Product Name: STUD


Attention: Any Man Who Wants Women to
Call Him a “STUD” in The Bedroom…

“When Male Performers
Need to Last Longer THIS Is
What They Use”

Would You Like to LAST a LOT LONGER… BANG Like an
Adult Movie Star… and Make Women CUM Again and Again?

There’s nothing worse. Picture it…

You’re in bed with a hot woman…

She’s totally into it…

“Don’t stop baby. Keep going. Give it to me.”

Just before she climaxes… you can’t hold back anymore and…

You’re done. Spent. Finished.

Before she “got there.” Before she got hers.

That Awkward Fucking Silence…

You know you’ve let her down…

You know you weren’t quite “Man enough” to send her over the edge… to make her climax.

She’s frustrated, disappointed. Begging you to get her there.

But you can’t. Because you’re no longer hard.

And she can’t even tell you how she’s really feeling…
because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Urgh. That sucks. It’s humiliating.

Now listen. If that happens once in a while, it’s okay. No big deal.

However, if, like most men…

You “finish” before she’s SATISFIED on a regular basis…

Then 1 of 3 things will happen:

Statistically Proven:
Why Most Couples Have Lame Sex Lives… shows the average man lasts just 3-7 minutes during intercourse.
That’s “normal.”

Other studies suggest the average man normally
lasts just 2-5 minutes during intercourse.

Whatever the exact number… most normal men
do NOT last very long during sex.

You might ask why it even matters how long you last?
Well, here’s why:

A huge study of HUNDREDS of women, published in
The New York Post showed that…

It takes most women nearly 14 minutes to reach
orgasm during intercourse:

Other studies suggest A LOT of women need 20 minutes of intercourse to reach orgasm.

Most dudes last 3-7 minutes. Or maybe only 2-5 minutes during sex…

Yet most women need 14. Or maybe even 20 minutes to reach orgasm

That’s why so many couples don’t have sex once they’ve been together for a few years…

Because most women are FRUSTRATED in the bedroom…

Because their men are failing to get them to orgasm.

Can’t You Just Go Down on Her to
“Get Her Off?”

You can “go down on her” and make her climax.. Nothing wrong with that.

But if that’s all you do… then the intercourse becomes quite frustrating
and disappointing for her…

And the sex ends up working like this…

Is that really how you want your sex-life to be?

Like a Beta begging for sex?

Trust me, in the long-run that kind of sex does NOT
satisfy a woman.

How do I know this to be true?

Because that’s the type of sex-life most couples
have… and in the end… most of the women end up BORED of the sex.

Here’s What Most Women Want in The Bedroom…

A STRONG, dominant man to lead them on wild sexual adventures…

They don’t want a wimp who “asks” for sex…

Or barters for it (“if I do the dishes can we have
sex later?”)…

Women want you to lead them…

They want YOU to lead, so they can SUBMIT.

The more you lead them, the more they submit to you.
The more they submit to you, the more freely and harder they ORGASM.

The more you make them ORGASM, the more they want you.

Women want you to BANG them until they orgasm.
Over and over again.

It’s very simple, once you understand it. But, 99% of
men don’t understand it.

I’m giving you a real advantage over all the other guys right now.

The #1 Attribute
Every Male Performer Has?
Nope. It’s NOT What You Think…

It’s not a “big cock.”

Sure, a lot of performers have a big cock. But some are
“average” in size. And some are actually smaller than average.

Great looks? How about a great physique?

Some of them are FAT and UGLY. Repulsive looking in fact.

How about a big “load?”

Of course, some Legends like Peter North could blow loads
that were ridiculously big…

But there are plenty of male adult entertainment stars who have average, or even SMALL “loads.”

The ONE THING they all have in common, is this:

Incredible “staying power.”

They can LAST a LONG time. Period. Full Stop. The End.

He Lost His Job Because He Couldn’t
Last Long Enough…

When I was working in the Adult Entertainment Business I had a friend who
was new to the industry…

This dude was good looking… in great shape… and he had a big dick.

The fact he was charming, funny and interesting didn’t hurt either. Women loved him.

He had no problem “getting it up”… and he was a great performer.

Well, nearly a great performer.

You see, this guy had ONE BIG PROBLEM.

His “staying power.” He just didn’t last that long.

