Drink Up, BP Down 21-Day Program to Lower Blood Pressure


Product Name: Drink Up, BP Down 21-Day Program to Lower Blood Pressure


Discover the newly created Drink Up, BP Down program for people who wanted to lower their BP like, yesterday.

“The idea that I have to stop eating all my favorite foods to lower my BP is really discouraging. I’m not sure I can do it, why even bother?”

“Despite my best efforts I cannot get my damn blood pressure down. I am so angry.😡”

“I’m up for making some changes, but where do I even start??”

“I am NOT giving up my cup of joe. Nope, not gonna do it.”

If this sounds like you, you need to know…

​​This is how many of my clients felt when I met them.

Like you, they were doing the best they could.

Doing the right things like…

✔️Eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning.

✔️Drinking more water.

✔️Even cooking with less salt.

But the idea of eating a 100% perfect heart healthy diet is just too much.

– Too much…everything.

My clients needed a quick win.

And why the heck not, something delicious!

I knew there had to be an answer – and it came to me.

That’s why I created the Drink Up, BP Down program

To provide them with near-instant results while we worked on longer-term solutions.

After months of research, reading medical journals, formulating (and re-formulating!) recipes…

And it’s deceptively simple.

You won’t need another prescription.

PLUS, you can start today.

Here is the Drink Up, BP Down by the numbers:

>> And a 6 point drop in BP.

And beyond lowering your BP, this program can:

I know this sounds too good to be true.

“Something this easy can’t possibly work.”

I assure you, it is this easy, and it is this effective.

Sounds a bit sciency I know.

It simply means that your body is always battling harmful molecules that damage your blood vessels. And you have to do something to reverse that damage.​​

Antioxidants are the solution to oxidative stress.

Anti-inflammatories are the solution for inflammation.​

Here’s where Drink Up, BP Down fits into the picture

It’s how I selected the 3 key ingredients for my program.

They are naturally jam packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.​​

✔️Battle ready for beating high blood pressure​

It’s like Mother Nature created them for this purpose.

I’ve done the research, you get the rewards. 🎗️

A 67 years old woman in Texas, struggling with HBP for years.

She was taking lisinopril for her HBP but it was still too high.

When she started the program her BP was 161/82

She didn’t change anything else in her daily routine. She only added a few new drinks.

For her it was easy…and delicious.

Her exact words were, “…something healthy shouldn’t taste this good!”

By the end of the 21 days her average BP was down 7 points to 154/78​​

And it gets even better…

​​It allows you the chance to cut yourself some slack while figuring out long-term heart healthy lifestyle choices.

*as with any program related to your health, you may want to talk with your doctor.

(also known as the “Wait, there’s more!” section)

I will include my new Relax & Sip program with your order!

The techniques included in Relax & Sip can lower your sitting blood pressure by up to 9 points in less than 60 seconds.

They are BP lowering exercises you can do anytime, anywhere.

And best of all you can…

“Sip your way to lower blood pressure.”

You’ll get results or the program is free.

If, after 60 days of working with the program you are not happy with it, shoot me an email and I’ll refund your money. (I won’t make you click through seventeen pages to get it!).

But there is a cost to doing nothing!

– You will miss the chance to lower your BP by 6 points or more.

– Your hypertension will continue to harm your heart.

– You could increase the likelihood of more health issues in the future.

And I know that sounds harsh, but we both know it’s the truth.

And I don’t want that for you.

How can a drink help me lower my BP?

It’s deceptively simple. What I mean is, I’ve done the homework in order to make it easy for you.

I’ve designed this program using ingredients proven to lower BP in multiple studies. Consumed in the right amount for the recommended amount of time, you will see results.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

Maybe you skipped the part above about getting a full refund 🙂.

Because that’s what I offer if you’re not happy after 60 days of purchasing the program.

Plus, if you also enroll in my limited VIP Coaching, you can email me directly with any questions or challenges related to the Drink Up, BP Down (DUBPD) program.

My goal is to make this program work for everybody.

What if I’m too busy to start a new diet?

It’s not a diet! Just a tweak to your regular routine.

Plus, there is no “too busy” when it comes to your heart. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes a week to make these drinks (with ingredients easily found in your grocery store or online).

What if I’m on medication?

The deal is, this program works.

So, I suggest consulting with your physician about how you can better monitor your BP while on this program to avoid your BP getting too low.

Wait, back up, what was that about a VIP Coaching?

During checkout, you’ll see an option to add on my VIP Coaching.

With this, you’ll also get:

The cost of the DUBPD and the VIP Coaching combined is still less than doctors charge for a single visit.

And like I mentioned, my goal is to make the Drink Up, BP Down program accessible for everybody. Starting with you.

Either you get results or the program is free.

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