Peanut butter cool whip – Clickbank Version

Peanut butter cool whip  - Clickbank Version

Product Name: Peanut butter cool whip – Clickbank Version


Are you interested in keto, but skeptical of all the hype?  

Does your gut tell you that “eat all the fat” and buttered coffee are not the optimal way to lose fat on keto? (HINT: you’d be right)

Click below to do keto the RIGHT way…

They’re pretty crazy, aren’t they? 

Hi there! My name is Robb Wolf. 

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping people improve their lives with nutrition and lifestyle. 

If you’re new to my work and my message, I’m known for my practical, no bullshit approach to nutrition. 

And I helped bring low carb, Paleo diet to mainstream (well, as mainstream as the unfortunate caveman moniker can get…).

Oh, and I cuss once in a blue moon too, so if it bothers you, well…maybe I’m not your guy…  

But, scientific studies have shown that people who curse are more honest…So pick your poison as to honesty or smarm. 

Now, while it’s true that keto can be a high fat diet (for certain people with specific health situations) it’s also true that fat is the most calorically dense macronutrient.  

AKA fat has a lot of calories. 

And…eating lots of calories, slows fat loss (it might even go the opposite way…)

Yes. Despite what some celebrity trainer has told you, that sentence you just read is 100% true. 

Yes, even if you’re in the “magical state of ketosis”, it’s TRUE  

Now, let me be clear…  

I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat fat…  

(It took years to undemonize fat after Ancel Keys and his cronies put out their amazingly biased study that negatively impacted nutrition recommendations in the US for decades…but I digress.) 

What I’m saying is… calories matter. 

And if you’re trying to lose fat, I’m guessing you’d rather you burn your own body fat for energy, rather than the fat bomb or buttery coffee…  

And I’m also saying that chasing ketones is NOT critical for fat loss.  

Most keto programs out there are telling people to eat all the fat: cool whip, butter, bacon… “eat fat to burn fat” have you heard it?  

And they’re telling you to drink this super expensive, overhyped coffee with MCT oil.  

Oh, and while you’re at it, you also need some pocket-book breaking exogenous ketones, because all that matters is that you’re in the “magical state of ketosis”.  

Well, folks…99% of it is complete B.S.  

Why am I writing this?  

Because it’s frustrating as hell for me to watch people get sucked into inaccurate and even harmful ways of “doing keto for the sake of reaching the enlightened state of ketosis.”  

…people falling prey to the latest big muscled dude claiming to be the all knowing keto man giving free information and then selling them hundreds of dollars of unnecessary supplements.  

…people falling prey to unhealthy, overweight gurus eating sticks of butter, saying if you eat enough fat you’ll lose fat…  

…people falling prey to skinny women who recommend protein levels so low as to induce muscle wasting and rapid aging…  

I saw so many confused people with questions about keto.  

People who’d been doing keto for months and had hit the dreaded plateau.  

People who wanted to start but were swimming in conflicting information bouncing from one YouTube channel to the next. 

So, I created a self-paced online course called the Keto Masterclass to take people from point A (questions and confusion, or I think I’ve got it but I’m stalled and stuck) to point B (fat loss and truly sustainable results)…  

Yes, I too have something to sell you…but as my students will tell you below it’s underpriced and worth every penny.  

Your results may vary, this is just the experience of these individuals. Results are not typical. 

Keto Masterclass won’t tell you that it’s safe to eat all the whip cream and peanut butter you want. 

It won’t tell you that a bunch of “keto treats” and fat bombs will get you results. 

It’s a keto plan based on science, without crappy advice and unrealistic promises. 

Keto Masterclass will… 

And I’m so sure you’ll like it, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.  

Keto Masterclass will tell you everything you need to know to do keto right, without the hype, without the gimmicks, without the bullshit.  

Your results may vary, this is just the experience of these individuals. Results are not typical. 

Click here to buy Keto Masterclass now 🙂 

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