And that’s a deal breaker…

Because the director usually wants to be able to film
you BANGING for 30-60 minutes…

He wants to film you banging in loads of different positions.

It RUINS his shoot. And that costs him money.

One day early in his career my friend was doing a shoot with a female actress
who most men would agree was CRAZY HOT…

He said they’d just started filming the scene…

But he couldn’t hold back…

He was so turned on by her…

That he pulled out and finished just a couple of minutes into the shoot.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time this had happened when he was shooting for this particular director…

And now he’d run out of patience…

My friend said the director called him “fucking pathetic”…

In front of the girl and the film crew…

And told him to “get out”…

SCREAMING, “you’ll never work again.”

YES, the director was crazy.

And my friend was devastated.

He nearly had it all… everything he needed to make it BIG in adult entertainment…

The looks, the size, the personality…

But he lacked the #1 thing every male star HAS TO have…

The ability to BANG and BANG and BANG…

Worried he’d ruined his career, my friend called me
that evening in a panic…

“Can You Help Me Stirling?
Please, I’m Desperate.”

At first, I felt like I couldn’t.

After all, I’d had a couple of “Performance Issues” that I’d had to overcome,
but lasting long enough wasn’t one of them…

Once I got HARD, I’d always been able to go for AGES. Without really having to try.

“Please Stirling, come on man. You gotta be able to help me.
You were a Scientist before you got into The Adult Entertainment Industry, right?”

I am a qualified Chemist and Scientist… with a Chemistry Degree
with Double Honours from the University of Western Perth, back home in Australia.

I much preferred getting paid to BANG hot women.

So I had little desire to go back into “research mode”…

Geeking out for month after month in front of the computer… eyes going square reading hundreds of scientific studies.

It’s a pretty lonely job.

However…This guy was my friend.

And earlier in our friendship he’d helped me out with something when I had no one else to turn to.

Research Mode:
Why Can Some Guys BANG like Studs
and Last 30 Minutes or More?
Yet Most Normal Guys Can Barely Last 5?

After months of research…

Over 300 hours wading through scientific journals,
papers, websites and books…

I finally had some answers.

If these answers prove even HALF as valuable to you
as they did for my friend…

…then they’ll completely revolutionize your sex-life…

Making you feel like “God’s Gift” to women!

I was surprised to discover that how long you can last in bed all comes down
to the balance in your body between 2 Amino Acids:

Glutamate is the #1 “excitatory chemical” in your body. When you have too much of it,
you also have excessive levels of other stimulating neurochemicals. Then you get over excited and you cum too fast

GABA does the opposite. It makes you feel relaxed, peaceful and calm.
Optimizing your GABA Levels will help you LAST LONGER

FACT: You can’t have HIGH GABA and HIGH Glutamate. It’s one or the other.

Most men these days have too little GABA and too much Glutamate. This is why most “normal”
guys only last 2-7 minutes during intercourse. Leaving their women completely dissatisfied.

Why do so many guys these days have less than optimal levels of GABA… and too much Glutamate?

You Have Certain Foods to Blame for It…

…because they’re full of Glutamate.

…and unless you eat a very clean and healthy diet… made up of unprocessed,
home prepared foods… then it’s very difficult to avoid glutamate…

Allow me to explain why…

Food manufacturers LOVE an artificial flavor enhancer called Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

They love it for 2 reasons:

So they sneak MSG into everything…

It’s in most processed, packaged food…

You’d be SHOCKED at how many Organic Foods
contain MSG. As well as a lot of high end restaurant food…

To make it super tasty and keep you coming back for more.

Now, you might think you don’t eat MSG, because you can’t see it on the label of the foods you consume.

But here’s the thing…

Food manufacturers are legally allowed to label MSG in over 40 different ways.
“Yup,” that’s not a typo… they have FORTY different ways to hide this harmful flavor enhancer on the labels of the foods you eat.

Which specific foods contain any of the ingredients above?

Almost ALL processed food and restaurant food. Anything in a packet.
Anything you didn’t prepare yourself, at home, from scratch.

If You Want to LAST LONGER in Bed,
BANG like a Pro and Fully Satisfy Your Woman…

You need to optimize your Glutamate and GABA Levels…

A good way to do this is to cut back on eating processed foods. And restaurant food.
Though I do understand that this can be inconvenient and difficult…

When you cut back on how much Glutamate you consume –
which you WILL do if you eat clean, unprocessed, home prepared food…

You’ll optimize your GABA Levels.

