarding your outcome with lucid dreaming and other questions about yourself that will allow him to precisely tell which lucid dreaming method works best for your needs.

 Are there any additional expenses or hidden fees?

No. The only fee you need to pay is the fee to enter the academy.

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