And when your GABA Levels are optimal…

Your Stress (Cortisol) and Adrenaline Levels go DOWN…

And that’s GREAT NEWS because…

Once you have optimized GABA Levels, you’ll:

Be on the path to making women see you as a True Stud…

If you want to last longer in bed… and be generally fit, healthy and strong…

…then ensuring you have Optimal Adrenaline and Cortisol Levels is a very good idea.

If you eat a lot of processed foods, you’ll consume a lot of MSG…

The MSG will raise the Glutamate Levels in your body…

Making you feel “overstimulated.”

In the bedroom this “overstimulation” will make you very excited, very easily…

Leading to you NOT lasting as long as you could.

Now, the really scary thing is this…

If you do stop eating foods that contain MSG, the glutamate still remains
in your brain for a long time. Weeks or even months.

Well, what I discovered is that Glutamate and GABA are actually almost identical from a chemical perspective…

So what you want to do is take the Glutamate in your body, which overstimulates you,
and convert it into GABA, which actually does the opposite:

GABA makes you feel relaxed, calm and peaceful.

Of course, you can do this with Yoga and Meditation, but who’s got time for that?
Plus, it’s actually really difficult to do that kind of thing if you’re already feeling stressed and anxious.

What you need is something simple that you can take that automatically converts Glutamate to GABA for you.

That’s why I was over the moon when I discovered…

6 Magical Nutrients that Help You Stay
Cool and Calm in The Bedroom, Giving You Much GREATER Stamina…

Allowing You to Have Sex for LONGER:
Turning Your Woman Into a
Hot, Wet Orgasmic Mess… Hungry  for
Your Cock Every Single Night!

Stamina Nutrient #1:
Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola is an herb that grows in the cold,
mountainous regions of Europe and Asia.

Why do you need it for Stamina in the Bedroom?

Because it increases GABA. It also reduces the Stress Chemicals Cortisol and
Adrenaline. Do all 3 of those things and you will LAST LONGER when you BANG.

An Italian Study by Tommaso Cai et al, published in 2016 on
showed without doubt that Rhodiola helps you LAST LONGER in bed.

In another study, published on by Jean M Bokelmann MD,
there was further proof that Rhodiola helps men LAST LONGER in bed…

As well as giving a huge range of other health benefits…

As you can see… any man who wants to LAST LONGER needs to be taking Rhodiola.

Stamina Nutrient #2:

Methylfolate is the most high quality, active form
of Vitamin B9. There is another form, called Folic Acid,
but Methylfolate is much better.

Why do you need it for Stamina in the Bedroom?

Vitamin B9 is known to improve male ejaculatory function.
It promotes stamina in the bedroom – helping men to LAST LONGER.

In a 2014 study by Paolo Verze et al, published in the National Library of Medicine…
they were able to help 90 men significantly improve their ejaculatory control by giving them Vitamin B9.

Stamina Nutrient #3:

Taurine is an amino acid.

Why do you need it for Stamina in the Bedroom?

Because your body needs Taurine to make GABA.

Therefore, increasing your Taurine intake is a great way to help you feel more relaxed and calm
in the bedroom. In turn, this’ll help you LAST LONGER.

Stamina Nutrient #4:
Magnesium Glycinate

A supplement containing the mineral
Magnesium and the amino acid Glycine.

Why do you need it for Stamina in the Bedroom?

Magnesium reduces the Stress Chemical Adrenaline. Glycine has similar effects to GABA –
making you feel more relaxed and chilled out.

This combination of less Adrenaline and more relaxation will lead to you
LASTING LONGER in the bedroom. And having more satisfying sex.

Studies show that well over 80% of Americans would benefit from
INCREASED Magnesium Levels.

Stamina Nutrient #5:

L-theanine is an amino acid found primarily in
green and black tea and some mushrooms. It’s not easy
to get optimal amounts through diet alone.

Why do you need it for Stamina in the Bedroom?

First, it directly increases GABA, helping you to be more “Zen-Like” in the bedroom, and LAST LONGER.

Second, it reduces “Prefrontal Cortex Activity”…

It helps you stop overthinking and be more present and in the moment.
Helping to improve your Sexual Stamina.

Stamina Nutrient #6:

Methylcobalamin is the most high quality,
active form of Vitamin B12. There is another form, called
Cyanocobalamin, but Methylcobalamin is much better,
as the more common Cyanocobalamin is actually made using Cyanide!

Why do you need it for Stamina in the Bedroom?

Vitamin B12 lowers occasional stress and increases your ENERGY. When you lower your overall anxiety
(and stress) levels, and you increase your energy levels, you will LAST LONGER in the bedroom.

How to Go From Barely Being Able to
Last 5 Minutes… To Being One of
The World’s Most Famous Adult Movie Stars…

You might be wondering what happened when I
suggested my friend took the 6 Nutrients I just told you about above?

Well, first of all he tried them out in his personal life…

Because he was too NERVOUS to do another
Shoot until he was sure he wouldn’t suffer the
same humiliation he did last time…

…until he no longer had the usual “5 Minute Average Guy Stamina”
that caused him to put his Acting Career on hold…

3 days after taking the nutrients…

…in the exact amounts I recommended to him (based on the science)…

…and from the specific companies I suggested he buy them all from – to ensure the nutrients were clean, pure and potent…

I got this text from him, at midnight, one Friday night in June 2022…

“Stirling, this stuff is the bomb! I just had Adrianna over, you remember her, right? Athletic,
great ass, perky tits. And we had great sex. Non-stop for nearly an hour.”

“Was intrigued to see if last night was a fluke, or if this stuff really works for real. Had Adrianna over again.
This time she turns up with her girlfriend Sara. Hot AF. Blonde, long legs. Drop Dead Gorgeous. Got freaky with them both.
Same thing again. I kept going and going and going!”

My friend is now a very VERY famous actor in the industry…

You’d almost certainly know him. And of course, he’s still taking the 6 nutrients I just told you about…
to help him LAST a LONG TIME in every scene he stars in.

Best part? His results aren’t unusual. When you take these
6 Nutrients, they optimize your GABA Levels…

Helping you to feel relaxed and calm…

No matter how inexperienced you are,
how “average” your staying power has been
in the past, or even how HOT the woman is that
you’re BANGING.

She wants it every night.

And that’s why I’ve taken those nutrients and turned them into…

The World’s #1 Formula for Men Who Want to LAST LONGER in Bed…

Stud is The Clubhouse Formula designed to help you LAST LONGER…

Give any woman Multiple Orgasms…

And make her obsessed with you.

When you take STUD you BANG for much LONGER…

And make any woman totally addicted to having SEX with you.

In fact, when you can bang like this…

Women tend to get really adventurous in the bedroom…

And they want to please you and make you happy outside of the bedroom too…

When you have “average guy” stamina… and can only last 2-7 minutes…
she may like you, she may think you’re nice, and she may be happy to go on dates with you
(and SPEND YOUR MONEY)… but she’ll never daydream about going to bed with you… and sooner
or later she’ll almost certainly lose interest in the sex)

When you can BANG like a Top Performer – lasting a lot longer… and you give her incredible pleasure…
she wants you all the time… and when you’re not there with her, in bed, she’s thinking about the
next time you will be…

All you have to do to get these results from Stud is take 2 easy-to-swallow,
high quality capsules each day, at any time.

…and let the 6 Magical Nutrients
inside every capsule do their thing…

…taking you from “average” in the
bedroom to BANGING like a Pro.

Of course, you could try to optimize
your Glutamate and GABA Levels in a very different way…

By never eating processed food or restaurant food ever again. But I doubt very much that you want to do that…

Because it’s difficult and very limiting…

And even if you could do it – it won’t work as well as taking The Stud Formula!

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What Makes The Clubhouse Stud
Formula Different & Better Than
Anything Else Out There?

All of the ingredients in The Stud Formula are NATURAL.

Many supplements contain artificial ingredients that are
toxic and dangerous. When you take Stud you can rest assured
that it doesn’t contain anything like that.

I know many guys who’ve taken weird pills and desensitizing creams to help them last longer.
At best these things work in the short run.

In the long-run none seem to work effectively. Some have nasty side effects.

It’s Potent and Powerful

Stud doesn’t just contain 6 powerful nutrients that help you LAST LONGER…

It contains the highest quality versions of these 6 nutrients…

In the precise quantities shown to work by Science.

It’s the perfect formula if you want to increase your “staying power” in the bedroom.
Leaving every woman you bed totally satisfied.

My friend who is now a famous Performer is only famous because of
The Stud Formula.

Before I had him take the nutrients in Stud, he was a great
looking guy with a big dick but “average 5 minute stamina”…

And that nearly cost him his career.

Nowadays he’s one of the most popular male adult entertainment stars in the world.
Fully “powered” by Stud on every shoot.

It’s Manufactured in The USA from the finest of foreign and domestic ingredients.

In a State-of-The-Art, FDA Registered, GMP Certified
Manufacturing Facility. Meaning:

Every capsule of Stud contains exactly what it says on the
label – nothing more, nothing less.

Sadly this often isn’t the case with supplements. Especially if they’re manufactured overseas,
where quality standards are often much lower.

It’s Created by Someone with a Unique Background

I used to be a NERD. A Research Scientist and
Quality Control Expert. Then I became an
Award Winning Porn Star.

I don’t know of another Formula on the
Market that’s been designed by
someone with…

– My Nutrient Research Skills…

– My experience as a Adult Entertainment Star.

This makes the “Stud” Formula totally unique.

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promise the world yet fail to deliver the results you want.

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Because Stud works… because it’s PROVEN… because it lets you LAST LONGER in bed and
have incredible sex with your woman…

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To ensure you get the best results possible.

Then, if you don’t like it, for ANY reason whatsoever, I’ll refund you in full.

I’ll refund you even if:

Although you’ll pay for Stud today, when you place your order, I don’t actually consider that a payment in full.
I consider it a deposit that allows you to try Stud.

I’ll actually keep your money in a bank account, safe and sound, for 180 days.
It won’t be spent on anything. Then, if you ask for it back, it’s yours.

Here’s the thing though…

I feel 100% confident that you won’t ask for a refund.

Because Stud is an AWESOME Formula.

In fact, because of the feedback I’ve received from the men who tried Stud before it was launched
to the general public… I’d be amazed if the following doesn’t all come true for you:

The bottle looks discreet and classy in your kitchen cupboard…
arrives in a plain brown box (nobody will know what you’ve ordered)…

And of course, most importantly…

It works. Stud gives you the opportunity to BANG like a Pro.

Check out a few testimonials from guys who tried Stud prior to it’s launch:

And here’s the thing…

Because I am committed to helping you get the very best results possible in the bedroom…

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Are You Ready for Her to Want it Every Night?

Right now you have a couple options:

You leave this page and change nothing – in which case you’ll have to live with “average guy stamina”
(and the very real threat that any woman you get into a relationship with may one day CHEAT on you…
with a proper STUD… a STUD who can give her the satisfying, long lasting sex that all women secretly crave…)

You can make the wise choice to take Stud – improve your “Staying Power” and become the STUD
that every woman would love to go to bed with

A friend of mine recently tried Stud and sent me some feedback. Check it out…

Brother, you know how I’ve been looking for a decent girl for a while?
Well, I finally found one.

Honestly, I’ve stopped trying to bed everything in a skirt. This new girl has
me hooked. She’s a honey. I met her online, then took her for a quick coffee on Wednesday last week.
We went for lunch on Friday. Then she came over to mine on Sunday and we went to bed.

In the past, when I was “playing the field,” sex would usually only last a few minutes.
I didn’t care that much about how good it was. Just wanted to get laid, and I’d usually bust my nut in a few minutes.
I was really good at picking up women, but probably just an average lay.

With this girl it’s different.

I’d been taking Stud for about a week before I took her to bed for the first time.
That first time, it wasn’t crazy dirty or wildly adventurous, but damn
was it good. We did it in every position you can name.

And somehow, no matter how excited I was, and despite the fact that she’s really REALLY HOT,
I lasted so damn long. Must have gone on for nearly an hour or more, non-stop. She couldn’t get enough.

Next day she’s blowing up my phone…

Telling me how she can’t stop thinking about last night, can’t wait to see me again and so on.
Anyhow, I kept her keen and told her I had to go to the gym that night, but she could see me Tuesday.

Tuesday night – same again. Only this time the sex was even better than the first time! And
I noticed something interesting: the longer I lasted and the more pleasure I gave her, the crazier she got.
She started to get really naughty.

Wednesday, again, she’s hitting me up non-stop.

At one point I told her I had to concentrate at work and that I would not respond to her until I’d finished.
She said she liked it when I was dominant with her. She liked it when I put my foot down.

Saturday night we had a date lined up.

Friday she’s texting me, and check this…

She says she can’t wait to see me so bad, she had to go to the toilets
at work and touch herself while thinking about me!

I mean, dude. For REAL Stirling?

This STUD Formula has turned me into EXACTLY what the name on the bottle suggests!
It’s amazing! I think I wanna marry her.

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Stirling Cooper
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P.S. Studies show the average man lasts just 2-7 minutes in bed. That’s “normal”.

Most women need 14-20 minutes of intercourse to reach orgasm.

Most men are NOT satisfying their women in bed. And that’s why women stop wanting sex
in a long-term relationship, or CHEAT to get better sex.

The Clubhouse Stud Formula…

2 easy-to-swallow capsules a day gives you 6 magical nutrients that help you LAST LONGER.
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A Formula for men who want to LAST LONGER in bed, and fully SATISFY every woman they sleep with.

Stud is manufactured in a State-of-The-Art FDA Registered, GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility in the USA…
guaranteeing that what it says on the label is exactly what you get in each and every capsule of Stud.

The Stud Formula contains 6 powerful nutrients to help you LAST LONGER. And nothing toxic. No refined sugar,
no refined salt, no artificial preservatives or colourings, no GMO’s and so on.

The nutrients in The Stud Formula optimize your GABA Levels… making you feel relaxed,
calm and present, even when you’re BANGING the HOTTEST women.

The Stud Formula also optimizes your Glutamate Levels… ensuring you don’t get overly excited and cum too quickly.

Your “Staying Power” INCREASES… you HAVE SEX for LONGER… and women want to do it more often with you.

If you already last a long time, every time…

Give women incredible pleasure…

And have them practically fighting over who gets to sleep with you next…

Then you may not need Stud. Though it’d still benefit you.

However, if you’d like to LAST LONGER in bed, and have much more SATISFYING sex,
then Stud is a “must”. It can be a total Game Changer for you.

This will vary from man to man. That said, most men should feel results quickly,
so long as they take Stud according to the simple, easy to follow instructions on the label.
If you also eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and sleep well, results should be even better.

Most supplements overpromise and underdeliver.

If it sounds GREAT… that’s because it is. Yet, until you feel the results for yourself
(and have women showering you with compliments about your performance), it’s difficult to
fully understand just how POTENT and POWERFUL Stud is.

2 high quality easy-to-swallow capsules a day. Couldn’t be simpler.

In a discreet, plain brown box. No one will know what you’ve ordered.

The bottle itself is slick and classy. You’ll feel proud to have it in your kitchen cupboard.

We have excellent reliable shipping. Problems are rare.

However, in the unlikely event that there is an issue with your order, please contact my friendly US Based Support Team,
and they’ll bend over backwards to help you out and make it right!

They’re available 20 hours a day, 363 days a year (only closing on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

You can reach them via phone or email…

My friendly, US Based, English Speaking Support Team is available 20 hours a day,
363 days a year (only closing on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

You can reach them via phone or email…

So I have no problem allowing you to “test drive” it risk-free…
by giving you a best-in-industry, 180 Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee when you order
your bottles of Stud today.

Enrollment to The
Platinum Customer Club
is FREE:

Saving you money on every shipment, and guaranteeing
you’ll always have access to The STUD Formula
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What Men Are Saying About The
Clubhouse Stud Formula

*From guys who tried Stud before it went live on my website

Enrollment to The
Platinum Customer Club
is FREE:

Saving you money on every shipment, and guaranteeing
you’ll always have access to The STUD Formula
(because we always ensure we have stock for
Platinum Customer Club Members). There is no
minimum number of payments, & you can cancel anytime.

WARNING: the ingredients in Stud are very powerful and effective. Plus, they are as safe as most natural foods.
However, as with any foods, there is a small chance your body will have an adverse reaction to them. Please remember
to always consult a qualified healthcare professional about any changes to your diet or lifestyle. This is especially
important if you have any medical condition or are taking medication – please check with a qualified healthcare
professional that it is safe for you to try this formula.

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